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Software Engineer Resume Profile



Over 17 years' experience designing, developing and implementing stand-alone and n-tier applications. Applying design patterns, principles and unit testing toward development. Development expertise in C, C , C , Visual Basic, .NET, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Groovy, and Grails for GUI, web, networking, and middleware utilizing structured methodologies for full software development life cycle and agile developments.



Software Engineer

  • Designed, developed, implemented and enhanced stand-alone, n-tier, web, and networking applications in C, C , C , Visual Basic, .NET, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, Groovy, and Grails. Applied design patterns, principle, and unit testing toward full software development life cycle, and agile developments. Utilized code analysis and code quality and quantity track tools in applications. Modified, integrated, tested, and maintained software. Developed network programs using Berkeley sockets, UDP, and Posix threads. Implemented GUI using AWT and Swing for NT systems. Also created GUI for UNIX systems in X windows environment.
  • Accomplishments in chronological order include:
  • Enhanced an existing web application utilizing J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, Google Guava, PostgreSQL 9, Tomcat 7, JDK 7, and Git.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented two web projects written in C ASP.NET Web Forms 4 and C ASP.NET MVC 4 to use single sign-on SSO capability from OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 via RESTful web services.
  • Had knowledge and experience with jBPM version 5.4.0.Final in particularly, made modifications to the drools-guvnor web-app so that only users with admin privileges can access the tool using DIAS and IdAM. Also had experience in creating/designing workflows using jBPM tools.
  • Enhanced an existing web application developed in JavaScript, YUI, Prototype, D3, Groovy, and Grails.
  • Designed and enhanced an existing web map application to access to GVS utilizing the ArcGIS libraries AgsJWS .
  • Analyzed, designed and implemented a client-side caching mechanism using Google Collection Library.
  • Created and designed load tests using JMeter for load testing against a web application. Also, experience with CMMI - particularly the Measurement and Analysis process area.
  • Designed and developed a windows and console CLI applications that generate H.264/AVC video from a set of sequenced images in JPG, BMP, etc. format using C , C/C and LEADTOOLS imaging SDKs.
  • Designed and developed a web-based maps application that provides a better visualization to facilitate analyzing missions using Google Maps, Java, JSP, JSTL, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, HTML and PHP the web application also provides client authentication using LDAP, Sun Java System Directory Server.
  • Designed and developed a mission assurance assessment web application using Apache Struts, JSP, JavaScript, and J2EE technologies applied Business Delegate, DTO, VO, and DAO design patterns.
  • Designed and implemented a risk management tool standalone application written in VB .NET applied MVP design pattern used Farpoint Spread and Infragistics NetAdvantage third party components.
  • Designed and implemented an intelligent analysis application written in C and SQL Server 2000 applied unit testing, Model-View-Presenter MVP design pattern, Single Responsibility and Dependency Inversion principles used FxCop as a code analysis tool and SourceMonitor as code quality and quantity track tool also used NCoverage as a unit test coverage analysis tool.
  • Modified and maintained an analysis application written in Visual Basic 6 and Oracle 8.0.
  • Using J2EE technologies, design patterns, UML, and BEA Portal, designed and implemented Military Occupational Specialty, Duty Position, Additional Skill Identifier, Special Qualification Identifier, Category, Keyword Index, and Resource Authorization for the Training Resource Management Configuration TRMC of the P/TAS program that allows the Army to develop and distribute Army training. Also wrote servlets for accessing to LDAP and for logging messages.
  • Enhanced and supported After Action Review AAR software for Joint Warfighters Ulchi Focus Lens UFL 2000's data collection in South Korea.
  • Implemented a network reservation middleware that runs on Red Hat Linux 6.0. This middleware enables a user application to establish, maintain, and cancel a bandwidth reservation through a specified network using Type of Service TOS technology.
  • Developed a network control interface that messages can communicate in real time between machines via internet using Berkeley sockets, UDP, and POSIX threads on Red Hat Linux 6.0. Also responsible for message management.
  • Designed and developed web-hosted GUI application for a distributed communication simulation environment. GUI allows user to control all aspects of complex simulation, including scenario definition and preparation, simulation tool selection, simulation execution and monitoring on multiple UNIX workstations, and results analysis. Responsible for GUI design, implementation, and testing and evaluation by operational users. GUI developed using Java 2 and Swing components interfacing with servlets.
  • Designed and implemented visual editors for a complex sensor, weapons, and C4I simulation. From incomplete and changing specifications, developed visual editors for various simulated entities and their functions. Developed base classes that implemented functions required of all editors, and then specialized these through inheritance to meet the specific needs of each editor. Developed in Java 1.1.x using JBuilder.
  • Modified and developed code in C on UNIX platform to correct the displaying of error ellipses for a sensor fusion system so that the ellipses can be drawn much faster and more accurate. Also responsible for modifications to data displayed for each object overlaid on the imagery.
  • Integrated and tested COMPASS GOTS/COTS tools such as sd/sdr, vat, nv/vic, global chat, rendezvous whiteboard, GCPA, and CVW for JWID98.
  • Assisted in the development of a modular message translation system for military so messages of different forces can be translated into one unified message. Designed and developed C/C code implementing a client/server technology on distributed interface and simulation systems using UNIX systems in X windows environments. Development also involved debugging and testing the system.


  • Languages: Java, C , C , C, Visual Basic, SQL, Pascal, Basic, ML, Awk, Assembly, FORTRAN, XML, UML
  • Microsoft Technologies: .NET
  • Java Technologies: J2EE, EJB, JDBC, JavaBeans.
  • Web Development: Servlet, JSP, JSTL, Struts, Custom Tags, JavaScript, YUI, Grails
  • GUI Development: JFC, Swing, X Window and Motif X/Motif , .NET
  • Design Patterns: MVP, MVC, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Fa ade, DTO, VO, DAO
  • Unit Testing: NUnit, JUnit
  • Development Principles: Single Responsibility, Dependency Inversion
  • Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows, DOS
  • Web/App Servers: BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss
  • Application Software: MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, Paradox
  • Version Control Systems: Rational Rose, Visual SourceSafe, StarTeam
  • IDEs: Visual Studio .NET, Intellj, NetBeans, Eclipse, JBuilder
  • Third Party Components: Infragistics NetAdvantage, Farpoint Spread
  • BPMs: jBPM


  • CMMI Verification Validation certificate,
  • LoadRunner VuGen 8.1 Scripting for Web certificate
  • Hands-On Lab: LoadRunner certificate,
  • Fundamentals of LoadRunner 8.1 certificate,
  • Enterprise Web Development with ASP.NET: Hands-On certificate, Learning
  • SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming: Hands-On certificate, Learning
  • C Programming Hands-On certificate, Learning Tree
  • FTP Training Peer Reviews certificate,
  • FTP Training Process Overview certificate,
  • Fundamentals of Rational Rose certificate,
  • Developing Enterprise Applications with BEA WebLogic Server certificate,
  • Rational ClearCase Fundamentals for Windows certificate, Rational
  • The Common Approach Orientation Online Training Course certificate
  • ModSAF User course certificate,

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