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Team Lead Resume Profile

Durham, NC


  • To obtain a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a growing company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profits.


Currently working in Remediation as the Team Lead. Insightful, results-driven IT professional with a strong technical aptitude in both customer driven and technological industries. High level of integrity with strong attention to detail. Able to overcome obstacles and adjust priorities to meet deadlines. Takes ownership of all assignments.



Team Lead

  • Promoted to Team Lead position at SSA as a member of the Remediation Team.
  • Leads team in remediating tickets opened by junior analysts on possible breach of security events.
  • Held quarterly team meetings and involved staff in planning and decision making.
  • Drafts reports and works with the management team.
  • Supervises continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Leads IT team across a broad range of IT Security projects such as patch management and addressing vulnerabilities discovered by periodic penetration testing.


Senior IT Security Remediation Specialist

  • Promoted to senior level position at SSA as a member of the Remediation Team.
  • Address security events ticketed by Analyst Team.
  • Remove malware from infected hosts.
  • Submit suspect files to McAfee, Sophos, and KASPERSKY for review apply new DAT if file is malicious
  • Investigate cause of suspicious activity from hosts using various applications to include Splunk, Dragon, Bluecoat, McAfee.
  • Work with users and admins to assist them in mitigating documented events/issues
  • Work with users and admins to ensure all hosts on the network have installed applicable security patches and service packs.
  • Document all actions taken to provide accountability.
  • Utilize Splunk SIEM as needed to perform searches of host's network activities during the research and removal of malware.
  • Perform Splunk searches during the course of investigation to determine the root cause and the source of malware infiltration.
  • Perform Splunk searches for malware trending activity.
  • Verify and remove/patch network vulnerabilities discovered by the Penetration Team


Security Analyst, Lead Technician

  • Liaison between the Security Operation Center SOC personnel and Remediation Team Lead tasked with ensuring all SOC personnel receive vital up to date information to maximize job performance.
  • Monitor SSA network for suspicious activities and unusual trends
  • Utilize Arcsight SIEMS, which collects logs from BlueCoat proxy, SourceFire, Netwitness, McAfee epo, firewalls and other network devices. Provide continual updates to Team Lead regarding Arcsight monitoring devices to maximize SIEMS effectiveness.
  • USE Dragon to investigate firewall logs.
  • Review alerts and drill down in Defense Center.
  • Use applications and online tools to research URLs and IP addresses. Malzilla, NMAP, Virus Total, Network-Tools, etc.
  • Submit uncategorized URLs to BlueCoat for review.
  • Use log entries to determine if host has downloaded malware or exhibiting suspicious behavior indicative of malware infection. Use all available applications to gather as much relevant information on the nature of the infection. Generate tickets as needed using CAPRS ticketing system for Remediation department.
  • Document all actions and research.
  • Review monthly ticket counts and Data Loss Prevention cases for Durham analysts to ensure monthly reporting accuracy.
  • Consolidate tickets and case numbers into monthly SOC metric reports to provide KTS Team Lead.
  • Manages research alert projects from US CERT and the FBI concerning suspicious URLS and IP addresses. Assigns and coordinates analysts' reports to provide concise feedback on results.


Direct Digital Controls Technician

  • Installed and configured Direct Digital Controls DDC programs for HVAC control systems using Visualogic software.
  • Installed and configured LAN/WAN/networks for clients to monitor air quality and proper plant operations in local and remote sites.
  • Utilized network monitoring tools to monitor network performance, identify/resolve problems.
  • Setup and monitored zones, schedules, and operation sequences using Envision for BCtalk software
  • Communicated project information to management and construction coordinators concerning progress.
  • Completed commissioning projects by organizing start up assignments, coordinating with programming for needed modifications and corrections for DDC and displays, and organizing turnover to management for project closeout.
  • Performed training to maintenance personnel on operation, security, data collection, and system backup for HVAC controls system.


Process Engineering Technician

  • Key player in Engineering department tasked with identifying and developing corrective plans to rework misprocessed products.
  • Teamed with other Engineering personnel to write, review, and update operating specifications relating to plant operations and equipment.
  • Assisted management in the role of backup supervisor on night shift ensuring workload distribution, network connectivity, and periodic updates for the production staff.
  • Member of the Wafer Breakage Team proactively identifying problem processes using historical documentation and implement solutions to reduce wafer breakage by 50 in six months.
  • Member of the Emergency Response Team.
  • Safety Committee Team Member evaluating plant safety in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

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