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Telecom Experts Resume


My objective is to get a challenging job position which reflects my abilities and ideas. I want to work on a useful application/configuration product where I can gain/share experience with the team involved. I’m eager to learn and gain more experience at your company


  • " Computer Engineering & Informatics"
  • " General sciences "

Work experience: Telecom Experts: reporting (database), linux (centos), CCS (manager), form builder, scripting (perl, php),
I create reports using computer languages such as php or perl to send them directly to clients.
I can also automate the reports by using ireport. This is a program that creates jrxml files that extracts data directly from database,then transforms them into jasper files to be scheduled and sent automatically from open report.
My main role is to create tables and views on mysql where I can follow up with all the work of the client (their talk_time, wrap up time, acquisition time...)
The views are formed from tables filled automatically by a script done by me

Final project: Security LOGO Neural Network for Computers and Communication Engineering

Trained: Confidential

Summary of Qualifications

  • Network implementation , network security , network communication
  • Querying SQL 2000 Database.
  • Database Design using SQL & MYSQL Server and Office Access
  • Perl and php scripts.
  • Javascript
  • HTML web pages design.
  • Microprocessing-based system
  • Image processing
  • Software engineering, numerical analysis
  • Operating system
  • Computer architecture & graphics
  • Control systems
  • Artificial Intelligence AI
  • Database system
  • Object oriented program
  • Statistical method
    • Other:

      • Computer ethics, EWB, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead show
      • windows 98,windows 2000, windows XP, windows vista,win7, LINUX
      • Microsoft offlice: 2003,2007; Open source, LINUX, open office
      • UBUNTO

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