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Data Manager Resume Profile



More than 20 years of knowledge and experience guiding Traumatic Brain Injured patients in group and one-on-one setting as a cognitive therapist. As a data manager, new protocols and procedures were established and instituted to increase time for counselors with patients. By transforming and establishing a system that called for less data paperwork, the department became streamlined which in turn helped to establish a better way of collecting data.

Care Competency

  • Data Organizing Report Writing Problem Solving
  • Excellent verbal and written Federal Guidelines TBI Patients
  • Communication
  • Hippa Rules Care Planning CPI Training


Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint , SQL, Smartlinks



Data Manager, Payroll Manager, Life Skill Counselor

  • Created all paperwork in the department and for the unit to ensure accuracy, consistence and to run efficiently. Program Director, Nurse Unit Manager, Social Worker, 3 Counselors and head C.N.A. of the unit worked with me to achieve this.
  • Organized all data from counselors, then making the information available in chart and graph form in matter of minutes which I put into documentation for care plans and documents for state funding agencies.
  • Solved issues with productivity and time for counselors to deal with patients efficiently. Created and implemented new data sheets for counselors. Therefore, achieved less paperwork for counselors: 120 sheets per week to 50 sheets per week. With my solving this issue, counselors increased productivity with patients 93 to 99 .
  • Unit psychiatrist patient's book was disorganized and bulky. Taking over the book, it became streamlined and organized giving the psychiatrist more time with patients and less time with dealing with paperwork.
  • Restructured paperwork for nurses on unit to help them be more accurate and informed on patients.
  • Payroll Manager from 2006-2014 Worked on payroll and scheduling for the department. I incorporated a protocol that per-diem staff would sign off to their weekly schedule and follow it. In this case, ensuring the Program Director that the budget was kept in line and staffing was efficiently used.
  • Worked as a life skill counselor, when counselors were on vacation or sick. Dealt with the patients on the unit and in group.
  • Outstanding Service Award


Behavioral Specialist, Cognitive Therapist, Data Manager

  • As a behavioral specialist, worked with TBI patients dealing with their ADLs to in group settings in conjunction with therapists
  • Moved up to therapist in 1995, dealt with patients in group setting 10-25 patients per group for 4 groups a day also one to one setting to help them in progressing cognitively and behaviorally.
  • Oversaw charts to make sure counselors were keeping their notes up to date, streamlined their schedules and reporting to the program director.
  • Worked with Program Director, social workers, fellow therapists and nursing staff to develop care plans to increase the patient's progress and help to determine funding for patients from their state providers.
  • Trained new counselors when they came into the program to orient them to the cognitive program.
  • Took over as data manager when program needed work on inputting and organizing data for the program when the program was revamped.
  • Revamped the data sheets from over 500 sheets per week to 120 sheets per week in less than 3 months. Saving time and money for the program. Counselors were not tied down to paperwork. Efficiency went up from 75 to 93 over 6 month period.

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