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Applications Developer Resume Profile



  • Agile Software Methodologies
  • Test Driven Development
  • Solid Principles of Software Design
  • Full Lifecycle Project Expertise SDLC : Lead new technical initiatives for worldwide JPMorganChase locations by collaborating with teams, analyzing business requests by internal and external clients, and managing small and midsize development projects, including the full lifecycle projects.
  • Technical Analysis, Recommendation, and Communication: Consult with management, gather and document business and technical requirements for application development, lead team members and interns in software development, new initiative planning, best practice adherence related to software development, and deadline management for JPMorganChase projects.
  • Technical Training and Project Deployment: Produced specialty software designs for JPMorganChase based on communication with business and evaluation of project objectives coordinated one-on-one training with the operations and traders to ensure optimal performance.


  • Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 2012, Microsoft Office 2003 - 2010, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Databases: Oracle 8/9i/10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012, Microsoft Access
  • ORM: Entity Framework, NHibernate
  • Unit Testing: NUnit, MSTest
  • UI and Frameworks: WPF, Prism w/Unity, WinForms, SCSF, VSTO
  • Operating Systems: Win 7/XP/Vista/2000/NT, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Unix Solaris.
  • Languages: C , XAML, Java, VBA
  • Messaging: WCF, Solace, TIBCO EMS, RV, JMS Queue, MSMQ
  • Version Control: SVN, Perforce, TFS, Serena ChangeMan PVCS
  • Schedulers: Autosys Scheduler, Windows Scheduler
  • Modeling Tools: ERWIN, Microsoft Visio
  • Deployment Tools: Install Shield Systems, Wise Installation Systems, ClickOnce
  • Third Party: Infragistics, DevExpress, Telerik, ComponentOne, Janus Systems, ActiveReports, Bloomberg API.
  • Project Management: Microsoft Project
  • Rx and Microsoft Fakes



Applications Developer - Consultant

  • New hands on design and development of client/server, multi-threaded, C /WPF MBS Loan securitization application.
  • Maintenance, improvements and enhancements of Mortgage Derivatives Trading Platform.
  • Memory and performance analysis of in-house systems with various tools.
  • Consult with customers on detailed needs and evaluated solutions to match specified criteria.


Applications Developer - AVP

  • Hands on design and development of multi-tiered, multi-threaded, C /WPF, cross ECN, Trading Application for Bonds/CDS, for front office.
  • Hands on design and development of multi-tiered, multi-threaded C /WPF, Risk and P L system, for front and middle office.
  • Hands on application development in .NET, C /WPF, SQL Server 2005/2008 and Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Work independently on small to midsize development projects focusing on the day-to-day business as usual requests for front office.
  • Assist in preparation, coordination, and migration of application enhancements.


Treasury Securities Services Applications Developer - Officer

  • Lead hands-on developer for VPR Project Tracking System targeting multi-threaded windows and web based platform utilizing .NET/C /Web Services with SQL Server.
  • Hands-on development of GUI components for in-house build securities lending trading system utilizing .NET/C /WinForms, multi-threaded design with optional third party components for enhanced UX.
  • Hands-on developer of MIS System, migration of legacy applications to the new generation platform utilizing .NET/C , Oracle 8/9i/10g
  • Responsible for improving production systems impacting worldwide clients utilizing .NET/C , Oracle 8/9i/10g, Crystal Reports.
  • Responsible for full life cycle of the business centered applications .NET/C /WPF/WinForms to replace and improve web page functionality with windows based multi-threaded thick client, working closely with business users to satisfy their needs accurately and efficiently.
  • Provided user support and technical assistance to the User community on daily basis.
  • Enhanced the performance of the reports and applications by benchmarking C code and building cost based analysis for SQL Server and Oracle stored procedures.
  • Created customized and on-the-fly solutions including full applications for business users using .NET, C , WinForms.
  • Responsible for development of Autosys Map for Autosys Scheduler using in-house tools.
  • Created automated JIL generation VBA Excel Macro and regeneration process for Autosys based on Excel spreadsheet.


Applications Developer

  • Designed and implemented web-based and windows-based Automated Posting System using Visual Studio .NET, VB .NET, C with WebForms and WinForms.
  • Created web-based and windows based applications to improve the functionality of the existing systems, by integrating additional features and options, using a multitude of technologies.
  • Responsible for full life cycle of custom designed solutions for users and clients.
  • Migration of application enhancements from development to UAT to Production.
  • Improved server/client applications for expandability and portability.
  • Interviewed clients and users for specific needs and requirements.
  • Coordinated additions and modifications to the website to increase corporate business.
  • Increased company marketing initiatives by extracting and uploading XML version of listings database to various online advertising services, generating clientele and greater company exposure.
  • Perform technical services, user guidance, and support to increase efficiency for corporate staff.
  • Responded to technical issues from real estate agents, staff, and clientele and to system downtime to keep operation running smoothly.
  • Consult with customers on detailed needs and evaluated solutions to match specified criteria.


Applications Developer

  • Evaluated software and hardware requirements, utilized tools to build necessary products, and analyzed third party components for project integration.
  • Interviewed physicians, nurses, and hospital staff for specific functional needs, options, and system requirements to improve medical documentation, charting efficiency, and insurance reporting.
  • Implemented an efficient point-and-click interface based on customer request to streamline efficiency.
  • Supervised the project budgets and designed products to comply with deadlines.
  • Trained medical personnel on system use and directed manual and tutorial writing for software titles.
  • Directed the transition process from paper charts to Electronic Medical Records.
  • Monitored software performance and directed the fine-tuning requirements for functionality
  • Trained and managed technical staff to distribute and implement the product in regional medical offices.
  • Communicated with end users by phone and in the field to resolve technical issues.

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