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Senior lead programmer passionate about creating awesome user experience. I have more than 9 years of professional experience in designing, developing, and integrating software systems. I started with ASP.NET and later on focused on iOS, Android, and cloud based big data platforms such as Parse. In many cases I also serve as the product manager for our product lines, working with global development teams to implement my vision.



Lead developer role in mobile/cloud based ambulatory intervention tracking system.

  • Designed Parse backend for iOS app, supports features such as Facebook, Twitter authentication, and location data.
  • Integration with drug information system service, Mixpanel's deep analytics, and a number of open source UI libraries for data visualization.
  • Delivered faster and more cost effective clinical drug information to partners including National Library of Medicine, First Databank, Epocrates, serving millions of healthcare professionals around the world.
  • Designed a system using the MongoDB, Node, Express stack to serve data through a REST API.
  • Later lead a team to migrate drug information backend to Parse, resulting in major savings in infrastructure costs and shortened development time.
  • Developed capability for software as a service model through an authentication API.
  • Designed the schematics for the authentication system, which work with our existing ecommerce API to authenticate large institutions by IP and URL referral for mobile and web apps.
  • Served as product owner overseeing the implementation of the system by an external team.
  • Developed Pediatric Injectable Drugs mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • The iOS app is an universal app with different UI for iPad and iPhone, and consumes our IP authentication API using NSURLSession. Drug information data is stored locally using CoreData.
  • The Android app uses SQLite3 to store drug information locally.
  • Implemented next generation drug shortages system used by hospitals and large scale clinical software systems to manage formularies.
  • Leverages Parse and integrates with Confidential
  • information system using REST interface.
  • Lead development of mobile and web based drug interaction software used at the point of care in hundreds of hospital systems around the world.
  • iOS client integrates with our authentication and drug interaction APIs using the AFNetworking 2.0 library.
  • Oversaw the development of Android app by an external team as product owner.
  • Served as product manager and oversaw implementation of eBook store, and redesigned book production process to distribute across major platforms such as Kindle, Nook, and iBooks as well as our own native iOS and Android apps.
  • Recognized as subject matter expert on strategic committees including clinical benchmarking, gamification, and digital publishing.


Languages English fluent , Chinese fluent

Software Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Adobe CC

Programming Languages Objective-C, C , C , Java, Javascript, SQL, Swift

Design Patterns SOA, MVC, API, REST, Singleton, Delegate, Reactive Functional


Cocoa Touch, CoreData, Parse, MongoDB, Node.js, AFNetworking, Mixpanel, Android SDK, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, ASP.NET, WPF, SQL Server, SharePoint, Agile, Scrum, Git

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