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Router/switch Software Engineer Resume

Research Interests Computer Networks, Optical/Wireless Networks, Multimedia Communications, Green Internet, Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks, Graph Theory, Optimization & Game Theories, Algorithm Design and Analysis


Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering Dissertation: Fault-Tolerance-Oriented Topology, Routing and Wavelength Assignment Optimization for WDM All-Optical Networks M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering M.S. in Material Science & Engineering Thesis: Study on Key Techniques for Intelligentization of Molding CAE Systems B.S. Major in Material Science and Engineering Minor in Computer Science

Industrial Experience

Router/Switch Software Engineer, Confidential, U. S. Feb. 2012 - Now

  • Developing and maintaining functional modules for packet forwarding engine (PFE) for packet switched networks
WCDMA Radio Network Controller R&D Engineer, Confidential. Feb. 2004 - Mar. 2005

  • Developed radio access network application part (RANAP) signaling protocol module under WCDMA standard
SDH Optical Network R&D Engineer, Confidential. Feb. 2003 - Jan. 2004

  • Developed the Embedded Communication Control (ECC) protocol software module under SDH standard
Wireless Cellular Network Technical Support Engineer, Confidential. Jun. 2002 - Feb. 2003

  • Led a team of 6 engineers to conduct installation, testing and performance evaluation of a CDMA 2000 1X commissioning network

Research Projects

  • Wavelength Division Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Network Architecture Modeling, Design, Optimization and Demonstration (dissertation research, with US Navy)
    • Developed a discrete-event-based simulation framework DRAGON that models communication behaviors of a broad register of optical components (in Artifex/C++)
    • Proposed a torus-based 4-way fault-tolerant all-optical architecture for mission-critical communication and guided a team of 4 undergraduates to build up a testbed to verify the fault tolerance design
    • Designed a routing and wavelength assignment scheme under the wavelength-continuity constraint which performs very close to an ideal RWA scheme without the wavelength-continuity constraint
    • Proposed a circulant-graph-based fault-tolerant architecture that supports an arbitrary number of nodes, and developed a corresponding fault-tolerant routing algorithm that provides a flexible number of node-disjoint routes
    • Studied a NP-hard topological optimization problem for spare-sharing-based fault-tolerant all-optical WDM networks and proposed a two-phase heuristic algorithm that outperforms traditional methods which decouple the RWA problem into the routing part and the wavelength assignment part
    • Formally proposed an ordered path enumeration algorithm and developed a candidate routing scheme to facilitate a better-performed integer linear program (ILP) solution than traditional k-shortest disjoint routing based solution
  • Tactical Bandwidth Booster for Seamless Communication in Hybrid Networks (with US Army)
    • Implemented a testbed networking a group of computers emulating heterogeneous network environment via CentOS/Netem/Click/Arsterisk software modules
    • Theoretically modeled and analyzed queuing-induced delay jitter distribution for FIFO and Diffserv queuing
    • Developed, implemented and evaluated an adaptive delay jitter smoothing algorithm
  • Energy-efficient internet: a power-proxy-based smart network interface card (NIC) approach (with Cisco)
    • Investigated feasibility of proxying an instant messaging (IM) protocol on a smart NIC and proposed a corresponding power-proxy model
    • Developed a stochastic-programming-based inactivity time-out setup algorithm to maximize energy saving with smart NIC technology
  • Reservation-based WiMAX network throughput optimization via transmission range control
    • Derived a closer bound for the supportable flow rates in a queue-length-stable WiMAX network based on the two-hop interference model
    • Developed a non-linearly constrained mixed integer program to model the topological optimization problem under the stability and fairness constraints
  • Energy-efficient channel assignment for cognitive radio sensor networks (with DoD DARPA)
    • Developed an optimization model to balance sensor residual energy and to maximize whole network energy-throughput efficiency with ultimate goal of extending network lifetime
    • Co-developed a close-form expression for the distribution of the maximum likelihood estimator estimating 2-state Markov chain transition probabilities

Professional Skills

  • Programming Proficiency
    • 11 years of programming experience with C/C++ especially Visual C++/Windows
    • 3 years of industrial embedded system programming experience with VxWorks/pSOS/Tornado
    • 2 years of Linux system programming on a US Army multimedia communication project
  • Communication Protocols
    • WCDMA/CDMA/SDH protocol architecture & network infrastructure
    • SS7, TCP/IP, OSPF/RIP, RTP/RTCP, G.7XX, instant messaging (IM)
  • Simulators and Tools
    • MATLAB, GAMS (a mathematical optimization modeling language), Artifex (a commercial discrete-event simulator), OptSim (a signal/component level optical communication simulator), NS2, SimpleScalar (a classic computer architecture simulator), Wireshark, Click (routing emulator), Asterisk

Graduate Course Work

Algorithms & Optimization Theory Analysis of Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Linear Programming & Network Optimization, Numerical Optimization, Fundamentals of Mathematical Programming, Integer Programming, Game Theory & Applications Networking Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Queueing Theory, Stochastic Optimization in Communication Networks Signal Processing & Communications Probability Theory & Random Process, Digital Communications, Optical Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Automatic Speech Processing, Wireless Communications, Information Theory Computer Architecture & Digital Systems Computer Architecture, Parallel Computer Architecture, Billion-Transistor Computer Architecture

Professional Membership and Services

  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) / IEEE Communications Society
  • Conference review: IEEE MILCOM 2011/2012, IEEE GLOBECOM 2008/2009/2012, IEEE ICVES 20123
  • Journal review: IEEE Communications Letters, Springer Wireless Networks Journal, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
  • TPC for the first IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Internet of Things: Smart Objects and Services (IoT-SoS 2012)

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

  • Served as a TA grading/proctoring homework/exams for Confidential
  • Served as a graduate mentor in Confidential

Honors and Awards

  • Student Travel Grant
  • Research Assistantship
  • Graduate Assistantship
  • Highest overall GPA (91.1/100, department-wise) among 250 undergraduate students
  • Exemplar of Excellent Students, (the highest undergraduate academic honor, awarded annually to the 10~20 most outstanding students among 10,000 undergraduates throughout the university)
  • Excellent Student
  • Kwang-Hua Scholarship


  • Best Pronunciation (American English) Award, certificated by the Academic Spoken English Program at the Confidential for the most native-like pronunciation in the Mirroring Project
  • Successful Completion of training on software Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level-5, 2002, certificated by Confidential
  • Rank Certificate of Computer Software: Advanced Level, 2000 (approved and issued by Ministry of Information Industry, People’s Republic of China, certifying the bearer of it a comprehensive knowledge and capacity in computer software architecture and design)

Conference Presentations

  • "Bi-Link-Failure-Free Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Torus-Based Avionic WDM LANs," IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), Baltimore, MD
  • Interdisciplinary Research Talk, Graduate Student Council (GSC) Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference
  • "Circulant-Graph-Based Fault-Tolerant Routing for Avionic All-Optical WDM LANs," IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Miami, FL, USA,
  • "A Smart-NIC-Based Power-Proxying Solution for Reduced Power Consumption during Instant Messaging," 2nd Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference, Dallas, TX,
  • "An Evaluation of the Performance Advantage of DiffServ with respect to Voice over IP Flows," IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), Boston, MA,

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