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Network Performance Manager Resume

Project Management ~ Software Development ~ Business Continuity Planning ~ Planning

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full-time MS Access developer position.

OS/Languages: Unix (3), Windows (15), Visual Basic (10), VBScript (15), VB for Applications (10), Javascript (1) Applications: MS Excel (15), MS Access (15), MS Visio (1), Oracle 8-11G (12), Sybase (1), SQL Server (2), Oracle SQL Developer (1), IP Accounting (2) Certifications: ITIL 1.0 (1), Certified Continuity Manager (EC-106) Institute for Business Continuity Training (1) , CMM 2.0 (1) Skills: Network Capacity Planning (12), Network Modeling(4), Forecasting (10), Exponential Regression Analysis (12), Linear Regression Analysis (12), Survivability Analysis (4), Project Management (5), Management (5), Packet Capture Analysis (10), SEO/SEM (4), Business Continuity Planning (1), KPI's (4), Dashboards (4)


  • Performed Application development in MSAccess, Oracle 11G, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Wrote reports in MSAccess, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Created KPI's, Deck's and executive briefings.
  • Gathered business rules, led all development efforts through all phases of the SDLC.


Confidential, Network Performance Manager, February 2012-March 2012

  • Monitored the Washington Area Man network for the Army using InfoVista 360/OPNet Ace Live for network performance issues.Secret Clearance.

Confidential, Capacity Planner 2008 to February 2012

  • Wrote MSAccess-based traffic monitoring tool connecting through ODBC to Oracle 11G database. Wrote numerous dynamic Excel based tools for analysis.Used SQL to perform datamining. Gathered business rules, led all development efforts through all phases of the SDLC.

Confidential 2008

  • Performed Independent Validation and Verification of client flagship software application.Performed code walkthrough, developed questionnaire for user input of current system functionality, Presented findings to client's executive board.

Confidential, Capacity Manager/Capacity Planner 2005-2008

  • Wrote MSAccess-based traffic monitoring tool connecting through ODBC to Oracle 11G database and SQL server. Used SQL to perform datamining.Wrote numerous Excel based tools. Directed space and power for the installation of multiple data center products, such as co-location and managed hosting products, for seven West Coast IDCs, representing approximately 18% of company revenue. Designed several business analysis tools parametric traffic simulators for survivability analysis, resiliency analysis, and traffic forecasting; created and analyzed network health reports utilizing the internal network traffic tool.Performed regression analysis, trending,Analyzed MPLS traffic data for trending, anomaly discoveries, and forecasting. Received ITIL 1.0 certification.Performed multiple packet capture studies using C-FlowD and Arbor to identify BGP traffic flows.CFlowD and Arbor are tools that analyzer Netflow data. Performed network modeling with Wandl and OPNet.

Confidential, Engineer III / Technical Lead 2000-2005

  • Wrote MSAccess-based traffic monitoring tool connecting through ODBC to Oracle 9i database. Wrote numerous Excel based tools. Led project management and software development efforts in supporting the planning of the AS3561 network.Performed business analysis tasks such as traffic forecasting, regression analysis, trending, data mining, and programming as well as network feasibility for IP customers. Project managed several network integration projects. Provided executive-level briefings/analysis for Cable and Wireless executives leading to the purchase of Exodus and Digital Island.Composed numerous applications to perform IPv4 network traffic analysis.Directed all SDLC efforts.Performed multiple packet capture studies using C-FlowD to identify BGP traffic flows, optimize latency.Performed network modeling with Wandl and OPNet.Used SQL to perform dataming.

Confidential, Project Manager 1999-2000

  • Established testing procedures and test plans Developed Business Continuity Plans. Performed risk assessments and disaster recovery audits.Managed the Y2K remediation team of project managers for the Engineering Division of Cable and Wireless, ensuring system and procedures were complaint for 13 business units.

Confidential, Consultant 1998-1999

  • Developed and tested multiple software products at Mobil Corporation, including a railroad car inventory system calculating the volume of toxic chemicals for transportation by rail.

Confidential, Consultant 1996-1998

  • Performed full SDLC development for the Center for Substance Abuse and Treatment (a division of HHS), which was audited by the IRS to be CMM Level 2 compliant. The application was an MS Access-based project tracking system with military level encryption. Served in several positions, spanning technical writing, configuration management, quality assurance testing, and technical lead for FDA and HHS divisions.

Confidential, Senior Technical Writer 1995-1996

  • Performed both quality assurance and technical writer tasks for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Secret Clearance

Confidential, Consultant 1990-1995

  • Served as a Financial Analyst, a loan originator, and spent two years on development projects as a Subject Matter Expert/QA analyst performing user acceptance testing and developing application


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science Masters in Information Technology


Confidential - Washington DC Chapter since 2011

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