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Computer Technician Resume Profile

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Targeting Networking/IT Positions

  • Upcoming Network IT Technology Technician offering a strong academic background in IT combined with excellent internship experience as a computer Technician.
  • Quickly learn and master new technology equally successful in both team and self directed settings and proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies.

IT Experience

  • Troubleshoot Ethernet networks using TCP/IP
  • Configure and troubleshoot 802.11 B,G,N wireless network
  • Configure 802.3 to 802.11 Wireless Access Point in a VPN
  • Perform backup and recovery using Ghost and Acronis
  • Troubleshoot and repair Apple Ipad, Mac Airbook, Laptops, Tablets, desktops, and all in one computers


  • Build Custom Computers
  • Installing system boards and all peripheral device
  • Repairs televisions, DVD players, video cassettes, TV/VCR combos, computer monitors, car stereos, car alarms, stereo receivers, amplifiers, Nintendo products, Sony play stations, plasma LCD, DLP, LCP, rear projecting televisions


Component level trouble shooting and repair of panel alarms, ultrasonic alarms, car alarms, automatic dialers, calculators, car stereos, amplifiers, tape players, microwaves, stereo receivers

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