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  • Demonstrated ability to perform triage investigation and research to resolve Wi-Fi/VoIP technical issues and Linux administration.
  • Leverage more than a decade of extensive IT support expertise to efficiently manage network devices and IP based circuits for maximum performance and minimize downtime.
  • Operating Systems/Platforms :
  • Microsoft Windows 7/ Vista/ XP, Office, Sharepoint, Frontpage
  • Linux Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Cisco IOS, NCS, WCS and CatOS
  • Aruba AirWave
  • Network Mangement BelView, Nagios, Cacti, BES Blackberry Enterprise Server , Solarwnds
  • Networking Hardware:
  • Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3600, 6500, PIX, ASA 5505/5510, ISR routers, AP1100s/1200s, LWAP
  • D-link 3200AP, 3526/3528 switch
  • Sonus VoIP SoftSwitch
  • BelAir - BA100, BA200
  • Paradyne Bitstorm 4800 DSLAM
  • Multi vendorDSL Netopia/Motorola
  • Applications and Technologies:
  • Ticketing - RT Request Tracker , Remedy, SAP, Salesforce
  • Protocols - TCP/IP, OSI, 802.11, VLAN, NAT, STP, DHCP, HSRP, ACL, GRE, SNMP, VPN
  • VoIP Cisco Unity, Cisco Unified Call Manger, IOS Voice Gateway




  • Upgrading hardware on existing office network for commercial realtor.
  • On-call IT support for both iPhone devices and email applications.
  • Managing Catalyst switch installation and configurations during POTS to VoIP conversion on UT Campus.
  • Supervising team of VoIP techs during initial surveys and phone deployments.
  • Collaborating daily with third party to ensure compatibility between multi- vendor switches and various Polycom desk phones.
  • Managing installation and testing of network switch/router augmentations.
  • Creating configuration templates for field techs for various vendor routers.
  • Administering UCCE VoIP network Cisco Call Manager/Unity .
  • Managing voice gateways state-wide at 75 field offices and 9 call centers.
  • Configuring new DIDs and Cisco IP phones for State of Texas agencies.
  • Triage and resolution for problematic Frame Relay bundles and PRIs.
  • Testing/bake-in for new ticketing system prior to company-wide rollout.
  • Managing installation of Wi-Fi and WAN/LAN elements for temporary events.
  • Implementing network switches, access points, controllers and Debian software upgrades on existing deployments.
  • Verifying functionality of Wi-Fi elements on Linux server refresh and network augmentation project for over 20,000 deployments.
  • Key member on Hilton project to integrate 2,000 existing POS/VLAN/WLAN configurations with new management servers and augmented topologies.
  • Improved support at existing large permanent venues 100 to 3600 nodes by mapping WLAN topologies and documenting existing infrastructure.
  • Initial point of contact for second-level and after-hours technical escalations.
  • Documenting internal process/procedure for new hires and existing team.
  • Completing migration of more than 2500 Blackberry devices to Blackberry Enterprise Server 5 before project deadline.
  • Initial point of contact for all iPhone upgrades in Houston corporate office.
  • Managing Cisco ASA/PIX firewalls, as well as provisioning and administering Catalyst switch and router configurations in collocation data center.
  • Creating/editing DNS zone files and preparing ARIN SWIP templates.
  • Configuring/supporting managed web hosting accounts and POP/NMAP/SMTP email services.
  • Configuring Nagios monitor updates for host and service checks.
  • Constructing physical data center infrastructure, including: 48U racks, cages, fiber runs, Ethernet drops, and 110/220 volt power runs.
  • Administrating a 23-city Sonus SoftSwitch network while investigating VoIP service levels related to T-1s, DS-3s, IDSN PRI , DID, SIP and SS7 nodes.
  • Analyzing packet sniffer captures and investigating log files to resolve PSTN and toll-free call termination failures.
  • Initial contact for after-hours escalations from customers and network maintenance with transport vendors.
  • Assisting with bug testing of new in-house ticketing system.
  • Troubleshooting collocation, carrier T-1, T-3, metro-E, OC-48 issues data center routing and traffic analysis.
  • Monitoring bandwidth and server health checks for multiple server clusters and escalating to system administrators when needed.
  • Streamlining both phone and email support for and ticket management NNTP provider including DMCA resolution and multi-vendor client support.

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