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Program Management Resume Profile

Skills Summary

Senior level individual with over thirty-five years experience in Program Management and acquisition with comprehensive understanding of the Federal Environment, Program Management, Business Operations and Associated Tools. Proven performance and skills in the areas of: financial management, multibillion dollar program management, business process improvement and analysis using earned value management, budget tracking, forecasting and trend projection, variance analysis and cash flow analysis. Real time experience in implementing Enterprise software applications including a Earned Value Management System and Integrated Project Management System.

Key Skills and Knowledge

  • Program Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Earned Value Management
  • EVM System Development
  • Program/Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • IT/Engineering
  • Computer Modeling
  • Variance Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Software Development
  • Software Implementation
  • Cobra Operations
  • wInsight Operations
  • PMP

Work Experience


Compliance And Operations

Senior Manager EVM Supports national Security Sector on defining and implementing EVM on assigned projects. Help develop new Enterprise EVMS, including methods to deploy projects with minimum effort. Help write proposals requiring EVM.


Senior Manager EVM/IPM - Supports project-specific and general implementations of Earned Value Management EVM including tools such as Primavera. Specific support to projects and corporate implementations of EVM includes developing required and tailored reports developing and reviewing Work Breakdown Structures WBS and formulating processes and procedures. Support also includes monitoring data and process integrity, as well as providing Quality Assurance. Conducting weekly update process and working with project team to input variance explanations. Focusing on revising status, schedules, applying actuals, and other routine maintenance activities. Worked on the Foundations for Growth project implementing the Cobra, EVM engine and wInsight, analysis suite for UFS. Successfully implemented the applications took three programs through pilot implementation. Systems passed all tests and are now operational in a production environment. Two programs are in the new environment with several starting the process. Expanding EVM system into an Integrated Project Management System able to support projects through the entire acquisition life cycle. The system is being used as a discriminator for proposals.


Contracting and Projects Office CPO

Chief of Staff/ Chief Acquisition Officer- Responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Department of Defense DoD offices responsible for rebuilding Iraq. The US Army was executive agent overseeing a budget of 18.5 Billion, allocated by Congress and a similar amount of Iraqi funds. Developed the office structure for the US and Iraqi located offices including developing operating budgets, personnel allocations, acquiring space, and securing all needed equipment. Help develop the plans for spending the 18.5 Billion in concert with the State Department, Justice Department, Commerce Department, Office of Management and Budget, National Security Council and Congress. Developed the Implementation plan and then help execute the plan. Developed integration schemes that tied the many projects together using Primavera, Microsoft and other software. Developed a methodology to use EVM using performance metrics as a primary reporting process and got it approved by all agencies and Congress. Up to that time there was little or no accountability of funds being spent. Acted as program manager for initial projects.


Business Process Improvement Directorate

Director- Planned and established the Business Process Improvement. Directorate BPID to integrate good business practices into the Army Acquisition system. Oversaw the development and implementation of processes and procedures that institutionalized the use of business plans, EVM, balanced score cards, Six Sigma and the Enterprise Architectures. Developed reporting schemes based on the use of EVM to conduct reviews and standardize reports. Appointed as the Army's agent working with the other services and DoD on developing similar requirements. Acted as a consultant to other Federal Agency on the Development of Business Processes and use of EVM. Acted as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Army for Resources and Strategy.


Total Ownership Cost Directorate

Director- Planned and established the Total Ownership Cost TOC Directorate as Army POC of a larger DoD Initiative. Using Life Cycle Cost developed policies and procedures to identify high cost items that could be eliminated with a reasonable investment. Develop projects and programs that used best practices, EVM and return on investment as measures of effectiveness. Demonstrated and produced savings in the Billions of dollars. DoD adopted developed measures of effectiveness for all services.


Acquisition Workforce Demonstration Project

Deputy Director/ Director- First as Deputy and then as Director planned and executed a new personnel system for the DoD Acquisition Corps and workforce. This Congressionally mandated program was successfully implemented and is the basis for the new Federal Personnel System. This program used EVMS like reporting as a means of assessing progress on this extremely complex program for the Office of Personnel Management OPM and Congress.


Battlefield Digitization Program

Acquisition Manager- Oversaw the development of the architecture and acquisition strategy for the Army's part of the Digital Battlefield. Developed and executed a plan to initiate required equipment acquisitions and modifications for the new strategy by each designated PM. Help develop software for several integrations. Also served as technical advisor to the Operations and Requirements Departments.


Engineer/ Manager

Research Engineer/ Manager- Worked on sensor and computer systems related to weapons and intelligence Systems. Heavily involved in Unmanned Air and Ground vehicles as well as robotics. Headed the Strategic Planning Office for over a year and then became acting Director of Plans and Programs. Oversaw the reorganization of the Army Laboratories and delineation of roles. Helped with the Security for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul South Korea, oversaw the Combat Identification Program for DoD during the first Gulf war, and oversaw the removal of special equipment from Germany after the Berlin Wall fell. Developed software for UAV, UGV and missile systems.


Avionics and Weapons

Research Engineer/Manager- Worked on Naval Avionics and Weapon systems. Help develop inertial navigation systems, missile, guidance systems, early digital instruments, laser/tv systems and digital radios. Managed the Navy Combat Identification Systems including Identify Friend or Foe IFF systems as well as commercial transponders. Helped develop the software used in ring laser gyroscope based inertial navigation systems.


Computers and Computer Models

Engineer/programmer- Worked for Cornell Aeronautical Laboratories, Cornell University on computer modeling of aircraft, missiles and their performance. Help design, construct and operate the Soviet Air Defense Simulators at Eglin AFB. Helped develop the first computer based finger print retrieval system for the FBI. Worked for SWL on modeling submarine performance and systems. Owner of small company with two partners that developed and produced reliability and maintainability firmware for the Lamps Mark III Helicopter and related Black Hawk. Wrote numerous software applications for modeling and enhancing stealth techniques.

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