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Senior Software Developer Resume Profile


  • Senior GIS Developer with 4 years of experience in developing desktop, web and Mobile based applications using ArcObjects, ArcFM Objects and ArcGIS Server on .Net platform, WPF, JavaScript platforms.
  • ArcObjects, ArcFM, ArcGIS Server, Web API's, Mobile Development cell: 626-497-3903 Profile
  • ArcGIS Server customization using WebADF on .Net platform, and REST api's Silverlight, Java script Flex .
  • ArcEngine Customization.
  • ArcObjects Customization, Desktop Application Development.
  • Core Custom ArcFM Product Development.
  • GIS Mobile Development Android, Windows .
  • Domains: Forest, Gas Electric Utilities , Water Resources, Remote Sensing.



Exp. in Months


Exp. in Months


Operating Systems



Windows XP SP2




OS X snow Leopard


WebADF Objects


Windows 7


Web API's




Software Tools

Visual Studio 2008


Visual Studio 2012


Visual Studio 2010


Adobe Flex


Aptana Studio Java Script, HTML, JQuery


Web storm


Microsoft Expressions 4 studio




SQL Server 2005 2008




Oracle 11g


Gas Electric



Role: GIS Programmer Consultant

Description: Developing client required functionalities on ArcMap and ArcFM using .Net as developing environment and Oracle 11g as database. Most of the time used work on creating Auto Updaters, Auto Text Elements, Report Generation Tools, Configuring Databases, Map Books, and Performance monitoring tools.

Software's used: Visual Studio 2010 C , Oracle 11g, ArcInfo 9.3.2, ArcFM 9.3.2, and ArcObjects

Role: Senior Software Developer

Description: Confidential like Attribute Editor, Auto Updaters, Auto Text Elements, and Tracing. Fixing the issues and bugs in those functionalities, performance monitoring, testing of newly developed functionalities, and designing help documents for the ArcFM Help.

Software's used: Visual Studio 2010 C , WPF, VC , VB6, SQL Server 2008 R2, ArcInfo 10.1, ArcFM 10.1 Beta , and ArcObjects

Role: Developer

Description: This mobile is targeted to work on various platforms like Android, Iphone, Nokia, and Blackberry devices using esri JavaScript API and Phonegap.

Major Functionalities:

Web Application

  • Mobile Application
  • Map with base map and operational layers
  • Navigation
  • Identify attributes and photo
  • Editing
  • View the mobile location on map
  • Map on mobile with base map and operational layers
  • Navigation
  • Display of own location
  • Record events with attributes and photo
  • Send its own position to server to display on web application

Role: Developer, Trainer, User Interface designer.

Description: Gujarat Forest Department is in the process of developing the Forest Management Information System which will act as an existing system for the PDA based mobile application and Web GIS application. The FMIS system will be integrated with the Ongoing PDA based mobile application and Web GIS application. The Web GIS Application is primarily used for visualizing the spatial data of Gujarat state boundaries, including the events or activities that were registered through the Smartphone/PDA device. Analysis Tree Cutting, Fire, Animal Sighting , Query, Web Editing are the major functionalities of Web GIS Application.

Major Functionalities:

  • in the forest where more user specific events are happening. Hot spot analysis geo processing tools were created for Tree Cutting, Fire, Rescue, release, Trauma, Encroachment events. All these geo processing models were created on ArcEditor 10 by using Spatial Analysis and Data Generalization tools like Kernal Density, Slice, Reclassify and Spatial Join Tools available in ArcToolbox and Published on ArcServer for using them in Web Map Application, the output of these Geoprocessing models will shows the user selected events and hot spots if any within the user selected area in the forest.
  • Confidential A Geo Processing Tool was created to visualize the Animal Movements i.e. Animal Withdrawn area, Animal Dispersal Area and Common animal movement area in between two user specified time periods. This GP tool was created using tools like Aggregate points, Smoothing polygons, calculate field and a python script to differentiate the data and for applying different symbologies for the animal movements.
  • ConfidentialA Geo Processing Tool was created to identify the forest areas that were covered not covered by an employee within his/her allotted boundary. Tools like Spatial Join, Merge, Erase select were used for creating this GP tool.
  • This Function will generate the route travelled by the selected user, the starting and end points will be showed with the different symbols with map tips which contain the latitude and longitude values and time of travel. A line symbol will be generated from the start point to end point, the map tip of drawn will show the total length travelled by the selected user.
  • SOE were created for Data Editing Data Achieving , Data Synchronization Between MIS GIS , Event Capturing used for Show Events Functionality on Web Map .
  • A Custom functionality was created for data querying, this is use full when user want to see MIS Query results on GIS Map, esri Javascript API was used for this functionality to show the results on map with customized Data from Both MIS database and GIS Data layers info windows on the mouse hover of results on map.
  • An Application was created on windows mobile with some basic navigation tools map viewing capabilities using ArcMobile 10.


  • Technical documentation.
  • Client Interaction
  • Design, Development, Integration of tools with customer required report

Languages: C , ArcObjects, esri Web ADF, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX

Software: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, ArcGIS Desktop 10 Sp2, ArcGIS Server 10 sp2, SQL Server2008, Arc SDE 10.

Platform: Windows XP, Win Server 2008

Role: Developer

Description: This Confidential is a web based project which was developed in Silverlight technology. Basically the application has major functionalities for data visualization of forest data for several years, graphs and pie charts for the better data visualization, and Web Editing.


  • Development of application in Silverlight technology.
  • Creation of Dummy data.

Languages: C .Net, Silverlight objects

Software: ArcGIS Desktop 10, ArcGIS Server 10, Silverlight framework 4.0.

Platform: Windows


Role: Developer, UI designer

Description: The Confidential application helps the government of Jharkhand in expanding the resources to general public, this application has the functionalities of data visualization, Querying data multiple layers , editing data, generating dynamic themes Schools, Forests, Hospitals on map, search spatial data by attributes and lat/long values, Proximity Analysis, and some geo processing tools for clipping, buffering and for generating areas depending upon the some search criteria.

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