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Senior Software Developer Resume Profile

Technical summary

Stephen Conley is a senior build and release automation engineer and senior software engineer, co-creator of Leroy http://www.leroydeploy.com and specializing in Urban Code products such as Anthill Pro, uBuild, uDeploy, and uRelease. Additionally, Stephen is an experienced programmer with expert experience in C , C, Java, Python, PHP, and more.


  • UNIX OS: Solaris 6 - 11 , Linux RedHat/CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu , AIX, HP-UX, MacOS X, BSD Free, Net, Open
  • 15 Years: Administering, setting up, configuring, advanced troubleshooting, automation, developing. Both virtual and non-virtual. Specialization in Solaris and Linux.
  • Windows: Windows NT, Windows 3.11 - Windows 8
  • 15 Years: Small scale administration, power user , developing. Both virtual and non-virtual.
  • Databases: Database design and normalization, SQL. PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite
  • 14 Years: Administrating and developing. Mostly PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Familiarity with Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • Development / Scripting: C including Boost , C, Java including J2EE , Python 2 and 3 , PHP all versions , jQuery, JavaScript, Perl, BASH, Windows Batch, PowerShell 2 and 3 , Lua, MUF. Cross Platform Development. Beanshell, Groovy.
  • 15 Years: With a career devoted to either development or in the service of development teams, there is extreme proficiency in all listed languages, with a specialty towards C /C, PHP, Python, and jQuery/JavaScript.
  • Networking: Basic concepts, setting up networks, TCP/IP and UDP/IP programming, troubleshooting, VPN Cisco, OpenVPN , DD-WRT routers, routing
  • 15 Years: Overall experience with setting up and working with networks.
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Apache Server, Lighttpd Server, NGINX, Microsoft IIS, PHP, Python Tornado
  • 14 Years: Overall experience
  • Automation: Makefile, Ant, Automake/Autoconf, XMakefile, cmake, Boost Jam, Maven, Visual Studio Projects, phing, db deploy, Red Gate products SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, etc. . Team City, Jenkins. Chef, Puppet. IBM Urban Code Products: Anthill Pro, uDeploy, uRelease, uBuild
  • 10 Years: Overall experience with automation tools span over 10 years. Specific experience with the IBM products extends aproximately 3 years and Team City/Red Gate products aproximately 2 years. Chef/Puppet, aproximately 1 year.
  • Of additional note is a special expertise at optimizing build performance / reducing build times.
  • Multiprocessing: Multi-threaded applications, parallel processing, RPC
  • 10 Years
  • Project Management: Software design, project management, technical writing
  • 7 Years
  • Source Revision Control: SVN, CVS, Perforce, GIT, TFS
  • 5 Years: Both using and administering SVN, CVS, Perforce. User experience with GIT and TFS.
  • Video Streaming Technologies: CRTMP, Red5, RTMP, RTMPT
  • 2 Years
  • Cloud Computing: Amazon AWS/S3/EC2, Azure cloud, Digital Ocean
  • 2 Years

Professional experience

  • Provide multiple customers with build and release automation services on a day to day basis
  • Provide on-site, off-site, and after hours support
  • Manage projects and technical team resources
  • Design and lead implementation of internal applications written in C and Python
  • Work directly with technical and business customers
  • Did the technical design and foundation programming of the Leroy software deployment engine.
  • Set up internal applications to use IBM Urban Code products for build / release using Anthill Pro, Urban Code Release, and Urban Code Deploy


  • Provided on-site support for IBM UrbanCode Deploy and Release.
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on the processes set up by Amica's full time employees
  • Provided IBM UrbanCode Release training
  • Wrote programs in Java to provide Amica a custom API they can use to develop their own automation of the automation processes.


  • Helped the TELUS team plan and lay out the use of IBM Urban Code Deploy and Release in their environment.
  • Whiteboard sessions involving figuring out how roles and permissions will work in the new system. Created plans for onboarding TELUS applications and helping to manage the transition from old processes to new automation.
  • Scripting in Python interacting with both uDeploy's documented API and uRelease's undocumented API to automate the automation , and do things like create custom integrations for uRelease and provide automation around the creation of snapshots in uDeploy.
  • Provided hands on technical assistance and education to TELUS employees.
  • Extensive troubleshooting in all areas of uDeploy / uRelease operation and installation.


  • Worked with C development teams to refine a Makefile and Visual Studio Project based multiplatform C application's build process.
  • Reduced build time of a Solaris C build from 3 hours to aproximately a half hour by using low level familiarity with the Sun Studio compiler and Solaris Operating System tools to analyze and correct slowdowns in the build process.
  • Cleaned up and simplified the build process, providing technical documentation along the way.
  • Assisted the Wells Fargo internal onboarding team to re-onboard these applications in Anthill Pro.


  • Created automated deployment workflows using RedGate database deployment automation, integrated with Leroy for 12 MS SQL databases across 5 environments.
  • Created system to deploy configurations for 22 Windows services across 2 roles of services in 5 environments.
  • Integrated Leroy with Team City, so that deployment jobs for all workflows and environments are invoked and recorded inside Team City. This provided a dashboard based automated deployment solution.
  • Built end-to-end configuration templates for 22 windows services using Maven Resources plugin.
  • Consult and work with customer to create automated deployments in build, dev, devint, test, beta and prod environments using Leroy http://www.leroydeploy.com . Built customization around RedGate based automated database deployments using Leroy and Team City.
  • Refactored MSBUILD based build process in Team City in the service of automation.
  • Used the Azure cloud to build a dynamic test environment which allowed for an easy spin up and shutdown of a test environment stack in order to reduce testing costs.
  • Zenimax Online through Epic Force
  • Acted as primary support contact for all Anthill Pro issues
  • Assisted with the build of Python-based deployment framework used by Anthill Pro
  • Consulted and helped guide the team in designing system architecture
  • Worked with Chef and Puppet to assist in the automated deployment of configuration to hundreds or thousands of game servers.
  • The Hartford through Epic Force
  • Acted as backup resource for Anthill Pro issues
  • Wrote extensive batch and powershell scripts for complex deployment requirements
  • Glaxo Smith Kline through Epic Force
  • Acted as backup resource for Anthill Pro issues
  • Created Anthill Pro workflows for build and deployment for several internal GSK customers
  • Wrote bash scripts to assist with jBoss-based deployments
  • Configuration management and converting legacy processes to work smoothly and more effectively in Anthill


  • Worked extensively with Amazon AWS and S3 to provide video hosting and processing power for the website
  • Wrote an application in C to act as a command line and PHP interface to Amazon AWS
  • Wrote a PHP interface to allow for advanced interactions with AWS and S3
  • Set up deployment automation allowing for automatic deployment of Get Reel's entire software stack LAMP, PHP/Zend application, and auxillary C binaries to any Linux host using Anthill Pro and dbdeploy.
  • Set up database deployments using MySQL

Principal Engineer

  • Lead software development team of between 3 and 10 people
  • Technical specification, technical writing, software design
  • Configuration management for jBoss, PHP, and C based projects using MySQL and PostgreSQL database.
  • Deployment automation and RPM-based packaging
  • Programming in PHP Zend Framework , Java Script jQuery , Java J2EE/jBoss , Python and C
  • Pressure testing, unit testing
  • Database design and implementation for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Senior Software Developer

  • Lead software development team of 2 - 3 people
  • Technical specification, technical writing, software design
  • Programming in PHP, Java Script, and ActionScript 2
  • Configuration management
  • Database Design for MySQL and PostgreSQL


Software Development

  • Lead software development team of 2 - 3 people
  • Technical specification, technical writing, software design
  • Programming in PHP, Java Script, and ActionScript 2
  • Configuration management
  • Database Design for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL



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