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Software Engineer Resume Profile


I am seeking the opportunity to work as a software engineer on challenging, cutting-edge projects.


Engineer at Harris, SDET at Microsoft, Software Engineer with Symantec formerly VERITAS , MS Software Engineering, C , Java, CISSP, GPEN

Work Experience:


  • Designed and developed automated hardening tools and policies for Vista and Windows 2008 Server based on the DISA Security Technical Implementation Guidelines STIGS .
  • Taught Advanced Information Assurance class to Harris engineering staff.
  • Conducted systems engineering at customer sites to address security posture and compliance issues.
  • Assessed IT system security using DISA Gold Scan, eEye Retina, and DISA SRR tools.
  • Ensured customer DIACAP compliance of Land Mobile Radio LMR IT systems.
  • Relevant training includes Information Assurance, Penetration Testing, and CISCO systems engineering.
  • Experience with DISA Gold Scan, Retina, Windows 2008, Active Directory, Group Policy, Vista, Solaris, and AutoIT.


  • Conducted threat modeling, explored attack vectors, and designed and developed protocol fuzzers for Windows Network File System NFS , Distributed File System DFS , File Replication DFSR , and SMB protocols
  • Used internal and external security tools, including Metasploit and WinDBG, to triage MSRC issues
  • Developed an ISAPI filter to attack WebDAV client codes
  • Developed vulnerability discovery tools for Excel and IE and used in house security tools to hunt vulnerabilities in scriptable ActiveX controls while collaborating with the SWI Attack Team
  • Mentored and trained new team members and conducted technical interviews for new candidates
  • Experience with SCSI RAID arrays, JBODs, Microsoft Cluster Server, Microsoft Virtual Server and Virtual PC with Windows XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista and some Linux
  • Microsoft Patent Cube Never a Stranger
  • Relevant training includes File System Development by OSR, Writing WDM Kernel Mode Drivers by OSR, Kernel debugging by OSR, Windows OS Internals, Secure Coding, Threat Modeling, Penetration and Fuzz Testing, multiple security testing training sessions, writing exploits, and training on a variety of kernel components


  • Addressed customer escalations, including developing fixes for customer issues and developing tools for to diagnose and correct issues in the field. Also conducted training for support.
  • Continued fixing defects in VERITAS Storage Migrator using C, C , Java, Bourne on Solaris, HP-UX, and SGI IRIX , including using Purify to find memory leaks and static code analysis to determine more efficient behavior.
  • Developed a database integrity tool, in C , to find and correct inconsistencies in VSM databases.
  • Developed a daemon, using services provided by VxFS, to monitor file system activities to increase VSM performance.
  • Worked with geographically distributed teams to analyze, design, and develop an agent to extend the DLM product to manage UNIX file systems with C , CORBA using ACE/TAO, SQL Server 2000, and Data Management API DMAPI .
  • Designed and developed a file system analyzer with Java/Swing for the VERITAS NetBackup product
  • Developed agents for VERITAS Cluster Server VCS in Perl, C , and Bourne to interface with VSM

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