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Software Engineer Resume Profile


  • Expert at developing Core Java / Swing applications
  • Experienced with full Software Development Life Cycle SDLC - Requirements collection, object oriented analysis, design, programming, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Windows, Unix/Linux
  • Eclipse, IntelliJ
  • JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito, Test Driven Development
  • Subversion, Maven, Clearcase, CVS, Perforce
  • Servlets, Tomcat, JBoss, JSP, XML
  • Working knowledge of Hibernate and SQL, Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL
  • JIRA, Crucible, Confluence
  • JFreeChart, JasperReports
  • Math and science


Software Engineer,

  • Team member for developing both the client and server sides of company's cutting-edge trading platform.
  • Resolved JIRA issues by changing Java / Swing code, fixing defects and adding new features.
  • Participated in full software development lifecycle including code reviews with Crucible.
  • Consulted with peers and independently solved problems in a timely fashion under the Agile process.
  • Wrote unit tests with JUnit and EasyMock and integration tests.


  • Team developer for the Trader GUI and SA SysAdmin GUI Java Swing applications operating in a realtime CORBA-distributed message-oriented enterprise architecture environment.
  • Worked directly with many server-side teams to expose new functionality as they developed it.
  • Successfully worked within CBOE's SDLC scrummerfall processes.
  • Independently consulted with architects and users to learn of needed enhancements and document their requirements. Presented overall architectural plans and paper mock-ups for approval.
  • Presented object-oriented analysis with block diagrams and basic UML.
  • Presented initial object-oriented design with pseudo-code, locating existing code for business entities and identifying where new coding was required.
  • Produced time estimates for coding and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Wrote detailed test plans and worked with QA to clarify them, fixing any defects before release.
  • Deployed the release to users and assisted them in its use.
  • Performed real-time production support on the trading floor and in the operations center.
  • Independently developed several research tools prototypes and demonstrated them to management.
  • Extensively documented and communicated my work to other developers.

Lead Java Software Engineer, Confidential

  • Remotely developed an engine that automated the parsing and transformation of educational milestones published by all 50 states to lesson plans presented to the users classroom teachers of our product.
  • Utilized advanced regular expressions to generate XML.
  • Recruited and mentored a new developer into the project.
  • Liason to management and accountable for progress.

Senior Software Developer, Confidential

  • Team member for developing the company's main BPM product RMS, which has a server/client architecture implemented in pure Java on Windows.
  • Spring RMI was used to implement specialized application-level services between the Swing clients and a web application on a Tomcat server.
  • The Swing client was organized into wizard modules and manipulated with drag and drop JTrees.
  • Large amounts of data could be presented with a spreadsheet made performant by a multithreaded cache on the Swing client.

Senior Software Engineer,Confidential

  • Programmer for new ultra high-throughput screening HTS - big chemical data laboratory.
  • Designed an informatic framework of fundamental business entities, and coded their associated Java Swing viewlets.
  • Coded the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and presented the fit using JFreeChart, embedded in a JBoss web server environment.
  • Prototyped various statistical treatments with Mathematica, demonstrated their use at meetings, and coded the approved ones in Java.
  • Developed a major Swing application that allows the user to view and navigate chemistry spaces where the coordinates of the points are formed from molecular descriptors.
  • Developed an Eclipse plugin for QSAR chemists.

Java Software Consultant .Confidential

  • Self-taught J2EE architecture, developed on a web server with Tomcat with a MySQL backing database.
  • Actively participated in Atlanta Java User Group meetings while organizing and leading one of its subsections.
  • Traveled to customer sites Pfizer and coded Java errant chemical structure correction plugin handlers into a JBoss-based web application.
  • Developed a public facing web site for a small sign company Dynamic Signs using dynamic HTML on Tomcat. Performed host administration tasks such as configuration and back up.
  • Refactored a Swing configuration utility that installed a radiology software product Neurostar .
  • Developed a Swing front-end audio product similar to iTunes that manages audio samples for a voice recognition engine backend Nexidia .

Part-time Instructor, Confidential .

  • Head instructor for two general chemistry laboratory sections during my convalescence period.

Lead Software Engineer, Confidential

  • Developed two major Java applications as project leader with a junior programmer by establishing requirements, performing object-oriented analysis and design, and implementing in pure Java.
  • The first application, called Library Explorer which was widely released by Optive Research, Inc. in their Benchware suite , visualizes densely populated 2D and 3D projections of low-dimensional molecular descriptor BCUT spaces that represent virtual libraries.
  • Developed specialized mathematics and algorithms for optimal speed, perspective, lighting, depth cueing.
  • Wrote an extensive context-sensitive hyperlinked online help system for Library Explorer.
  • The second application called JDVS is a remote front-end GUI for a complex legacy Unix application.
  • JDVS interviews the user from a web browser not unlike TurboTax , and then translates their answers into a Unix command line, which is then executed on any available remote compute servers.
  • Researched and developed C/C on SGI/Irix and Linux novel non-grid based CoMFA-style methodology in collaboration with Pfizer. Coded partial least squares PLS .
  • Experimented with various algorithmic methods to generate grid points, including the dot surface of the receptor binding surface. Investigated canonical orientation of aligned molecules of a test set.

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