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Operations Research Analyst Resume Profile

Brigade, ArizonA


I have 7 years of proven experience in the Confidential as an Executive Officer/ Case Manager, Operations Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst and Geospatial Intelligence. I am an Army Officer Veteran with an Honorable Discharge on 31 January 2013. I have advanced presentation and IT relationship development abilities.I have 3 years' experience working with Soldiers in drug rehab and registering students into various intelligence courses. I am able to work short hours or long hours in high stress environments. I have 11 years of proven SPSS data entry , Microsoft office suites. I have 7 years of work experience with cases dealing with mental illness, stress, drugs and alcohol abuse. I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology and currently working on Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy.

  • SPSS
  • Leadership
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Training and Developmental Policy Implementation
  • Organization/ Communication
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites
  • Team Training and Mentoring
  • Sales Management Training


Operations Research Analyst


  • Provided planning, direction, and implementation of intelligence gathering, analysis, identifying need for new intelligence/technology and ways of accessing industry databases, business records, broker records, and other state/federal government agencies for intelligence gathering.
  • Created a an excel database and power point presentationsusing M3 and TAC in order to observe and gather information on known TTPs
  • Evaluated new military systems and researches threat system subject matter on IC information systems
  • Collected, analyzed, evaluated, and reported raw data collected from various intelligence sources
  • Performs analysis of raw data and intelligence gathered from many sources that include Inspection programs, Department of Justice, and reports from other federal agencies
  • Generated large and complex data sets and messages for quality assurance testing
  • Project Manager ofDefense Intelligence Analysis Program DIAP projects using qualitative and quantitative analysis to create PowerPoint and Excel presentations for DIAP director and DIA director

Source Intelligence Analyst


  • Managed over 30 projects daily using an intelligence system, based off of statistical analysis.
  • Provided day to day direction on process related activities.
  • Queried and edits reports based off of research and knowledge of certain areas.
  • Worked closely with SOF units to create biographies on high ranking officials in order to disrupt insurgency activity within the area.
  • Created documents based on research findings and briefs high ranking officials on information.
  • Analyzed reports and disseminated data of Afghani measures of stability which include security, governance and development, Human Terrain Analysis, preparation of provincial and district assessments and Campaign and Mission Analysis briefings and annexes, High Value Individual Targeting products, Extremist and Regional Threat Network Nodal Analysis.
  • Used imagery training to task assets to collect on high value targets for pattern of life purposes and for collection.

Executive Officer Case Manager


  • Developed policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines that were used as a foundation for the Brigade
  • Prepared written personalized programs to establish measurable criteria of expected behavior and accomplishments and a time frame for achieving specified goals.
  • Reviewed plans with Soldiers on a weekly basis and documenting progress or revisions so that they are gaining the life skills necessary to make a successful re-entry onto Active Duty.
  • Assisted family members to establish personal budgets, locating suitable housing, enrolling in educational and vocational programs and participating in family and community activities.
  • Created entries into confidential student and Soldier files to provide the structure for case analysis and program planning and to provide documentation of program participation ensuring files are secure to protect resident confidentiality.
  • Completed operational requirements by scheduling and assigning administrative projects expediting work results.
  • Maintained professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops reviewing professional publications establishing personal networks participating in professional societies.
  • Contributed to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Reported Skills, Administrative Writing Skills, Microsoft Office Skills, Managing Processes, Organization, Analyzing Information , Professionalism, Problem Solving, Supply Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication

Operations Security Officer/ Assistant Security Officer S2


  • Analyzed significant intelligence data and proposed new analytical tools to the commander for the upcoming deployment
  • Supervised the receipt, control, and accountability of Sensitive Compartmented Information SCI and oversaw SCI security functions for subordinate Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities SCIFs
  • Created and maintained SCI personnel clearances, physical and technical security in accordance with Department of Defense DoD 5105.21-M-1 using Microsoft SPSS
  • Used statistical techniques to manage military and nonmilitary personnel, equipment, facilities, and information using Microsoft Access to improve productivity by 90

GIS Analyst


  • Processed, exploitation and disseminated PED ground feature data and remotely sensed data such as Multi-Spectral Images MSI , Hyper-Spectral Imagery HSI , Light Detection and Ranging LiDAR , Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR and Electro-Optical Imagery.
  • Effectively presented clear and concise findings and defended analytical positions, prepared narrative and/or graphical reports and provided products including geospatial representation in formats familiar to the Government ArcGIS, i2 Analyst Workstation/Notebook, iBase, etc .
  • Created Open Source Intelligence OSINT and Geospatial Intelligence GEOINT Products for the Division Intelligence Officer
  • I was the Senior Intelligence Officer in the Division Tactical Operations Center, providing the commander with GEOINT and All-Source Intelligence assessments and estimates at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels
  • Analyzed and tracked the enemy's capabilities, intentions, vulnerabilities, effects of terrain and weather on operations, and predicted enemy courses of action
  • Directed tasking of intelligence collection assets producing threat estimates to support doctrine, training and combat developments
  • Interpreted imagery from satellites, intelligence airplanes and drones to create Microsoft Power point presentations for the Soldiers on the ground.

Intelligence Collections/Requirements Manager


  • Developed an Intelligence Collection Plan based off data extracted from drones and satellites
  • Assessed and evaluated incoming data from multi-sensor imagery systems on a daily basis to produce products for exploitation for units on the ground
  • Used imagery training to task assets to collect on high value targets for pattern of life purposes and for collection.
  • Using Excel and PowerPoint created a tracking system for the brigade's

Unmanned Aerial Systems Platoon Leader


  • Analyzed Full Motion Video FMV information in order to support tactical operations in a deployed environment
  • Briefed high ranking, US Army and Iraqi Foreign Nationals on analytical trends and counter-terrorism methods based off of numbers pulled from past trends
  • Managed the health, welfare, morale and training for one assistant officer and 26 Soldiers. Managed and tracked over 10,581,492.00 of drone equipment for the company
  • Managed and integrated collection assets and tracked requests for information on a daily basis
  • Prepared and analyzed time sensitive reporting from a variety of sources and developed a fused, comprehensive snapshot of the situation in order to support total Army operations.

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