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Consultant Resume Profile

Westchester, IL


  • Organized training trained internal team for iOS development.
  • Professional Training for Android, Linux, Oracle Database administration, Agile development.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 specialist.
  • ORACLE certified for JAVA SE6 and Oracle Database Administration
  • Award winner in Innovation competition for Mobile-tracker Application.
  • Developer and creator beta.sortid.com.
  • Demonstrated ability to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap.
  • Result oriented software developer with experiencepublishing more than 5 apps in the Apple App Store.
  • 5 Years of progressive IT experience with Software development and great deal of exposure to Object Oriented Programming.
  • Hands on integration experience with internal middleware technologies Sybase Unwired Platform .
  • Experience in Testing and troubleshooting and issue resolution experience.
  • Expert with the Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop.
  • Good knowledge in analyzing the business processes, functional requirements and working towards the solution through the customization for non-standard requirement, writing functional specs, documentation of the applications.


Languages/Development Tools / IDE

Objective-C, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Java, C, C

Development Tools

Xcode, Eclipse, Git, Dreamweaver, PaintCode


Oracle, MySQL, SQLite

Office Tools

Microsoft Office, iWork

Cloud Services

Amazon AWS EC2, S3 , Parse

Operating Systems

Mac OSX, Windows, UNIX/Linux, DOS




  • Provide technical consulting services to clients
  • Propose solutions to customer business and technical requirements
  • Participate in customer project meetings/workshops
  • Define customer project business and technical requirements
  • Develop mobile applications for iPhone/iPad
  • Code reviews and Feedbacks.
  • Test the applications and fixing the bugs

Languages: Xcode 5.0, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, JSON

Description: Build an app to notify drivers about near-by available coupons based on their preselected geo-fences.


  • Planned and developed detailed project plans.
  • Designed an algorithm to determine whether a vehicle is approaching or moving away from a store once it enters the geo-fenced area.
  • Helped create open-API requirements.
  • Used web services and networking to parse JSON online data from server.
  • Supported junior members of the team, providing ongoing advice and guidance.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Mobile Application to monitor driving habits such as braking, speeding, accelerations and provide rewards based on it.


  • Designed algorithm to read location coordinate sets at regular intervals and detect braking, acceleration and deceleration events.
  • Graph-Plotted weekly/monthly/yearly driving behavior using open-source ECGraph library.
  • Field-Tested applications on actual devices to fine-tune products.
  • Updated app UI for iOS 7.

Description: Adding multiple features to app for sales/marketing.


  • Added features that enabled document-viewing capability in the existing app.
  • Altered online sync only capability to store when offline and send to server when online again.
  • Added functionality to make UI dynamic so that the app skins can be changed dynamically via server.

Platform: iOS, Siebel

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Adding multiple features related to offline data handling and version tracking.


  • Added Scorecard feature that will fetch and display questions and answers for the user and submit the selected answers to the Siebel server.
  • Altered online sync only capability to store when offline and send to server when online again.
  • Added long press, double/single tap gestures on multiple lists.
  • Coded feature, which would check when the document is opened and prompt user to update if the document has been changed on the server.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Re-Designing UI and adding additional features to the existing App


  • Collaborated in a 7-person team to build a literature organizer for sales team.
  • Re-designed UI to showcase files in a collection view inside a table view cell.
  • Used UIDocumentInteractionController to preview and open files in all common document /media formats.
  • Added multi-tap gestures to open documents preview and see details.
  • Added universal search and drill down menu.
  • Creating iOS Applications using Objective C and Cocoa Touch. Collaborating with Clients to Define client requirements and proposing the solutions that suits requirements.


  • Provide on-site consulting services to clients.
  • Propose solutions to customer business and technical requirements
  • Author functional and technical specifications
  • Configure SAP solutions to meet customer business and technical requirements
  • Continue learning additional tools and SAP CRM solution areas as well as keeping current with new SAP releases

Languages: Objective-C



  • Develop application from Existing retail application template and modify and configure the application as restaurant ordering application for iPad.
  • Designed and wrote several screens for this enterprise level iOS application. Data stored locally using SQLite.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Enterprise App for employees/Managers to add/edit/update contacts and look up enterprise directory, send emails, see manager contacts and save contact locally on device.


  • Create iPhone front end and embed in the generated code created by SUP.
  • Used AddressBook, AddressBookUI frameworks to display contact details and create drill-down menu.
  • Create custom views adhering to Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Perform Integration tests.

Creating iOS Demo App using Objective C, Xcode 4 IDE and iOS 5.1 SDK. Collaborating with internal expertise to integrate iOS application using SUP Sybase Unwired Platform . Design and develop mockups and working prototypes.


  • Define a data model based on requirements for on-job-training furnished by Hypercision.
  • Developed wireframes using various wire framing tools for a learning solution app for iPad
  • Developed a strategic and tactical plan for optimizing the existing SAP implementation
  • Developed working prototypes of the app using Cocoa Touch and Objective-C.
  • Worked with internal expertise to integrate the application with internal middleware technologies Sybase Unwired Platform .
  • Design and develop pedometer app.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Pedometer counts the user steps using accelerometer data. This application can have different levels of sensitivity. The history of the each run will be stored. And daily goal, step size can be adjusted.


  • Design and creation of high-level detailed mockups and prototypes for effective communication of the design ideas
  • Designed an algorithm to convert the accelerometer readings into countable steps.
  • Implement Audio player using AVFoundation framework.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: RegLearn app allows enterprise trainers to track the progress of trainees assigned to them and also edit/update their progress. The app will sync the data from back end technologies using Sybase Unwired Platform.


  • Maintained Procurement Website, database, trouble shooting / maintaining salvage computers.
  • Observed best practice standards in Objective-C.
  • Create MBO generated code for the iOS application.
  • Design a data model and create Mobile Business Objects in Eclipse development environment.
  • Understand the requirements and design mock-up screens for the project.
  • Generated reports from the database.
  • Maintained Procurement websites using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Provided on-call assistance for technology issues to salvage store customers.

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP

Description: To re-design the existing online form and add more features to the request process.


  • Add an additional page to check if the requester has used salvage process before, If yes, fetch the requester data from database.
  • Usability testing.

Working on developed code and debugging and testing manually as well as testing with known testing methods.

  • Analyzing the functional specification to identify various critical functionalities.


  • Developed a secure web application with back-end database to automate confidential survey process.
  • Created user friendly website to allow company employees to maintain customer records.
  • Participated actively in Functional, System, Regression and Integration testing of the applications.

Mobile Tracker Project Award winner

Description: Mobile Tracker tracks the mobile phone once installed on Nokia phone. The phone sends location co-ordinates to the online every 5 seconds and that data can be viewed using the web application.


  • Collaboratively programmed the mobile application using J2ME.
  • Responsible testing and fixing bugs before deployment.
  • Developed Webpages for the website using HTML, CSS.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Block Unblock application is Appstore puzzle game in which the special block needs to be dragged out of the gate by moving the horizontal and vertical blocks out of its way.


  • Wrote the code for touch-based game for the iOS series of devices.
  • Added Flurry SDK to track analytics like number of sessions and level ups.
  • Compiled all major and minor binary revisions and submitted them to Apple for review and approval to the App Store.
  • Appstore Link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-my-locale/id547620019 mt 8

Description: This application grabs the user location coordinates using GPS and allows user to text the location with single tap. For location accuracy user can refresh the location.


  • Developed reverse geocoding code for converting retrieved location coordinates to real address Accuracy.
  • Designing interface in accordance with apple user guidelines.
  • Making the location data request asynchronously and displaying loading indicator whenever retrieving the location.
  • Compiled binary revisions and submitted them to Apple for review and approval to the App Store.

Languages: Objective-C

Description: Allows user to capture monochromatic photos and directly sync to Dropbox folder.


  • Create several monochrome filters
  • Adding timer and flashlight settings
  • Integrated Dropbox sync API to directly upload captured photos to Dropbox.

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