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Technology Support Specialist Resume Profile



Organized and Experienced System Administration Professional, specializing in Planning, Design, Implementation, Administration, Management and Troubleshooting of VMware Virtualized Infrastructure Configuration, Deployment and Maintenance of Microsoft Windows Mission Critical Servers Windows Server 2008/R2, Windows Server 2012/R2 Multisite LAN/WAN Cisco Networks, Software, Security, Database Optimizing IT Infrastructure to consistently achieving High Availability and Performance, utilizing PowerShell Scripting for Active Directory Server Administration Automation. TECHNICAL SKILLS

  • Windows Server 2008/R2 Windows Server 2012/R2 deployment on Dell, HP IBM Servers Office 365, Exchange 2010/2013
  • SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 SAN iSCSI Fiber Channel VCenter Server 5.5 /Update Manager 5.5 Solar Winds NPM/ Netflow LAN/WAN Performance Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Using PowerShell Scripts for Active Directory/Server Administration Automation
  • VMware Esxi 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1/5.5 Plan, Design, Setup, Install Configuration Administration
  • HA/DRS Cluster, VMotion, Storage VMotion
  • VConverter P2V , HA, DRS, Cloning, Snapshots
  • Virtual Machines Setup Deployment
  • Software Deployment using PDQ Deploy
  • Symantec End Point Protection Anti-Virus
  • Cisco Switch/Router Install Configuration
  • Active Directory/Group Policies Install, Configuration Administration Network Performance Tuning, LAN/WAN Firmware Updates Application/Database Deployments Physical Virtual Physical Servers Install, Configuration Maintenance VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI Deployment Change Management Compliance
  • Network Security/VMware Data Protection VDP , SonicWALL Firewall Managing Resource Pools, Tasks, Events, Alarms Users on Esxi 5.5 Hosts
  • DNS, IIS and DHCP Configuration and Management.
  • Windows Deployment Services Desktop Imaging



Technology Support Specialist

  • Troubleshoot and supported Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches
  • Setup, Installed, Configured and Deployed Mission Critical Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 physical Servers
  • Administered Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controllers Active Directory/Group Policies , Windows Server 2008 R2 File/Application Servers, Esxi 5.5 Hosts HA/DRS Cluster, Virtual Servers, Fiber Channel iSCSI SAN, and Network Security devices Liaised with Major and Minor Vendors, including AT T, Dell, HP Cisco for both Application and Hardware Warranty Support
  • Setup, Installed, Configured and Managed VMware Data Protection using VMware vSphere Web Client
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of VMware VSphere5 Esxi 5.5 Hosts , virtual networking, VMFS data stores, Shared Storage, HA/DRS Clustering, VMotion, Storage VMotion, Resource Pools, Performance Tuning
  • Managing Esxi 5.5 Users, Groups, Roles and Access Permissions Snapshot manager and restoring a snapshot
  • Installed, Configured and Deployed Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 physical and Virtual Created Windows Server 2012 R2 as iSCSI SAN Configuring Cisco Switches to isolate iSCSI SAN traffic
  • Monitoring Esxi Hosts/VMs performance and Capacity Planning. Printer Install Configuration and Deployment
  • Installing and configuring SQL Server Databases for VMware Update Manager and VMware Vcenter Server
  • Backup Restore Virtual Machines Created and deployed Virtual Apps Guest OS template creation and User Account Management. Installed Patches/Firmware Updates for Local and Remote Servers.
  • SAN space allocation for Esxi Hosts, Scanning and configuring LUNs for Esxi Servers
  • Converted Numara Trackit trouble ticket and Symantec Endpoint Protection Physical Servers to Virtual Servers both Application and SQL database Worked with AT T MIS for new MPLS Circuit deployments for WAN Circuits Implemented Change Management Procedures to ensure Compliance
  • Upgraded VCenter 5.1 to 5.5, and utilized VMware Update Manager 5.5 to perform orchestrated upgrade of Esxi 5. 1 Hosts to 5.5 Sysprep and cloned VMs and Templates Managing Tasks, Events and Alarms
  • Configuring NFS volumes for Esxi 5.5 hosts along with installing Terminal Server VMs
  • Using VMware Update Manager 5.5 to patch Esxi 5.5 hosts and Virtual Machine Hardware and VMware Tools
  • Worked with Management and Executives to ensure all the Technical needs of the Company are being met.
  • Administered all local and Remote Server backups with Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012
  • Set up Email Accounts using Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Physical VMware virtual desktop deployments
  • Installed and Configured Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller for new branch location for the bank
  • Monitored and Administered Symantec Endpoint Protection for up to date Virus Definitions Compliance
  • Provided Firewall Support and Reviewed/verified Patches and Firewalls per Company's Policies.
  • Utilized Solar Winds in Monitoring Servers LAN/WAN Bandwidth Utilization and Performance


  • Implemented PowerShell/VB Scripts for Active Directory/Server Administration Automation, thereby taking less time and improving efficiency in task automation.
  • Implemented VMware virtual Server and virtual Desktop Infrastructure saving the company 2000- 3000 revenue per Server instead of purchasing new physical Desktop PCs/Servers, and also avoiding downtime in productivity when physical Desktop PCs/Server fails.
  • Installed Software and Applications to user standards to ensure compliance and availability
  • Installed and Configured Solar Winds Network Performance Monitor/Netflow Software in Monitoring LAN/WAN Network which improved efficiency in identification, diagnosing and resolution of technical related issues.
  • Restored defective Cisco switch with backup configurations at a critical branch site, hence improving customer satisfaction and efficiency. Implemented software installation and upgrades using Group Policy
  • Utilized Solar Winds Monitoring Software to isolate users slowing down the Network to improve Network Bandwidth Performance, thereby helping the IT department to ascertain root cause of bandwidth issues.
  • Secured Network Resources with Active Directory Shared/NTFS folder Permissions
  • Trained new Technical and non-Technical staff with written procedures that I prepared making transition to the department easier. Restored a crashed domain controller using domain controller bare metal backup I created.
  • Developed Server Administration tool in Visual Basic for easier server administration and management Wrote scripts to Backup data on Senior management laptops automatically to Shared drives for Redundancy utilized scripts for Application deployment and departmental transfer of Data from Site to Site and saved Company about 2500- 3000 revenue since they were looking to purchase a software to achieve similar objective. Go to person for Laptop SecureDoc software encryption solution. Led PC and Application deployment refresh Projects on time and according to schedule
  • Researched in keeping Computer Systems properly tuned, such as latest Virus, Worms, Spyware, Malware and created user awareness Created alerts on Solar Winds Network Monitoring software to send alerts via email when Router, Switch, Server and other Network Devices are down and then take proactive measures to restore the defective Device. Created Proactive Procedures for Problem Preventions and Resolutions, Reviewed IT publications and online materials to remain up-to-date with current and future technologies


Field Technical Support Rep II

Installed, configured, and deployed desktop computers, peripheral equipment and software within established standards and guidelines. Worked with vendor support representatives to resolve technical problems with desktop computing equipment and software. Ensured desktop computers interconnect seamlessly with diverse systems including associated validation systems, file servers, email servers, application servers, and administrative systems. Trained and oriented staff on use of hardware and software. Worked and serviced laptops for both remote and onsite users. Recommended and / or performed upgrades on systems to ensure longevity. Wrote scripts for apps install Configuring Microsoft Outlook email clients for users Used Citrix ticketing system to working on trouble tickets opened by clients..


IT Officer Computer Systems/Networking Support for staff. Data Backup and Recovery Served as a liaison between my company and outsourced software developers Assisted in the purchasing and recommendation of upgrade of computer equipment. Installed software patches to improve efficiency PC peripheral support, including PDAs, printers, scanners, etc Research in keeping computer systems properly tuned, such as latest virus, worms, spyware, malware and creating user awareness to prevent computer systems infected. Systems Security to prevent unauthorized systems access Kept up-to-date antivirus software antivirus/antispyware updates DNS, DHCP, WINS IIS installation and configuration Tracked problem hardware and suggest replacements Helped maintain up-to-date LAN/WAN Architecture Network Administered user additions, deletions and changes, utilizing Microsoft Active Directory creating group policies for user and OU containers. Assembled and installed a wide array of computer systems, workstations, and peripheral hardware.

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