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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume Profile

Key Skills

I have been a programmer, team leader, business analyst and teammate my entire career. I am detail oriented. I am a very good troubleshooter and great listener. I can translate customer specific needs to effective software and operations solutions. I have extensive application knowledge. I am comfortable working as a team leader, member or alone. I have worked with/developed packaged software maintaining, modifying, enhancing, and writing add-ons. I have the highest regard for customer service. I can translate business processes into software solutions. I have excellent communication skills and quickly adapt to my environment and work within the existing environment to emulate existing programming styles, structure, or upgrades. I have systems engineering experience which allows me to use the platforms I program in to their fullest extent. I work very well with all levels of management and users and I have a deep respect for culture.


IBM ISeries, AS/400, IBM S/38/36/34/32/3. Comparable IBM mid-range systems include HP and Wang and also PC based RPG compilers from California Baby 3X and 400 product line. ETL Target Networking Hardware including Teradata, Rainmaker RMS, and MS Servers. Miscellaneous Hardware includes Bar Code, Banking Card Readers, Signature Capture Devices, Embossers, Multifunction PC's, POS hardware, IBM Series1, RS6000, Mobile Devices, Cisco, Specialized Security System Interfaces from ID readers to T A tracking scanner, Zebra printers.

Software Programming Environments and Packages

RPGII/III/IV/ILE. I can work with imbedded SQL and Free. I have experience with Aldon CMS, Hawkeye, Sequel, SQL, Query, DBU, DFU. Some packages include Finance, Manufacturing , Distribution, Order Processing and all Related Integrated softwaresuch as EDI. I have a strong Financial background. Product Tracking, Agilysys Lodge Management Software, Casino Management Software Systems, Rainmaker RMS, POS Interfaces, IVR Interfaces, Avaya Interfaces, IBM Software Products, Agriculture, Public Sector Gov't Tax/Utilities/Finance/Systems Support.


Senior Programmer/Analyst/Customer Survice

  1. Retail/Nationwide Dealers/Web/Catalog Sales-Maintain/Modify/Enhance Order Entry Processing including Sales, A/R and Production Analysis.
  2. Provide business solutions for EDI analysis, internal processing for Order Entry, Invoicing, Shipping, Receiving, Interfacing to factors such as Wells Fargo, BB T, CIT TYCO GE Capital for customer invoice finance requests, acknowledgements, invoicing, remittance EDI processes. Work with VANS for data transfer resolution issues.
  3. Provide training and customer support.
  4. Analyze Job Scheduling for more efficient and accurate integrity and performance issues, job setup including programming, testing, QA
  5. Work directly with Customer Service Rep's to provide timely business solutions for handling standard and custom orders processing.
  6. FTP w/IFS and Physical File Processing.
  7. Reports Processing.
  8. Write Test Scripts, perform unit testing..
  9. Analyze XML for incoming EDI for order processing to add editing processes to allow order data to be corrected and resubmitted in house for continued processing.
  10. Assign and manage tasks and provide guidance to programming contractors including code review from project initiation to installation, training, and documentation.

RPG III/IV/ILE - AS/400/ISeries Senior Programmer/Analyst/Customer Support

  1. Using RPGII/III/IV/ILE Troubleshooting legacy and 3rd party software from system messages, client ticketed PTF's and remote client support for system operator messages. Resolve PTF's with permanent fixes.
  2. Debugging also included imbedded SQL and Free.
  3. Software design specification modifications, coding, testing, QA, support.
  4. Develop test scripts for QA.
  5. Distribute software using Aldon and other alternate methods using SNADS, FTP, TELNET.
  6. QA Develop Test Scripts for customer specific needs and overall function testing
  7. Work directly with account executives to ensure customer satisfaction.
  8. Worked with Aldon CMS with exposure to Hawkeye and custom utilities for object cross reference, usage, amongst other programming and debugging tools.
  9. Job Scheduling.
  10. Code Review.

d.y. Software Systems, Inc

RPG III/IV/ILE - AS/400/ISeries Senior Programmer/Analyst/Customer Support/Public Sector

  • Maintenance Programming for CL and RPG to accommodate any regulatory changes to municipal finance, tax and utilities software.
  • This tenure at d.y. Software is on an as needed basis to maintain service contracts. I was an integral part of developing the application software CL, RPG and System's Engineering Maintenance as defined in other job entries for d.y. Software in this resume.



RPG III/IV/ILE - AS/400/ISeries Senior Programmer/Analyst/Customer Support - Business Systems Team Strategic Marketing Team

  • Interface/ Create/Enhance/Modify/Maintain Legacy 3rd Party Software.
  • Troubleshoot software for processing errors using standard debugging methods.
  • RPG III/IV ILE including RPG II Free from vendors:
  • Subfile and Window Programming.
  • Trigger processing for business systems interfaces.
  • Job Scheduler processing activities including error notification, delay, sync, update, etc.
  • Modules and Binding Directories.
  • Imbedded SQL
  • Creating API's/Modules
  • ETL/EDI. Data sync real time processes to tie the three casinos together
  • Batch night processing transactions for audits, file updates, postings and journals, new summary transactions, electronic reporting, warehouse, etc.
  • Debugging using STRDBG or retrieving job number to start a service program.



  • Check file status for user notifications.
  • Nightly batch jobs.
  • HLO High level file openers.
  • File processing with possibly delay checking.
  • Monitor Messaging
  • Batch processing tied to application processing.
  • Soft and Custom Menu options processing of every variety including Sequel formatted Excel and other.
  • Some techniques include:
  • Declaring and retrieving global variables for job initiation.
  • Using OS/400 commands for the topics listed in this section.
  • Creating and/deleting work files.
  • SQL Processing for critical data fixes.
  • Variable Substringing, Concatenations, Calculations
  • Variable attribute manipulation-Char/Integer swap for RPG standard entry parm alphameric plist.
  • Folder management using NTFS for a variety of application usage like POS
  • Email processing.
  • Monitoring for messages.
  • Running programs.
  • Job Scheduler Management.
  • Job Queing.
  • Job attribute retrieval building temporary work environments..
  • Locking files for real time critical updates.
  • Standard program calls within stack constraints.
  • Establishing environments and systems resources.
  • OS/400/ISeries Systems Knowledge including reloads, PTF'sf cumes , security, job management, error handling, configurations, peripheral support, Client Access, etc.
  • OS/ 400/ISeries Command knowledge and System Resources
  • Convert flat files to PF with LF definitions.
  • Use Query and SQL Sequel as quick tools to analyze and update files, Excel export.
  • Build cumulative intermediate data warehousing environments for real time analysis.
  • SDLC for new applications on single and multi-platform environments.
  • Work from a flexible service request system.
  • Roll out team member for major launches including a fully integrated revenue management system Rainmaker , for example.


AS/400/ISeries, S/38 Senior Programmer/Analyst/Customer Support

  • RPG II, III, IV programming with CL/OCL processing.
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Training/Support.
  • SDLC-Municipal Government Applications.
  • System Releases-Installation/Management
  • Local/Remote customer support.
  • Business Development - On/Off site Analysis for business development.
  • IBM Continued Education
  • Maintain field engineering for system hardware/software.


Wang RPG III Programmer/Analyst/Customer Support Senior Programmer Analyst Team Leader, Customer Service

  • Legacy Software Y2000 conversion.
  • Business Analysis - Legacy Software maintenance.
  • Database Design, PC financial interfaces.
  • Outsource analysis


Senior Programmer/Analyst S/34/36/38 AS/400

  • Application Software Development-Government Tax, Finance, Utilities
  • Onsite Systems/Operating Systems Maintenance, Upgrades
  • IBM Lease Software MAPICS, DMAS, DFAS Modifications, Enhancements, Add-ons
  • Customer Software Support Services.


Senior Programmer/Analyst - IBM S/34, Series1, S/36, S38

  • Installation/Maintenance IBM S/34/36/38 , Peripheral Equipment.
  • Application Software Development-Data Entry, Job Processing, Report, Inquiry
  • IBM Support Tools
  • IBM Leased Software-MAPICS-Enhance, Modify, Add-ons.
  • Database Design, Maintenance.

Analyst/Programmer S/360-370, S/3, S/32, S34

  • Application Software-Reports, Job Processing
  • Software Installation, Support.

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