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Sr. Performance Engineer Resume Profile

Des Moines, IA


  • Expertise experience in user requirement Analysis, Functional/Non-Functional Specifications, Test Planning/Strategy, test Estimates, Use Cases, Business Requirements, Business Rules to prepare Test Schedules, identify risks, Identify Test Requirements.
  • Extensively involved in all phases, analysis, design, implementation, execution, maintenance and support of Performance Testing Life Cycle.
  • Experience in automated testing of Web based and Client/Server applications with proficiency in Load and Performance Testing including good working experience in Agile Scrum, Waterfall and Iterative methodologies.
  • Software Performance/QA Engineer over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology with expertise in Performance/Load Stress Testing using HP Load Runner and Performance Center.
  • Extensively worked on creating and enhancing test scripts using C language, executing various stress tests, analyzing test results using Load runner, HP Diagnostics, HP site scope , New Relic, Willy Interoscope and HP performance center.
  • Experience in using Load runner and HP performance centre to run baseline tests, stress test, endurance tests and spike tests.
  • Well versed with the behaviour of online monitors and the techniques to fix the monitoring issues and monitoring Vuser status.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and dedicated team player.

Technical Skills:

Automation Tools:

Load Runner, HP Performance center, Gomez

Test Monitoring Tools:

HP Diagnostic, HP Site scope, New Relic, Splunk,

Wily Interoscope

Test Management:

JIRA, Quality Center, Test Director

Operating Systems:

Windows2000, Windows NT, AIX, UNIX, Solaris

Management Tools:

MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio


MS SQL Server, Oracle, LDAP, Access, Sybase, DB2


Web logic, JBoss, CIM, Tipco Middleware, Web Sphere, Apache

Internet Technologies:

Java, JSP, HTML, Oracle, C, C , SQL, XML, .Net, C , ASP, Angular JS

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Load runner Vugen, was used to create, debug and enhance scripts for web applications Angular JS based .
  • Load runner scripts were extensively enhanced using C language to handle exception functionalities. Also handled work flow in scripts using C language and debugged scripts in Vugen.
  • Used Vugen to read and write error log files while running scripts in Vugen and in Performance center to debug related issues.
  • Designed and performed stress and load tests and analyzed them by working with development, database and build and deployment teams.
  • Identified and pinpoint Performance Tuning issues that impacted the web servers, app servers, load balancers and databases.
  • Used HP Diagnostics and Wily's Interoscope for capturing metrics on server.
  • Created detailed load test result report by analyzing the results from Load Runner analysis.
  • DB2 Database performance was monitored for Indexes, Sessions, and Connections.
  • Analyzed results for Bottlenecks and made recommendations for the bottlenecks.
  • Used Load runner web services protocol to load test web services.
  • Used JIRA for bug management.
  • Worked extensively on data preparation in load testing environments using SQL queries.

Environment: Load Runner, HP Diagnostics, Splunk dashboard, Performance Center, JIRA, JVM, Oracle, SQL server 2000/2005, Windows XP, UNIX, DB Visualizer .

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Worked on all phase of performance testing, requirement gathering, test plan creation, defined load model, created and customize Load Runner scripts, ran load tests in performance center and analyzed results using load runner analysis.
  • Using Vugen, created, debugged and enhanced scripts for web applications.
  • Load runner scripts were enhanced using C language to handle exception functionalities.
  • Created detailed load test result report by analyzing the results from Load Runner analysis.
  • Designed and performed large-scale load volume end-to-end testing using large data files.
  • Automating and implementing performance tests using Load Runner and Performance center.
  • Worked closely with developer and architects as well with business to determine risks and mitigation by executing load test on application.
  • Identified Performance Tuning issues that impacted the various servers, SSL load balancer.
  • Used HP Site scope, Spunk and New Relic for capturing metrics on server.
  • Used JIRA for bug management.

Environment: Load Runner, Site Scope, Performance Center, JIRA, JVM, Oracle, SQL server 2000/2005, Windows XP, UNIX.

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Involved in all phases of performance testing life cycle
  • Worked on creating, debugging, enhancing, executing scripts in Vugen for web applications and web services, load runner controller, analyzing LR scenarios results
  • Worked highly on requirement gathering for application and designing performance tests.
  • Analyzed results for bottlenecks,
  • Defining performance goals and objectives based on the client requirements and inputs.
  • Extensively worked in Web, Web Services, Click and Script Protocols in Load Runner.
  • Used C language to enhance Load Runner Scripts to handle exceptions.
  • Prepared Load Test Reports by analyzing the results from Load Runner analysis
  • Developing sub-divisions like system testing, Performance testing and Unit testing.
  • Implemented Mercury's Load Runner and developed and executed Load Runner Test Harness and Scenarios.
  • Used shell scripts for capturing metrics on server.
  • Worked on HP Site scope and New Relic to gather server metrics.
  • Created detailed Test Reports.
  • Used Gomez Network Platform backbone testing for performance monitoring running tests on different nodes to collect hourly metrics

Environment: Load Runner, Quality Center, Gomez, JIRA, Performance Center, Site scope, New Relic, Shell Scripts, Quality Center, JVM, UNIX.

Performance Engineer


  • Responsible for performance testing and tuning of multiple applications.
  • Extensively used Load Runner for Developing Vuser Scripts.
  • Developed Load Runner Scripts in Web, Web services, Citrix, Winsock and Database protocols.
  • Executed Performance tests using Performance Center.
  • Gathered Performance requirements for the application and designed performance tests for the multiple clients within the organization.
  • Customized Load Runner scripts in C language like String manipulation and using C libraries for the Load Runner Scripts
  • Setup server metrics for Site scope.
  • Used Scenario By Schedule in the controller to change the Ramp Up, Duration and Ramp Down settings
  • Monitored the metrics such as response times and server resources such as Total Processor Time, Available Bytes and Process Bytes by using Load Runner Monitors
  • Identified the load balancing issues on the servers
  • Measured Response times at sub transaction levels at App servers and database server levels by using Optimal Application expert. Highly concentrated on Transactions per sec during testing
  • DB2 Database performance was monitored for Indexes, Sessions, and Connections.
  • Analyzed results for Bottlenecks and made recommendations for the bottlenecks.
  • Monitored Metrics on Application server, Web server and database server.
  • Created rendezvous point for Performance test scenarios to find deadlocks.
  • Used Shell scripts for capturing metrics on the servers
  • Created comprehensive performance test results reports.

Environment: Load Runner, Site Scope, Performance Center, Shell Scripts, Quality Center, JVM, SQL server 2000/2005, Windows XP, Telnet, Web Sphere, SOA, UNIX.

Performance Engineer


  • Worked closely with Business Analysts and Developers to gather Application Requirements and Business Processes in order to formulate the test plan.
  • Developed scripts using Load Runner by recording/playback and as well as by writing custom functions.
  • Performed parameterization in Load Runner.
  • Involved in Correlation and Parameterization for the script, to ensure the script runs successfully during replay. Monitored the activities through Load Runner Controller.
  • Recorded and enhanced Vuser Scripts by inserting Transaction points, Rendezvous points in to Vuser Script in Load Runner.
  • Manually correlated the opportunity Ids, to save the dynamically changing opportunity id's into a parameter by going to the body of the server response in the Load Runner
  • Changed the runtime settings such as pacing, think time, Log settings, browser emulation and timeout settings in Load Runner VUGEN and controller to simulate the real scenario.
  • Created various scenarios in Load Runner controller for performing baseline, benchmark, stress tests and endurance tests
  • Used Scenario By Schedule in the controller to change the Ramp Up, Duration and Ramp Down settings
  • Responsible for Performance Tuning Java Application.
  • Performed both automatic and manual correlation using the options in Load Runner.
  • Analyzed system usage information such as task distribution diagram and load model to create effective test scenarios
  • Activating / configuring monitors and adding desired performance counters into the Graphs
  • Performed SQL querying to validate the data in the back end data base, and also to check the data flow between different modules
  • Monitored the CPU, memory, and network utilizations on the Unix server using Site Scope monitors.
  • Analyzed results of Transactions Response time, Transaction under load, Transaction Summary by Vusers, Hit per Second and Throughput
  • Determined the source of bottlenecks by correlating the performance data with end-user loads and response times.

Environment: UNIX, Oracle, Sun Solaris, Shell Scripts, Citrix, JAVA, JVM Load Runner

Sr. Performance Tester


  • Designed various processes and design documents based on the specifications defined by the Business requirements.
  • Defined requirements for large-scale Load Runner performance tests of the Web, Client-server and Database server Applications.
  • Created Load/Stress scenarios for performance testing using the Load Runner.
  • Executed performance and endurance testing of project to compare Transaction Response Time for business critical transactions on different builds of web based applications.
  • Utilized Load Runner Controller to perform volume testing to verify the system load process.
  • Responsible for designing scenarios and monitoring them using Load Runner.
  • Used Load Runner to check the source of Performance delay, Network or client delays, CPU performance, and Input and output delays.
  • Responsible for monitoring and analyzing activity and performances reports using Load Runner Analysis.
  • Responsible for identifying bottlenecks in the system using Load Runner Controller.
  • Conducted Defects tracking using Quality Center.
  • Developed performance test results reports.

Environment: Load Runner, Oracle , MS SQL Server, Web logic , Shell Scripts, Web Sphere, Load Balancer, JAVA , Quality Center, J2EE Diagnostic Tool, Windows 2000 / XP , Solaris, AIX, sitescope

Performance Tester


  • Analyzed the requirement and design documents.
  • Involved in writing Test Plans by incorporating Performance Testing Objectives, Testing Environment, User Profiles, Risks, Test Scenarios, Explanation about the Tools used, Schedules and Analysis, Monitors and Presentation of results.
  • Used Load Runner tool for testing and monitoring.
  • Developed Load Runner Scripts, and enhanced scripts with C functions.
  • Used VTS Load Runner Component for the Communication between scripts
  • Created Single User, Base Line and Soak test scenarios. Random pacing between iterations was introduced to get the desired transactions per hour
  • Added performance measurements for Oracle, Web Logic, IIS in Load Runner.
  • Analyzed results using Load Runner Analysis tool and analyzed Oracle database connections, sessions, Web Logic log files.
  • Responsible for analyzing application and components behavior with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations
  • Worked closely with Production Managers, Technical Managers and Business Managers in planning, scheduling, developing, and executing performance tests.
  • Interacted with developers during testing for identifying memory leaks, fixing bugs and for optimizing server settings at web, app and database levels.

Environment : Load Runner, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Java, Shell Scripts, Apache, IIS 5, BEA Weblogic, Solaris, Oracle Database

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