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Systems Integrator Resume Profile


Professional Summary

  • Senior level Computer Systems Engineer emphasizing in Oracle database infrastructure integration on Unix platforms. Performed complex Oracle 11g database infrastructure integrations, installations and upgrades in Unix enterprise environments on multiple operating systems of AIX, Linux, Solaris in both stand alone and virtual server environments.
  • Technically diverse IT professional with solid history of effective system integration, administration and server support.
  • Hands on Application program development and maintenance experience with: Shell, Perl, Python/Jython, JavaScript, XML, Cold Fusion, Oracle Database, MS SQL, PL SQL, SQL stored procedures, C, C , and UNIX system languages shell, sed, awk.
  • Implemented security measures and compliance of all servers as infrastructure matured especially network, and file system vulnerabilities.
  • Broad knowledge and success in managing and maintaining optimized enterprise system performance.
  • Proficient in software development methodology: data analysis, business analysis, programming, testing, implementation, and documentation of customer requirements to recommend appropriate hardware, software, and specifications to obtain project objectives.
  • Attained FBI top secret security clearance and selected as technical interface for Federal, State, and local government law enforcement in support of cyber security technical issue resolution involving CALEA Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act .
  • Solid work ethic, strong attention to detail, and confidentiality. Excellent communication skills, discretion, self-motivation, and high integrity. Ability to interact well in one-one and group environments. Proficient in applying problem-solving skills for end-users with multifaceted complications. Ability to prioritize and effectively address multiple demands simultaneously.

Systems Integration

System Administration

Application Development

Database/Systems Support

Architecture Support

Unix Systems Programming

Data Center Operations

Enterprise Data Center Engineering

Mainframe Operations

Technical Summary

Programming Languages:

UNIX Shell, Perl, UNIX System utilities, shell, bash, sed, awk, PL SQL, Esquire HLLAPI , Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript, C , Java

Operating Systems:

UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, MS-Windows, MAC, O/S 2, VM, MVS


PC, MAC, SUN Microsystems, AT T minis, HP, NCR, Cisco, AT T Datakit


Cisco configuration, Routers, Switches, Bridges, Hubs, WiFi, Network Sniffers, Multiplexers, Modems, TCP/IP, SFTP, X11 Tunnelling


Oracle 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, PL, SQL, MS SQL, DB2 v9.5, MS Access, SQL Developer,


Veritas, Samba, BMC, Sendmail, Apache, Sun Jumpstart, Oracle, SSH, Exceed, Cygwin, Netbackup, Secure CRT

Professional Experience


Systems Integrator -

  • Performed complex Oracle 11g database infrastructure integration, installations and upgrades in Unix enterprise environments on multiple operating systems of AIX, Linux, Solaris on both stand alone and virtual server environments.
  • This included multi node Oracle RAC, GI, CRS, ASM, and RDBMS configurations and management.
  • Created detailed design documents to enable platform integration and build out of systems. The design included information for all hardware, software, networks, storage configurations, file system layouts and database configurations.
  • Supported both Sprint onshore United States and offshore technical teams India, Malaysia, Brazil in trouble shooting database infrastructure failures, X11 SSH secure network tunneling, Firewall and restricted access, network outages, application failures, and jump-server configuration.
  • Actively correct program code of Shell, Perl, Python/Jython, JavaScript and XML as part of implementation quality control.
  • Involved in Database software automation efforts to improve efficiencies using Python.
  • IBM DB2 V9.5 installations on Unix and Windows servers.
  • Engineered the database infrastructure implementation on multiple operating system platforms, including Solaris, AIX, Red Hat Linux HP, and Windows.
  • Project Management using Change control, Agile Methodologies in phases of Engineering Review, Design Review, Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS installation, integration, and maintenance.
  • Delegated as liaison for technical support and resolution between, Sprint and Oracle Corporation Engineers for ad-hoc hot patch development, testing and integration into enterprise database infrastructure across multiple platforms to implement real-time software upgrades and address software bugs/vulnerabilities.
  • On-Call 24x7 technical support to both Sprint and external customers IBM, Ericsson, Oracle.
  • Worked with business units and Database Technologies Group DTG to identify, and document technical requirements.


Network Systems Installations Management

  • Facilities Project Engineer.
  • Managed complete Network build out and Network management of corporate branch offices nationwide.
  • This included physical network survey, data and VoIP installation, hardware installation and management of routers, switches, smart hubs, and client workstation integration of all software and networking requirements.
  • Integrated Legacy networks with High Speed Fiber optic, and wireless networks.
  • Implemented various measures to increase security, reliability, and performance based on past experience for best practices.
  • Managed all relationships with hardware and software vendors, datacenters, and network providers, including purchases, leases, and negotiating pricing for equipment and services.


Various Technical Positions

  • Analyst Asset Protection Technical Support
  • Critical network-centric technical position representing Asset Protection within the Court Order Bureau in the development, testing, implementation, integration, and troubleshooting of CALEA Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act related to broadband, VoIP, and Wi-Fi interceptions.
  • Technical support for network compliance functions in India and Most of World business services.
  • Required knowledge of Internet protocols, network architecture, and interaction of network elements.
  • Understanding of technical aspects of equipment and procedures needed to implement surveillances via system programming.
  • Worked with personnel from AT T Labs, Global Network Operations, and others to isolate, understand and resolve problems related to equipment, transport, firewalls, mediation and law enforcement delivery.
  • Selected as Technical interface between AT T and Federal, State, and local law enforcement relative to court ordered or covert activity to bridge the gap between aspects of AT T network, and the technical resources of the law enforcement agencies. Attained FBI top secret security clearance.
  • Established and maintained support of technical issues involving CALEA surveillance, and compliance. Liaison with AT T Labs and Operations.
  • Built several network configurations for internet services offered by AT T to emulate various CALEA surveillance target environments.
  • Worked with Bell Labs Engineers to implement surveillance system.
  • Worked with external vendors and FBI Quantico in capturing and delivering target data from AT T networks to FBI private secure network channels for evaluation.
  • Ability to interpret and apply new technologies and implement rigid procedures to ensure control and proper administration of court-ordered responsibilities.
  • Ability to create and provide verbal presentations to law enforcement technical agents and supervisory personnel.

Manager Technical Support UNIX Applications Systems Programmer Confidential

  • Integrate applications from multiple platform operating systems to one central Unix platform and repository.
  • Wrote numerous scripts in perl, shell, awk, sed and C to accomplish business goals of automating provisioning, and integrating several legacy systems. Examples include automating customer bill adjustments and credits automating every day systems administration tasks, to include collection of system information and logs and monitor application and database loads.
  • Implemented security measures and compliance of all servers as infrastructure matured especially network, and file system vulnerabilities.
  • Perform Application program maintenance and development, using Cold Fusion, Oracle Database, MSSQL, SQL stored procedures, C, C , Perl, and UNIX system languages shell, sed, awk.
  • Develop Network Service supporting interactive web pages using web technologies.
  • Integrate applications from multiple programming languages to one common language requiring partial re-write, testing, and certification of established application processes.
  • Convert flat files to database files using various programming languages Perl, C , SQLLDR.
  • Created and implemented a disaster recovery plan in support of Sarbanes-Oxley mandates.
  • Involved with the hiring of new team members for developing job duties of Oracle DBA, Java Developer, Coldfusion developer, and technical support.

Systems Architecture Specialist UNIX systems Programmer Administrator Confidential

  • Migrated and integrated mission critical applications and processes to new Sun platform and Oracle RAC infrastructure in Solaris environment.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining all new organization servers over 30 servers Unix, Microsoft and network components, most of which were mission critical and required 24x7 support problems associated with system hardware, software and network failures.
  • Performed UNIX System Administration, Oracle Database Administration, and software compliance on Unix
  • Solaris SunSparc platform.
  • Developed Shell, Perl, Esquire scripts to mechanize system queries, adjustments, and updates on multiple AT T 3270 legacy mainframe hosts.
  • Performed Software Development Method: data analysis, business analysis, programming, testing, implementation, documentation, and maintenance.
  • Data Processing Associate: coordinated and performed installation and maintenance on UNIX Open Systems architecture.
  • Installed and maintained LAN and related data center communications equipment routers, bridges, switches .
  • Performed computer console operations on mainframes and open systems in corporate data center.

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