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Platoon Sergeant Resume Profile


  • Over 15 years of experience working for the United States Army and Department of Defense Contracting
  • Over 9 years of personnel and program management experience
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to build rapport with customers and external leadership including the ability to capture, consolidate and communicate information
  • Working knowledge with business processes and procedures
  • Ability to multi-task and manipulate multiple priorities and tasks to best suit the company mission
  • Proven leader, communicator, problem-solver and strategic/tactical planner
  • Trained and certified on Value-Based Six Sigma skills
  • Technically trained on ISO 9001-2008 Standards and Implementation
  • Proactive analytical thinker with good working knowledge of various subjects, strong, relentless drive and extremely personable in nature
  • Flexible-proven ability to adapt to changes in operations and/or personnel
  • Consistently provides both internal and external great customer service with an ability to maintain cohesive relations between co-workers
  • Familiarity with various computer software programs and systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills
  • Experience utilizing dashboards and ad-hoc capabilities
  • Database experience
  • Mastery of transition management methodology, tools and templates


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
  • Standard Army Maintenance System-Installation Enhanced SAM-IE
  • Modification Management Information System MMIS



Installation Modification Work Order/Warranty Coordinator

  • Collaborates with the Material Maintenance Officer and the Maintenance Manager in facilitating the format of the government activities meetings.
  • Responsible for installation activities, providing effective team leadership, including information flow to and from operations during project work and performing routine installation inspections.
  • Liaising with installation and Department of Army commands on release scheduling and communication of progress.
  • Supports the project management team, technical lead and support team leads in establishing end to end project plans.
  • Interfacing and communicating with project teams, management and customers including implementing and working through defined governance.
  • Ensuring quality program and project standards are met in accordance with ISO 9000:2008 standards and Department of Army regulations through effective implementation or use of approved processes, methodologies and deliverables.
  • Make appropriate decisions in order to successfully transition business projects and ensure appropriate update and communication within the user community.
  • Provide on-site customer assistance visits.
  • Proactively identify risks and issues on projects and provides assistance to teams on developing risk management and issue management plans.
  • Appointed as the Modification Work Order Coordinator for the Fort Bragg installation.
  • Operate and manage minor stand-alone PC-based software/systems.
  • Perform other administrative tasks as determined by the Maintenance Manager.
  • Periodically receive training on current STAMIS systems being used.
  • Contribute to Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt projects across the program to assist in the solving of potentially problematic areas to ensure best practices.
  • Provide professional expertise to ensure cohesive partnering between government and contractor affiliates utilizing soft skills and technical knowledge.
  • Aide the Quality Systems Manager in meeting target deadlines for contractual compliance.
  • Maintain metrics and spreadsheets to analyze data for process improvement and conformity to all applicable requirements.
  • Develop plans and processes and other required control procedures to ensure processes fit the requirements of the program work statement and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Periodically review quality assurance standards, studies existing policies and procedures and interviews personnel and customers to evaluate effectiveness of quality assurance program.
  • Participate in Process Improvement Teams PIT to continuously provide quality service.


Materiel Readiness Officer

  • Responsible to coordinate, track, monitor and report current day-to-day operations of the various maintenance programs to Installation staff as required. Monitors various maintenance information management systems to analyze causes for delays and stoppages.
  • Successfully planning and overseeing the transfer of key information necessary for the support, operation and acceptance of equipment into induction phase.
  • Responsible for tracking all current and projected maintenance concerns, to include the status of all operations supporting deploying and redeploying equipment.
  • Monitors high priority work orders, Non Mission Capable Supply NMCS and Non Mission Capable Maintenance NMCM time and work orders over 30 days old and recommends appropriate course of action.
  • Provides status of unit job orders to maintenance officers and advises unit commanders on direct support/general support procedures.
  • Performs a variety of logistics support activities included but not limited to: determination of requirements, available or allocated resources, funds, manpower, facilities, equipment, supplies and services.


Lease Manager/Sales Associate

  • Responsible for the turn-in and/or resale of lease vehicles through Ford Motor Company.
  • Prepared all Ford Motor Company Lease vehicles for turn-in and pick-up by a Ford Motor Company representative upon termination of customer lease contract.
  • Specialized in product training of new vehicles introduced to the automotive buying market.
  • Assisted customers in securing financing terms outside of Ford Motor Credit Company.
  • Carefully and diligently prepared financing applications in order to secure credit.
  • Expeditiously provided product presentation and demonstrated to potential customers.


Platoon Sergeant/Ammunition Sergeant E6

  • Served as ammunition logistician Non-commissioned Officer for the Battalion.
  • Principal advisor to the support operations officer on ammunition, vehicles, arms rooms and range inspections.
  • Supervised subordinate non-commissioned officers and junior grade enlisted soldiers to support tactical and non-tactical missions.
  • Provided technical guidance to soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties.
  • Certified in SAAS-MOD system administrator in charge of record keeping and reports to include the Theater Munitions Report and the accuracy for the Battalions basic load and training ammunition valued in excess of 22,000,000.
  • Interpreted technical data and instructed subordinates in the technical aspects of ammunition, missile and other explosive items receipt, storage, maintenance and supply.
  • Technical advisor on ammunition surveillance and safety matters.
  • Ability to maintain and keep a SECRET security clearance.
  • Served in supervisory role while handling chemical ammunition.
  • Passed all pertinent certifications needed to conduct movement operations of chemical ammunition.
  • Ensured compliance with all ammunition safety requirements as prescribed in applicable Army Regulations.

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