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Licensed Real Estate Agent & Site Manager Resume

Construction & Facilities Management - Emergency Management Coordinator Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Building Code Official

Results driven manager, acknowledged for superior knowledge and expertise in the areas of, construction management, asset management, facilities management, land development, zoning, and code enforcement. Successful in re-focusing Pulaski Township on performing basic functions related to delivering municipal services to the residents of the township, as well as maintaining compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania UCC Requirements and the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code. Work closely with and advise township engineer on all infrastructure improvements and repairs, including the review of all construction documents, bids, and supervising all construction activities, creating and/or reviewing all public notices for all township meetings, bids and other documentation required to be fully compliant with the State Sunshine Law. Responsible for Township wide Emergency Management services, including the development of Disaster Prevention plans and in the event of a disaster full township asset prioritization ensuring efficient and cost effective evacuation of all residents. Coordinate all Disaster operations with the Beaver County Emergency Management Agency and local fire departments. Work closely with the township solicitor researching and drafting new ordinances. Investigating and documenting building code, zoning, and environmental violations and complaints to ensure the health and welfare of the township residents. Coordinate possible environmental violations with the Beaver County Conservation District and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Professional Strengths Include:

  • Operations Management
  • Labor Relations
  • Strong Communicator
  • Construction Management
  • Media Relations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • P&L Accountability
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Adaptability
  • Disaster Management & Planning
  • Knowledge of Municipal & State Codes
  • Professionalism
  • Agricultural Sciences & Management

Recent Benchmarks and Milestones:

  • Streamlined the building and zoning process and brought it into compliance with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations, resulting in a reduction of legal exposure in the Township and a consistent approach to enforcement and permitting.
  • Created Emergency Management Plan for Pulaski Township which resulted in Township employees understanding what constitutes an emergency and what steps must be taken to mitigate dangers to Township residents.
  • Managed and resolved pest harborage issue within the Township in a timely manner resulting in the prevention of infestation of adjoining properties and the protection and preservation of public health and safety. Issued immediate order to vacate the property, condemned the structure, revoked occupancy permit, and worked with township solicitor in creation of legal documents for landowner to sign giving us permission to tear the building down. Accomplished in seven days preventing township exposure to additional lawsuits and litigation.
  • Created Rental Registration Ordinance which was reviewed by the Township solicitor and approved by the Township supervisors. This resulted in additional revenue for the Township and added another layer of protection for the rental residents of the Township. This ordinance holds landlords accountable for the condition of their properties.
  • Dispensed with a difficult and complex condemnation situation at Denman's Trailer Park. The property consisted of 13 mobile homes, 8 of which were being used by transients, drug abusers, and others. None of the mobile homes had utilities or were fit for habitation. I worked with the property manager and the local taxing bodies to forgive back taxes owed on these mobile homes resulting in Pulaski Township's ability to condemn, tear down, and remove the mobile homes. The property manager brought in new mobile homes which went back onto the tax rolls resulting in additional revenue for the Township.

Career Snapshot

Confidential Feb 2004 - Present

Confidential Feb 2003 - Present

Confidential Aug 1993 - Present

Confidential Oct 1992 - Present

Confidential Aug 1990 - 1992 Sep

Confidential Mar 1987 - 1990 May

Career Background - In Depth

Confidential 2004 to Present Township Building Code Official, Zoning Officer & Emergency Management Coordinator Reports to: Board of Supervisors Confidential is a small Township located between New Brighton, Rochester and Daugherty Townships Hired in 2004 to act as the Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer as required under the PA Municipal Planning Code and State UCC regulations. Appointed in 2009 as the Emergency Management Coordinator by Governor Rendell due to the fact that I have extensive building knowledge and experience combined with a deep understanding of how to coordinate resources and responses to emergency situations. Contributions and Results:

  • Created a culture of professionalism within code enforcement and zoning, enabling the residents of the Township to understand the various rules and regulations and have confidence in their fair application.
  • Fostered clear communication between the all Township departments and agents enabling the Board of Supervisors to make clear concise decisions based on actual data and accountabilities. This has resulted in us being able to serve all residents of the Township to their collective benefit.
  • Handle all inquiries from the general public and state and local government bodies, this has resulted in in me gaining experience working with, and managing people of various socio economic backgrounds and occupations.
  • Advocated the removal of blighted properties enabling the Township to improve their collective property values and gradually increase Township revenues.
  • Built Emergency Response Plan using existing policies and procedures and streamlining documentation to enable all first responders to know and act in their respective roles.
  • Created yearly fee schedule for the Building Department resulting in updated fee schedules passed by resolution yearly.

Confidential 2003 to Present Licensed Real Estate Agent & Site Manager Reports to: Barbara Law, General Manager: Confidential is a residential and commercial real estate firm engaged in the buying, selling, leasing and development of residential and commercial real estate projects. Hired in 2003 to act as a Real Estate Agent. I am responsible for new business development and the creation of residential development working with developers, contractors, and prospective home buyers. I have acted as a building project manager, owner's agent and site manager. Contributions and Results:

  • New Construction Realtor of the Year in 2008 for sales and customer service.
  • In 2003 Site Manager for Chateau Estates in Center Township where I worked closely with the developer to ensure that we drove traffic to the development.
  • 2006 through 2008 Site Manager Seven Oaks Residential Development working closely with Site Developer to manage the marketing budget and sales of condominiums and single family homes. This resulted in increased sales and revenue.
  • Train and develop new construction agents enabling Coldwell Banker to have a professional and knowledgeable sales force. This resulted in increased revenue for the business.

Confidential 1993 to Present General Manager Owner Confidential is a fifth generation family owned farm located in Washington County, Maine. Brought into the business in 1993 when my grandmother retired. Contributions and Results:

  • Increased production from 12,000 pounds per year to over 100,000 pounds per year by using my education through the University of Maine and integrated pest management. I created maintenance schedules to ensure that the proper herbicides and pesticides were applied at the proper times of year.
  • Created a new system of hiring and attracting professional agricultural workers to work seasonally resulting in cost savings and improved product quality. This enabled the business to grow exponentially.
  • Utilized best in class agricultural processes to increase per plant productivity and per field productivity to record levels. Eradicated invasive species and pests ensuring maximum output.
  • Created a capitol improvements budget enabling investment in new equipment resulting in increased productivity and year over year cost reductions.
  • Improved overall farm infrastructure, this includes new barn, new roads, heavy equipment and harvesting equipment resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Increased profits year over year from virtually zero to 25%.
  • Board Member of Pleasant River Canning Company Cooperative where I changed the business model of the cooperative by streamlining our handling processes resulting in our ability to serve multiple growers and improve the quality of the product.

Confidential 1992 to Present President, General Contractor & Construction Manager Primary Shareholder Confidential is residential general contracting and construction management company which I founded in 1992. Contributions and Results:

  • Built the business from zero to 5 million in 2000. Sold business to partners while maintaining business name. Since 2000 I have rebuilt the business to approximately 500,000 per year as the sole shareholder.
  • Created a focus primarily targeted at the consulting side of the construction business which operates in conjunction with my real estate practice. I work with developers and land owners in Pennsylvania and Ohio as a development representative providing them with a face and voice for their specific project or projects. This includes identifying appropriate land parcels, determining best land use, land planning, and researching all zoning and building ordinances of the particular municipality or of multiple municipalities. I also work with the engineers to get permits and application completed on time and in an orderly fashion. I present all the information to the local planning and zoning boards. This suite of services results in my clients being assured that all legalities and planning have been handled appropriately, freeing them to move forward on complex projects with confidence and ability to meet time sensitive schedules.
  • I have been involved in over 50 million dollars' worth of construction and construction management business since 1990.
  • Managed multiple public and private projects successfully
  • Excellent reputation, numerous repeat clients.
  • Manage subcontractors, general labor, vendors and suppliers.

Confidential 1990 to 1992 Sales Manager & Sales Representative Reported to Gary Iskra, President and Owner Confidential was a residential home improvement company involved in Window and door replacement, siding products, roofing and aluminum awnings. The company was sold in 1996 to another concern. Hired in 1990 as a Sales Representative to sell home improvements, promoted to Sales Manager in 1991 Contributions and Results:

  • Top sales producer 9 times out of 100 people during 2 year tenure.
  • Consistently in the top 10% of sales performers during my entire tenure.
  • Won the Koolvent Derby 1991. During the months of August and September the company ran the derby to motivate sales professionals during the traditional slow months in the home improvement industry.
  • Promoted to sales manager in 1991 as a direct result of my sales production
  • Managed 10 sales people, 2 office staff and 4 million dollars a year in home improvement business.

Confidential 1987 - 1990 Honorable Discharge I was attached to 475th QM Company, working in combat support specializing in petroleum supply and logistics. Education and Certifications

  • Marketing Curriculum 1986 - 1989
  • Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management 1990
  • Real Estate Development School
  • Building Code Official Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as certified by the Department of Labor & Industry
  • Licensed Contractor
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Pesticide License State of Maine
  • Certified New Construction Specialist

Continuing Education

  • Real Estate
    • Real estate Law
    • Housing Discrimination
    • Real Estate Financing
    • Zoning
    • Pennsylvania Real Estate Development practices
    • Real Estate Ethics
  • Code Enforcement - PCCA and Pennsylvania Department Labor & Industry
    • UCC enforcement practices
    • Ordinance Writing
    • PA Building Code and Zoning Law
    • Inspection of manufactured and industrialized housing
    • Building Inspection and Ethical Practice
    • PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permitting - Through PennDOT
  • Agricultural
    • Agricultural Consulting and Grounds Consulting for Confidential
    • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Pesticide Law
    • Maine State Pesticide Law
    • Storm Water Management
    • Personal protection equipment and restricted entry
    • Proper use, application and disposal of federally regulated pesticides and herbicides.
    • Treatment invasive species.
    • Agricultural Business Management
    • State and Federal Grant Writing

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