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Senior Storage Specialist Resume Profile


  • Storage Administrator with about 8 years of experience in EMC SAN, NAS and UNIX Administration.
  • Administrating, maintaining and troubleshooting of EMC storage arrays like Symmetrix, VMAX, VNX, DMX-2/3/4, CLARiiON CX-4/CX-3/CX/NS Series, VPLEXand NetApp and HitachiSystems.
  • Demonstrated expertise in day to day SAN related tasks, alias creation, Zoning configurations and Storage related tasks like Meta creation, mapping and masking.
  • Expertise in storage provisioning, monitoring, reporting of EMC Symmetrix including DMX and VMAX and CLARiiON using SYMCLI, Navisphere, Unisphere , SMC respectively.
  • Experience in using Time Finder/Clone, SRDF, SRDF/A, Open Replicator, Open Migrator, MirrorView Sync/ Async, SnapView, SANCopy.
  • Experience in installation and configurationof Brocade 48k/24k enterprise directors and 4900/4100/3900/3800 departmental switches.
  • Experience with Configuration and Management of EMC Celerra NS 480/704/40G/80G series NAS storage using Celerra Manager and Celerra CLI.
  • Experience with NetApp Data Protection features like Snapshot, SnapRestore, SnapMirror, SnapVault and SnapLock.
  • Installed and configured PowerPath, NetApp DSM and Veritas DMP for AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows Operating Systems to support the load balancing and failover features among the HBA's on the system.
  • Experience in SAN related host connectivity for various Operating systems like Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Windows and VMware.
  • Well versed with Centera.
  • Worked on VMware ESX 5.xInstallation and virtual machines setup using Virtual Infrastructure client.
  • Experience in evaluating and architecting SAN policies and procedures to help customers improve their existing SAN infrastructure.
  • Possesses hands on expertise in troubleshooting day to day SAN/Storage and host related issues quickly.
  • Good communication skills and capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously with good mentoring skills.


Storage Systems

VMAX 10K, 20K and 40K, Symmetrix, DMX-2/3/4, VNX 5500,5700,

CLARiiON CX4-series, NetAppFAS 6000 Series, FAS 3000 Series and FAS 2000 Series. VPLEX Metro, RecoverPoint CRR, HDS Tagmastore,

HP-XP Storage arrays.

SAN Switches

Cisco MDS 9500 Series Multilayer Directors 9513/9509/9506 and departmental switches 9124,9134,9120,9140 and Brocade 3800,3900, 4100, 4900 departmental switches, Brocade 48000, 12000,

Operating Systems

SUN Solaris 7, 8, 9, 10, IBM AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, HP-UX 10, 11.x, Enterprise Red

Hat 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008 Servers, Vmware ESX 3.5


HP ProLiant DL385, DL585, SUN Ultra E-3500/4500/6500, Sun-Fire V210, V440.

Replication and Management Tools

SRDF/S, TimeFinder, SnapView, VPLEX Metro, SanCopy, MirrorView, Open Replicator,Unisphere for VMAX, SYMCLI, ECC, Navisphere, NaviCLI, Unisphere for VNX, Unisphere for VPLEX, VPLEXCli, Fabric Manager, Device Manager, Cisco CLI, DCNM, Connectrix Manager





  • Allocation with Auto-provisioning by creating views, initiator groups, port groups and storage groups on VPLEX, VNX, VMAX using SMC 7.1.1 and Solution Enabler SYMCLI 7.1.1.
  • Configured RecoverPoint Replication between two sites with CRR Configuration for Vmware.
  • Configuration and maintaining RecoverPoint Consistency Groups and replication sets.
  • Managing Pools, RAID Groups, Storage Groups, SanCopy and SnapView Sessions using Unisphere and NavisecCLI.
  • Creating thin LUNs, binding them to pools and monitoring thin pools on VMAX system.
  • Creating Initiator groups, Storage groups, port groups and Masking Views on VMAX using Unisphere and SYMCLI.
  • Allocation in VPLEX environment and migration of VMWare ESX servers on Clariion.
  • Configuration of Consistency Groups on VPLEX Metro and day-day administration.
  • Zoning with VMAX, Vmware, and VPLEX on Cisco MDS Switches.
  • Creating pools on VMAX, VNX-5500 and creating SnapView Snapshots and Clones.
  • Created Aggregates, Raid groups, Volumes, Qtrees and administration of Quotas in NetApp FAS 3020/3050 using FilerView and CLI.
  • Create Aggregates/Volumes/Qtress/Quotas and export NFS shares to Solaris and AIX hosts from NetApp 3020, 3050 FAS filers.
  • Administer and maintenance of NetApp FAS 3020,3240,3050 filers using FilerView and CLI
  • Provide support for NetApp filers and associated product suites like SnapDrive, SnapMirror, Microsoft ISCSI Initiator etc.
  • Creating Meta's on Clariion and Symmetrix systems and allocating them to the hosts.
  • Creating NFS and CIFS shares and exporting them using Celerra Manager and CLI.
  • Configured and Managed HBA aliases, zoning and zonesets using Device Manager and Fabric Manager on Cisco MDS 9513 switches.
  • Host migration from CX3-120 to VMAX using Open Replicator.
  • Managing devices using Multipathing software like EMC PowerPath.
  • Upgrading HBA BIOS on Emulex and Qlogic HBA's.
  • Time Finder Clone/BCV and Snap operations.
  • Setting up replication on Centera.
  • Migration from old to new Centera, Performance monitoring.
  • Troubleshooting storage nodes on Centera.



ENVIRONMENT: VMAX 40k, DMX-4, Cisco 9222i, EMCopy, rsync, VMware Vshpere, View Client, CommVault.


  • Involved in Host Based Migration of data from one CLARiiON box to other CLARiiON box with Help of Robocopy.
  • Administration of SAN environment consists of Brocade DCX Director connected to VMAX and CLARiiON.
  • Implemented thin provisioning from VMAX, DMX-4 to Windows2003/2008 clusters servers, Linux and VMware ESX Servers 3.5/4.0 .
  • Implemented Data Devs, Thin Pools, TDevs, Meta LUNs using SMC and SymCLI.
  • Created Storage Groups, FAST policies in order for hot device reallocation to improve performance on V-MAX.
  • Created dynamic cache partitions for time sensitive applications on V-MAX.
  • Migration Data using Open Repilcator from DMX-4 to VMAX.
  • Implemented Disaster recovery setup between VMAX and DMX-4 using SRDF/Asynchronous.
  • VSAN creation, Port Channel Creation and Zoning of Cisco Fabrics.
  • Configuring hosts to replicate data, using Replication Manager, between Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Tape Library.
  • Troubleshooting day-day issues for storage and backup environment.
  • Document implementation and configuration of all SAN appliances along with challenges faced during the initial implementation/configuration process.
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer on SAN appliances implemented and assist Operations in resolving Day-Day issues.
  • Knowledge Transfer of SAN Appliances to Operations teams and also make sure they are upto speed in managing the technologies.
  • EMC Best Practice implementation and knowledge transfer on Storage fabric operations.



ENVIRONMENT: Symmetrix VMAX, CLARiiON, Navisphere, SYMCLI/ECC, Celerra, NetApp, Cisco MDS9000, NaviCLI, SnapView Snapshots, Clone, RoboCopy/Rsync, cp


  • Create RAID Groups, BIND LUNs, and Create Storage Groups using Navisphere Manager and assign them to servers.
  • Created Clones for a tech refresh and daily backup and mount the clones on a different set of servers.
  • Implemented Mirror view/S CLARiiON array CX3-40 for disaster recovery that protects most critical data in the event of outrage.
  • Implemented a disaster recovery solution using SRDF/A to support a bunch of application running on different servers.
  • Maintaining replica's using SYMCLI and symrdf commands to sync and split the devices.
  • Configured and implemented Dynamic SRDF groups/parings by converting Static Standard devices to Dynamic devices using Solutions Enabler.
  • Hands on experience in configuration and administration of Time Finder/BCV/Clone and snap for local replication.
  • Installed and configured EMCControlCenter 5.1.1 on Windows 2000/2003 servers to manage storage and SAN configuration.
  • Configured and implemented core-edge MDS Cisco directors 9509, 9506 and 9120, 9140 switches to configure a multi-tier SAN environment.
  • Hands on experience in creating all kinds of zones and zone sets with proper aliases.
  • Setup the ECC to provide the errors and alerts from SAN environment. And also generate the reports to see trend analysis.
  • Very good knowledge in Identifying and resolving several SAN cable and configuration issues.
  • Provide documents for operational management, troubleshooting the issues that occur in the SAN environment.




  • Allocation/De-allocation of storage on Clariion Series and Symmetrix storage arrays.
  • Created SnapView and TimeFinder Snap/Clone copies for backup and testing.
  • Configuration of RDFG groups, Device and Composite Groups between source and target storage systems.
  • Preparing Method of Procedure documents for migration of hosts from DMX Storage systems.
  • Configuration of SRDF Sync, Adaptive Copy, Snap/Mirror and Snap/Clones BCVs for data protection and disaster recovery.
  • Storage Allocation and de-allocation with SYMCLI and ECC.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting Fiber switches CISCO MDS Series and McData Director Series with new zones and zonesets.
  • Host Level Migration, Switch level Migration of Storage systems.
  • Hands on experience in creating all kinds of zones and zone sets with proper aliases.
  • Setup the ECC to provide the errors and alerts from SAN environment. And also generate the reports to see trend analysis.
  • Very good knowledge in Identifying and resolving several SAN cable and configuration issues.
  • Provide documents for operational management, troubleshooting the issues that occur in the SAN environment.




  • Performed HP SUN hardware/OS installations, upgrades, patch installation troubleshooting. Installed and configured ARC servers for backup and recovery.
  • Creation of users, cron jobs and setup of new applications on servers.
  • Installed peripherals such as Printers, Tape devices, Plotters and Disks.
  • Configured various Hubs, Switches, Routers other LAN related equipment.
  • Setup and adding of new servers/clients to NIS yp domain.
  • Provided Helpdesk support for Level-2 Desktop supports for the production system.
  • Installed and upgraded SUN Solaris 2.x based systems.
  • Rebuilt kernel for shared memory and tcp keep idle time parameters.
  • Troubleshooting of LAN WAN network environment.
  • New disks addition, formatting, partitioning and disk space allocation.
  • Monitored system performance, tuning, system security and crash recovery issues.
  • Designed and implemented heterogeneous network LAN-WAN having Unix/WIN NT servers which included Cisco routers, Motorola modem, Umodem, Multitech modem, Intel servers and printers.

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