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Network Data Communication Technician Resume Profile


OBJECTIVE: A rewarding career opportunity in which I can fully utilize my skills in the Service and Installation department while making a significant contribution to the success of my employer. To establish myself in a Field Service Career With a progressive and growing company which will appreciate my people and technical skills, which will allow me to grow professionally, while establishing a meaningful contribution in further developing its client base.

TRADE SKILLS: Over Twenty Five years of Experience in Electronic Testing, Troubleshooting, Repairing, and Installation of Fiber Optic, Coaxial Cables, c, and Cat5 cables, Telecommunications projects, Racks and hardware Fiber Optic Certified .MDI certified, Read and interpret plans and drawings. Knowledgeable of Microsoft Office Products, Word, Excel, Access, Visio, and Outlook



Network Data Communication Technician

  • Lead Fiber Optic Installation Tech At USAF EC Responsible for Network Infrastructure installation of Fiber Optic, Cat 5e, and 6 cables for Computer and Telephone Networks. Install cable racks and hardware. Over 4 years experience at the USAFEC as backup telecommunication field technicians, I supported Nortel Meridian 1 CS 1000 PBX and Call Pilot, and Callegra Voicemail Severs.
  • Duties involve implementation of voice and data wiring projects as directed by team leader. Review, perform daily maintenance trouble shoot and repair and resolve telephone switch errors. Update states of phone switch conditions. Inventory ordering tool inspections, and record keeping for Computer and Telephone Network Install cable racks and hardware. Visio Design , And implementation budgetary quotes and remedies requirements for installation projects.
  • Quality Assurance Evaluator for Avaya/Northern Telecom Sl-100 and Option 81C Digital Telephone switching systems, Defense Red Switching System, Siemens switching system, operators and outside cable plant infrastructure, Avaya Switching Systems.
  • Program and maintain Digital Voice Switching System DVSS .
  • Test, repair, modify, align and install electronic equipment and related devices such as audio and video systems to include all components.
  • Review, analyze, evaluate, and interpret system logs.
  • Maintain the USAF EC infrastructure. Install, maintain, reconstitute, remove, and modify copper core, coaxial, and fiber optic cable systems.
  • Install and maintain dedicated local area network LAN and wide area network WAN media distribution systems, and subsystems to include wiring.
  • Terminate, test, troubleshoot and maintain cables such as copper, coaxial and fiber optic cables.
  • Operate and perform maintenance on tools, test equipment, and auxiliary equipment.
  • Troubleshoot and isolate defects within communication electronic systems and subsystems such as DVSS, distribution frames and interface equipment switches, routers, media converters to include end-user devices POTs, PCs, Printers, etc. .
  • Utilize technical data, schematics, drawings to review, troubleshoot, test, repair, replace communication electronic systems and subsystems to include cables or wiring.
  • Document upgrades, repairs, maintenance actions and practices, which are done within standards and codes.
  • Evaluate work performance and actions such as cable installs are done within standard such as BICSI.
  • Establish priorities, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair network systems security equipment and circuits to include intrusion detection systems and access control systems that access military and commercial networks, utilizing tools and test equipment. Isolate malfunctions using diagnostic software, technical data, block diagrams, voltage and waveform measurements, and other tests requiring specialized test equipment.
  • Coordinate, identify and implement plans for corrective actions. Coordinate with external agencies for long haul circuit repair and analysis, as well as restoral actions for defective equipment and parts.
  • Develop, prepare and maintain telephone plant records including local communication service orders, telephone trouble, number assignment, circuit layout and communications-electronics facility records.
  • Perform bench check of telephone equipment, visual inspection of main/intermediate distribution frame MDF/IDF , storage batteries, power distribution panels, and rectifier controls.



  • Assign work, disciplinary actions, time and attendance keeping, inventory ordering Vehicle and tool inspections, and record keeping Service Install cat 5,5E,6 voice and Data cables including T-1 circuits Coaxial cables for CATV systems.



  • Equipment . At the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Dept of Justice, US Capital, and Smithsonian Institute Air and Space Museums.
  • Installed and programmed Video multiplexers, from Phillips and Panasonic, Burle, Ademco, Ultrak, Sensormatic , Philips Dome and fixed cameras.
  • Installed and programmed a 1024 Philips camera matrix switch, Installed Two Hundred twenty plus work station computers for Digital Video Recording.
  • Responsible for maintaining MDI FDDI network for Access Control System.
  • Assembled and Repaired Desktop Computers installed software and hardware
  • Supervisor, coordinator of Fifteen Million Dollar projects at U.S. Capital and Bureau of Engraving and printing Responsible for a twenty member crew, Time and attendance, employee review, and interviewing process. Ordering of equipment, and supplies, weekly and daily meeting updates.
  • Software installation and network setup for computer system Work scheduling and system testing, after each phase of installation.
  • Responsible for splicing over fifteen thousand fiber terminations, including Fusion Splicing, OTDR TESTING, Light Meter, and Fault Locator testing. Perform network moves, adds, or changes of copper cables, CAT5E, RG58, RG59 , Fiber Optic cable and connectors ST, SC, and MTRJ Plenum and PV rated on classified and unclassified Local Area Networks. Installed new fiber optic cabling and terminating Multi and Single-Mode ,Test and documenting results. Update database and facility drawings for fiber cabling. Performed Installation of all backbone cable data, video Installed complete Head Ends, With racks and hardware.



Duties include service and repair of cable television lines, including fiber optics ,Maintain picture quality, Ac Dc power distribution, balance and maintain cable Signals from cable satellites to customer home, Supervisor of a twelve man crew for FCC cable leakage test team, Responsible for time keeping and expense tracking of materials used on a daily basis. Was part of technical team that was for system rebuild and upgrade of a Two Hundred Million Dollar project with Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand cable subscribers. Skills include, using test and splicing equipment, digital and analog testing meters, fiber optic fusion splicing, as well as terminating polished and non polished connectors, Very accomplished in trouble-shooting techniques.

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