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Production Support Specialist Resume Profile


Information Technology Specialist

Software and hardware systems support specialist with proven track record of tackling and solving complex technical problems. Strong analytical abilities with demonstrated ability to handle a large support base of 300 or more users. Fast and eager learner, willing to learn whatever is necessary to successfully handle the situation at hand. Excellent communicator, both in all written and oral formats. Innate ability to understand the problem, and the ability to communicate even the most technical of situations to the least technically inclined.

Highlights of Expertise:

  • Troubleshooting/Resolution End-user Support Multiple OS Support
  • Hardware Support/Installation Software Support Large User base Support
  • Process Documentation/Flow Charting

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Platforms: Windows 2000, XP Pro and Home , Mac OS OS 9 - OS 10.5 , IBM MVS/JCL, IBM AS/400
  • Hardware: Apple, Dell and IBM desktops and laptops, HP LaserJets, IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400 servers, HP large-format printers
  • Software: MS Office, IBM MVS, FormFlow, Adobe: Photoshop, Acrobat, Symantec: Ghost, Antivirus, McAfee Virus Scan, Spybot Spyware/Malware removal, Bash shell, Visual Basic, CSS, HTML, Javascript, FTP

Relevant Experience

  • Production Support Specialist/JCL Tech
  • Utilized JCL to manipulate client files and reformat them into an in-house format
  • Managed, scheduled, and coordinated weekly or monthly updates to list rental databases and files with account management and client
  • Read job logs and dumps to problem solve and trouble shoot errors during job run to successfully restart and complete job runs
  • Documented program and job processes using flow charts and written documentation
  • Self-taught advanced JCL techniques utilizing available references and documentation to provide better, more robust solutions
  • Created custom JCL procedures to accomplish job goals and client needs
  • Managed multiple ongoing projects, each with their own priority and deadline


System Support Specialist

  • Supported 50-75 computers and approximately 60 users for all hardware and software needs
  • Managed a small lab of 8 computers for student use
  • Utilized Symantec Ghost to maintain the same OS and software packages on all machines
  • Communicated the problems and their solutions to the end-user
  • Maintained an on-call status throughout regular business day
  • Provided hardware installation and set-up support


  • Assistant Manager of CTLT Laboratories, College of Education Center for Technology
  • Maintained and administered 4 separate computer labs comprising approximately 125 machines working in a hybrid Windows and Mac OS environment
  • Responsible daily for reviewing any problems, hardware or software and providing solutions for those items
  • Supported a faculty of approximately 30, plus a student base of over 1000
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate records for equipment checkout and return
  • Prepared guidelines for the Ethical Use of administration software
  • Participated in the development of a proposal requesting funds and resources necessary to rebuild from scratch a database system used to track student check-out of lab equipment

Additional Experience


Production Worker

  • Package various herbicide products, including both liquid and dry emulsifiable herbicides
  • Mix or batch different chemicals to produce the final herbicide product

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