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Senior It Analyst Resume Profile


  • Strong execution of organizational skills, a can-do attitude, and the ability to work independently as well as a part of a team. 100 job performance a top priority.
  • Strong presentation skills and an ability to articulate ideas whether they a technical topic or getting people excited about a group event.
  • Multi-tasking individual, able to handle a variety of assignments in a fast-paced and challenging environment with attention to detail and creativity.
  • Ability to analyze and prioritize business related assignments and requests to ensure that customer's needs and deadlines are met.

Work History


  • Strategically broke down assigned sales territory to identify customers and sell IT staffing and project based IT services.
  • Managed complete sales cycle from account research, creating leads, qualification, evaluation, close and ongoing account management.
  • Built trusted client relationships that resulted in multiple wins of repeat business.
  • Leveraged credibility to gain referrals and identify new business opportunities within existing accounts.
  • Delivered solution based services to clients by conducting in depth analyses of technical environments and critical IT initiatives.
  • Sold IT staffing solutions to help clients create efficiencies and achieve internal success.
  • Educated clients on industry trends and established successful customer partnerships through consultative selling.
  • Developed recruiting team members by mentoring recruiters using our internal recruitment process and educating them on customer specifics, while collaborating on wins/losses with peers to establish best practices.
  • Created and delivered customized proposals in response to customer RFQ's and RFP's.
  • Initiated contact and delivered capabilities presentations to line managers, directors, VP's and C level executives.
  • Maintained relationships with industry contacts to provide customer service, gain industry knowledge and collaborate on future opportunities.
  • Assist clients in day to day management of on-site consultants.
  • Perform 30/60/90 day evaluations of technical professional with their direct manager. Share evaluation feedback with the technical professional to ensure maximum worksite quality.
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Identified qualified IT consultants and contractors for open positions within our Fortune 500 and 1000 company clients.
  • Managed the client-consultant relationship for consultants throughout the contract term, and resolve any and all conflicts if and as they arose.
  • Arranged for phone screens and personal interviews between client managers and technical consultants and personally conducted exit interviews with both parties upon the completion, successful or otherwise, of the contract/project.
  • Attended client meetings with Account Managers to procure new business opportunity.
  • Contributed to the overall growth of the Raleigh office by increasing office revenues each week and assisting to break new accounts.
  • Managed and mentored new recruiters into the company and provided them with the company's policies, processes, procedures, and best practices.
  • Work closely with human resource groups and vendor managers to handle account issues.


Senior IT Analyst

  • Responsible for support of a fuels accounting/fuels management system called Fuelworx. This multi-fuel coal, oil, diesel, pet coke, limestone and multi-modal rail, truck, barge, vessel, pipeline, etc. solution supports contract management, quality analysis, inventory management, accounting, logistics, and the tracking of vendor performance for both solid and liquid commodities.
  • This software was used by the accounting department to track and report data pertaining to all oil and coal used to generate electricity at Progress Energy's combustion plants. Support during month end close was especially sensitive as all accounts and reports were under strict government regulations. Issues with data and the software in general required me to be available 24/7 as this was considered a Tier 1 application and had to be fully functional at all times.
  • I performed data scrubs on a regular basis to ensure reports used during month end close accurately reported information. This required updates and inserts into specific tables of the database. The process of making this change to production data required sufficient testing in a staging environment, sign-off from key stakeholders and the creation of SQL scripts that would be run by the DBA during an assigned outage.
  • During Month End Close financial values from the Fuelworx system had to match values from another system in order to import correctly into Oracle Financial. This often required manipulation of the data using SQL statements to adjust for rounding differences between the multiple systems.
  • Responded to client requests for changes in accounting reports and maintenance to said reports. This involved gathering requirements and making the necessary changes in Oracle PL/SQL views and stored procedures and the code base for the report Crystal Reports , getting client sign off on changes, following Progress Energy's strict code promotion process and documenting all changes per Sarbanes Oxley regulations.
  • Was the primary analyst assigned to the implementation of a new Fuelworx module that would allow for the automated import of Waybill data. This involved multiple meetings with the vendor to learn the new functionality and configure Fuelworx to correctly import said data. Knowledge of the supporting table structure, data types and Waybill format was necessary to correctly map and import all information.
  • Participated in multiple Disaster Recovery drills to ensure Progress Energy systems and applications would be up and running in the least amount of time possible following an outage event. Said event could range from acts of terrorism to forces of nature.
  • When asked to step up for the team, I attended multiple Business Intelligence courses and then applied this knowledge to a critical project. Progress Energy was decommissioning several applications and needed to ensure the data linked to these applications would remain available long after the apps were gone.
  • Responsible for the day to day resolution of client trouble tickets. This involved weekly status meetings in which we prioritized and gathered requirements for each issue with the client. These issues ranged from minor display mistakes on reports to entire pages of data reporting incorrectly. The fixes could be as simple as changing a word to completely rewriting an Oracle view and the corresponding calculations on the report. No matter how big or small the change was, any code modification was subject to the complete Sarbanes Oxley review.
  • Participated in the successful launch of Progress Energy's new CMMI documentation process. As one of the first teams to implement and be a part of this process, my success was used as an example to other IT teams as they implemented the same process.
  • Major player in the upgrade of Progress Energy's Fuelworx application. This is a vendor application that was extremely far behind on updates and was the first project to follow the CMMI process listed above. My role was to engage all users of the system to ensure the least possible disruption of their processes during this upgrade.


Application Developer,

  • Initially hired to be the liaison between the non technical call center staff and the IT department. I stepped into a fairly hostile environment and was able to win the trust of the call center manager and supervisors and repair the relationship between the IT department and our client. This role also included development efforts surrounding our telephony system.
  • Based on Interactive Intelligence software, I gathered requirements and developed custom pages HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the call center. These pages were used by call center staff to deliver health related programs to our clients customers. All page development required knowledge of Interactive Intelligence code and how to plug the webpages into the underlying telephony system.
  • Wrote many new campaigns from scratch and delivered a working product before deadline often.
  • All webpages were deployed using Apache Tomcat.
  • N-Cycles Memphis, Tennessee
  • Application Developer, November 2001 September 2003
  • Part of the web development team assigned to the Vital Records project. This was a major development effort written to track all information involved in the birth of an individual and the documentation surrounding that event.
  • Designed using the MVC pattern each developer was responsible for coding front, middle and back end. Screens were written using HTML, JavaScript and JSP. The middle tier and business logic was all written in Java and connected to an Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Depending on the complexity of the SQL statement some decision logic was written using stored procedures and views PL/SQL and other statements resided in the middle tier.
  • Sun Microsystems Ed Learning Systems Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Java Instructor, January 2000 November 2001
  • Travelled all over the country delivering highly sought after Java classes. Certified in Fundamentals of Java and Object Oriented Analysis and Design I successfully delivered Sun Certified curriculum to technology professionals nationwide.
  • Presented technical content to students of all levels of experience in a professional and organized manner.
  • When teaching at a client site I was responsible for delivering course files prior to arriving and once on site, ensuring the classroom and computers were set up per Sun's standards.
  • Before Sun Microsystems acquired Ed Learning Systems I lead the effort in developing custom Java courses for Daimler Chrysler. Many of these students were COBOL programmers and needed special attention in making the switch to an Object Oriented language.
  • Credited for winning a 130K account due to my efforts to learn and certify myself in a new course. I had just 2 weeks to observe, learn and certify myself in Sun's Object Oriented Analysis and Design Course one of only 12 in the country so that I could deliver said class to an important client. The success of this course was instrumental in the client purchasing additional on-site classes.


  • Junior developer responsible for the successful Y2K upgrade of SDS's custom software.
  • Custom software was purchased by governments to track the tax information of all parcels of land within their respective counties. Written in a combination of VB6 and ESRI's custom language, I was responsible for the maintenance of this code.
  • During a major release I was tasked with doing QA to ensure all code was bug free and the application worked as it was intended to.
  • Connecting to a SQL Server back end, maintenance of SQL queries was also within my realm of responsibilities.

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