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Professional Summary

  • Most recent professional work experience since 2007 is based on mobile development iOS iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Android Mobile Devices/Tablets . Experience includes user requirement analysis, documentation of application workflow and architecture design, UI/UX design, 3D Modeling and code development XCode / Objective C / Cocoa2d / Swift / Web Service API XML and JSON / JAVA / SOAP / REST , Mobile app submittal iTunes App Store and Google Play Store .
  • Over 20 years experience in the IT industry. Past work experiences range from web application development PHP, Ruby, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JAVA, J2EE , SEO services, Wordpress development Coldigniter , Web Service development and Network Administration Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server . Experience also includes CAD programming customization AutoCAD with SQL database and Crystal report.
  • Summary of iOS Apps that I've done
  • Developed prototype apps using Swift.
  • iPad app that allows user to login and fill in new or existing contracts. Retrieves email from Outlook and display message in the app. Allows user to reply messages within the app. Keep timesheet record of each user. Allows user to sign off on the time sheet records
  • Frameworks used:
  • N/A
  • iPad app used to control smart home system via WiFi. Controls the home lighting, curtains, A/C and the entertainment system based on the system's accessories.
  • Frameworks used:
  • SystemConfiguration, QuartzCore, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, Bticino API's.
  • iOS Magazine app that updates image, video and audio content along with their location coordinates and hotspot areas from an XML configuration file. Used combination of iOS SDK and HTML5 for specific areas of the frontend UI.
  • Frameworks used:
  • MediaPlayer, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, MessageUI, QuartzCore
  • iPad app for children interactive book. Allows the user to select and customize the story and the character apparel, race, skin color, gender and other outfits. Used a combination of iOS SDK and HTML5 to run front end UI. App will retrieve data using JSON API from publisher's backend MS SQL server.
  • Frameworks used:
  • UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, StoreKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, CFNetwork, SystemConfiguration, MediaPlayer
  • iPhone app used by sales team to retrieve shopping center cost of operation COO data from MS SQL server using RESTkit and JSON. Data will help sales manager determine yearly lease agreements for each vendor.
  • Frameworks used:
  • CFNetwork, CoreData, MobileCoreServices, QuartzCore, Security, SystemConfiguration, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics, RESTKit.
  • iPad auditing app used by packaging department to audit each packaging line. Adds and stores data and images in the local device in case WiFi connection is lost and syncs data to MS SQL server using RESTKit and JSON when WiFi connection is established/re-established.
  • Frameworks used:
  • QuartzCore, RESTKit, UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics.
  • Professional History


  • Developed Real Time Standard Work iPad App
  • Used Core Location to pinpoint assembly line location
  • Used .Net script to extract DB information from Windows Server
  • Created XML API to extract media and content assets from Windows Server
  • Streamed video clips from Windows Server to iPad App
  • Dynamic update of Windows Server data to iPad App
  • Create Panorama function of assembly line images in iPad App
  • Used Cocoa2d framework to enhance UX features in app

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