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Supply Chain Manager Resume Profile


Highly effective and results-driven Operations Manager and Cost Accounting Specialist with 13 years of experience leading successful production facilities and reducing overhead costs by utilizing effective financial analysis and lean accounting techniques. Broad knowledge of materials management, Sarbanes Oxley SOX compliance, KANBAN systems, and Lean Manufacturing principles.

Excellent problem-solving and budget analysis skills, impeccable attention t detail, and exceptional process development abilities. Continuously search for ways t streamline purchasing and manufacturing procedures. Top performer and valuable contributor t plant management teams.


  • Microsoft Office Suite Image Pr Quicken UNIX Timecore World Writer Reporting MRP/UDC ORACLE
  • JD Edwards AS400 SAP FreeMarket Online Bidding Datatel PeopleSoft RedPrairie ROSS
  • BPC Global Shop Showcase Great Plains GLOVIA



Operations Accounting Manager

  • Manufacturer of Frozen Food products with management of 34M in Operations Sales and Accounts Receivable and on hand inventory value of 76M.
  • Management of Schwan's Global Supply Chain Profit and Loss Statement
  • Inventory Control and Valuation
  • Month end close process, journal entries, balance sheet reconciliations, internal and external audit documentation and compliance control, quarterly reporting, budgeting and forecasting
  • Implementation of Accounts Receivable Process within Operations Business Unit, D B Reviews, Credit Application Review and Control, Terms and Conditions and Customer Contract Management
  • Implementation of New Capital Expense Process, Flow and Financial Controls that Decreased Average Days in Approval from 25.5 days t 7
  • Implementation of Non-Stock Service and Contract Purchase Order Requisition and Approval Process System t 93.2 usage


Supply Chain Manager

  • Recruited t improve inventory control and valuation for 1 U.S. producer of small energetics and live ammunition assemblies with annual revenue of 32M and on hand inventory value of 3.4M.
  • Management of Materials, Purchasing, Production Control, Shipping and Scheduling
  • Inventory Control and Valuation
  • Capacity Planning and On Time Delivery
  • Work Order Management and Month End Reconciliations
  • Purchase Order Review, Approval and Supplier Maintenance
  • Enhanced physical inventory accuracy through controlled restock and KIT Prep processes, reducing FY2010 physical inventory variances and write-offs from 52 in FY2009 t 1.4 .
  • Worked closely with Production Managers, Contracts, and Quality Engineering departments t clear 36M backlog in firm orders and increase on-time delivery from 35 t 65 .
  • Utilized subassembly manufacturing orders t improve scrap cost containment, reducing excess spend by 65 .
  • Instituted cycle count program and rearranged inventory locations by product build types, increasing cycle count accuracy from 52 t 85 .
  • Implemented KANBAN replenishment systems and cut purchase order non-value added costs by 22 or 42,000 in annual savings for the Clear Lake facility.


Plant Controller

  • Leading manufacturer of large screen vide displays with annual income of 26.4M and on hand inventory value of 36.3M.
  • Global Inventory Control and standard cost valuation, quarterly cost rolls, Lower of Cost or Market analysis around end of life processes and excess and obsolete inventory
  • Variance analysis, metrics, budget forecasting, labor and burden rate analysis and Bill of Material routing analysis t insure accuracy and compliance t GAAP requirements
  • Month end close process, journal entries, balance sheet reconciliations, Sarbanes Oxley documentation and compliance control
  • Lean Cost Savings Projects
  • Project and standard costing
  • Hired as Plant Controller for Live Events Manufacturing plant and after 3 months given additional responsibility of Electronic Board Assembly feeder plant based on successes in cost, variance and on hand inventory reduction.
  • Reduced global on-hand inventory 15.5M and increased inventory turns from 10.8 t 13.3 days.
  • Rewrote production and customer service inventory cycle count processes following non-value added analysis on items at unit cost of 5 or less reduced global cycle counts by 33 , saving 150K annually in overhead costs.
  • Annual savings of 23K in overhead costs and generated cost variance reduction of 32K by implementing cycle counts of Daktronics owned inventory at outsourced vendor sites.
  • Gateway, Inc. North Sioux City, SD June, 1994 November, 2001 and June, 2005 September, 2008
  • Progressed through series of positions with increasing responsibilities for international producer of desktop and notebook computers prior t its purchase by Acer, Inc. Held direct authority for more than 200M in global on hand inventory. Annual revenue of 119M.


  • Managed new and used inventory for both Configure t Order and Built t Order sides of the business
  • Inventory Control and valuation, Lower of Cost or Market risk assessment around aged, excess and obsolete
  • Month end close process, journal entries, balance sheet reconciliations, Sarbanes Oxley documentation and compliance control, 10Q/10K quarterly reporting
  • Ran quarterly physical inventory count audits at various Service, ODM and OEM partner locations for the company's new and used inventories
  • Worked closely with sales team and third-party resellers t decrease aged finished goods inventory from 42.9M t 24.6M within approximately 4 months.
  • Managed liquidation project at refurbishing plants around the world collaborated with third-party resellers t clear more than 6.5M in aged raw materials and excess/obsolete on-hand inventory.


  • Responsible for new and used inventory on the Built t Order side of the business
  • Cost updates for both Standard Cost and Moving Average Cost environments with extensive use and validation of a working Bill of Materials
  • Ran quarterly physical inventory count audits at various Service, ODM and OEM partner locations for the company's new and used inventories
  • Inventory Control and valuation, Lower of Cost or Market risk assessment around aged, excess and obsolete
  • Month end close process, journal entries, balance sheet reconciliations, Sarbanes Oxley documentation and compliance control, 10Q/10K quarterly reporting
  • Drove implementation from SAP t ORACLE, training and planning for Inventory Operations Finance team.
  • Generated 423K in annual savings and inventory write-offs regarding returns on raw materials by disposing of items rather than spending additional funds on freight, testing, and reworking materials for resale.


  • Purchasing, forecasting, MRP/UDC planning
  • Acquisition and maintenance of a just in time inventory base through the use of a HUB inventory system
  • Supplier contracts, pricing updates, supplier maintenance
  • Selected t lead company's first direct ship/electronic data interchange EDI program launch for Global Materials Management, Accounts Payable, and Manufacturing Finance departments project required extensive collaboration with Taiwan-based supplier, Quanta, Inc.


  • Three-way, two-way and direct matching of all invoices for supplier payments
  • Reconciliation and clean-up of monthly supplier statements
  • Month end posting of journal entries as well as quarter end closings
  • Recovered 3.2M in cash for outstanding Return t Vendor reconciliations of aged supplier accounts.
  • Spearheaded software upgrade for Accounts Payable and Manufacturing Finance departments from JD Edwards 5.2 t JD Edwards A7.3.
  • Drove the program installation of supplier payment through Evaluated Receipts Settlement ERS .
  • Member of Gateway's first successful Self-Directed Work Team in 1998.


  • Time entry for employees still not converted t labor scan program.
  • Analysis of time entry scanned t insure accuracy with supervisors and management staff in all departments
  • Process PT time,
  • Unix Timecore System Support for labor scanning.
  • Implementation conversion from Canada t JD Edwards AS 400 ERP system.


Trainer, Alternate Team Lead Quality Auditor

  • Manufacturer of Power Sport Vehicles with annual income of 192M and on hand inventory value of 443M.
  • Successfully directed new hire orientation, introductory training in pick and pack responsibilities, OSHA power point presentations, and quizzes for mobile equipment certifications.
  • Designated as interim Second Shift Pack Lead with full managerial responsibility for 18 employees.
  • Daily outbound audits throughout the distribution center t insure quality standards and enhance customer service


Software Consultant Financial Aid

  • Higher Education and Curriculum Team that was created t drive and manage consolidated efforts within South Dakota t insure compliance and standardization throughout the states further education programs and curriculum.
  • Managed installation of Datatel t consolidate student records in centralized database for 6 South Dakota public universities.
  • Wrote process documentation and instructions for importing/exporting information, system corrections, PELL grants, and verification audits in database as well as financial interactions with Federal Processor.

MR Procurement Manager

  • Leading Manufacturer of Aluminum Extrusion worldwide with annual income of 220M and on hand inventory value of 36,782M.
  • Management of MR Procurement and Warehouse Inventory and staff
  • Purchase order placement, approvals, capital projects,
  • Inventory control and valuation for the Yankton, SD Facility of 12M
  • Supplier contract negotiations, terms and conditions and Free Markets On-Line Bidding
  • Spearheaded implementation t ORACLE software for Yankton facility completed staff training, data scrubbing, and part number and purchase order conversion in a record time of 5 months.
  • Successfully installed KANBAN system with local suppliers such as Fastenal and Clark.
  • Ran clean-up of all open and aged Accounts Payable liabilities with Suppliers due t corporate consolidation of duties t a Shared Service Facility in Pennsylvania Corporate Office

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