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Storage Architect Lead Resume Profile



A Self-Starter, Self-Motivated, Self-Directed professionally qualified versatile person with extensive knowledge and skills in various fields of computer sciences holding more than 15 Years of IT Industry experience which include 6 Years in System Administration, Networking, storage area networks SAN , Backup and Disaster recovery. 6-8 years in IT application support positions with high-level problem solving. Excellent organizational skills.and multi-tasking ability. Strong customer focus and results oriented. There to learn new technologies and applications. Interoperate with other technical departments. High ability to communicate effectively with internal and external customers, possessing a wide range of technical knowledge.Self-motivated and able to work independently on multiple group projects.Ability to maintain a positive and cooperative attitude in sometimes stressful situations.Proven skills leading complex projects independently.Proven skills analyzing and troubleshooting complex system configurations. Strong project management skills with the ability to prioritize competing project timelines. innovative ways to resolve problems. An Effective team player willing to assist others, when needed.Ability to represent the department from a technology perspective.Coordinating planning, installing and maintaining the storage systems in multiple data centers.


To work with a company which can utilize my skills in the fields of expertise and provides open and conductive work environment plus challenging job opportunities, and gives exposure and implementation of emerging new technologies.


Cloud Computing



High End Disk Systems

EMC VMAX 20K, VMAX 10K, Data domain dd2500,VNX5500,Symmetrix DMX Series, DMX1000, DMX2000, DMX3000, EMC Clarion CX/CX3 Series, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80 NetApp FAS-270, FAS-2020, FAS-3020C,FAS-6040, FAS 6070, VSERIES 6040, Hitachi AMS-2300, USP600,HP EVA4400, SUN STORAGETEC, IBM DS 8700,DS6800,3PAR,IBM XIV

Tape Backup Systems

NetApp NearStore VTL600,IBM 3494 Library, HP Storagetek, Ts 3500 Tape library, EMC Legato Networker 7.6.1, EMC Avamar, Symantec Netback 6, IBM TSM 6.1


Brocade Silkworm 200E, 4100,5100,Cisco MDS-9124, MDS-9134, Nexus,Mc-data.


Silkworm Multiprotocol Router AP7420


NetappStorevault 300, Celera NS480//VNX5500 Series,IBMNASGateway 300/500 G.

SAN Management

DataOntap 7.1, DataOntap7.3.1, DataOntap 8.0 cluster mode,EMC Control Centre, Visual SAN, Data Fabric Manager, Filerview, Brocade Fabric Manager, SAN Health, Fabricwatch. BURA Tivoli Storage Manager ,Hitachi Storage Navigator, Hitachi HiTrack, Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Tuning Manager, Hitachi Replication Manager, Symantec Antivirus for fiber IBM SVC, IBM XIV,

Data Protection

SnapVault OSSV ,MetroCluster,ReplicatorX,TSM, Legato Networker 7.6.1, EMC AvamarVeritas netBackup5.0, CommVaultQiNetix Galaxy Backup Software Ver 6.0, Hitachi True Copy, Hitachi Shadow Image, SnapManager for Oracle, Snapmanager for sharepoint, SnapManager for SQL, SnapManger for Micorsoft Exchange. Protection Manager, EMC Open replicator, EMC Sancopy, EMC Timefinder. IBM TSM 6.1, EVA Continuous Access

Volume Management

FlexVol, FlexClone, MultiStore, StorageScope, Device Manager, Tiered Storage Manager, and Tuning Manager



Cisco Routers


Cisco, 3Com Nortel Switches

Network Management

HP NNM Cisco Works

Design Tools

Microsoft Visio 2003

System Administration


Redhat Linux4, Solaris10,Aix 5L


Windows 2000/2003/2005/2008 Server

Work Summary

Storage Architect Lead


  • Validate the design of SAN and NAS solutions.
  • Setup 4 Node cluster.
  • Scale up FAS 3210 to two additional nodes.
  • Architect DataOntapclustermode 8.2.4 for Microsoft Exchange and Vmware and KVM
  • Designed NetApp 7mode to Cmode transition.
  • Designed NetappCmode for Oracle, vmware, Microsoft environment.
  • Managed and executed NetappCmode Migration
  • Installed and Manged On command Unified Manager, Insight, System Manager.
  • Trained Customer on On Command Suite.
  • Designed and Setup SnapMirror, Snapvault on NetApp cluster mode.
  • Installed OnCommand suite version 6.4
  • Configured Implemented On Command Dashboards
  • Created custom reports, on Capacity and Performance.
  • Configured OCI to collect performance and capacity data from EMC's VMax, Vnx, HDS USP, Vfilers.Implementing Dashboards
  • Creating custom reports, specifically out of the box reports on Capacity and Performance.
  • Experience in using OCI to collect performance and capacity data from EMC's VMax, NS960, HDS USP/V
  • Experience with Brocade SAN switches.
  • Migrated 100 TB of EMCVnx data to netapp cluster mode.
  • Installed and Designed VNX5500 from the scratch. Certifying new NetApp controllers FAS3210, FAS3240 and FAS6210 for NAS deployment for greater connectivity, scalability, improved performance and native onboard 10GbE and SAS ports.
  • Coordinate with NetApp on the newer updates for different FAS systems, certified in the lab and be included in the upgrade and build process for newer installations.
  • Implemented NetApp NFS Export Management NFS NetGroup Management Tools to enable administrators to create amend Exports Netgroups using graphical interface, which removes the need to manually edit text files, it will check the syntax check, make backups and perform basic validation of updates
  • Migrated 500Terabytes of data during data center migration from lower end storage arrays FAS270c, FAS960c to robust arrays FAS3040c, and FAS3020c using SnapMirrortechnology.
  • Troubleshooting the performance issues with CIFS, NFS.
  • Enabled CIFS/NFS protocol, created volumes/qtrees/quotas and respective shares with proper permissions and presented them to windows and UNIX servers.
  • Involved in architecture planning and deployment, installing, configuring, job management, scheduling, performance analysis, capacity trending and planning, policy review and analysis, critical data recovery, NDMP NAS backup, recovery testing and verification.
  • Configured NetAppStorage Network that includes NetApp Filers setup, quota administration, snapshots backup and restore, OS and Firmware upgrade, failed disk replacement, cluster design, NDMP backup, network configuration, NFS,CIFS administration, disaster recovery fail-over and fail-back between sites.
  • Used SANscreen service insight to monitor storage infrastructure in near real-time, reporting back the current state of all infrastructure objects such as storage arrays, hosts, switches, volumes, disks, and ports and their properties such as zoning, mapping, storage availability, port use, and port status .
  • Used SANscreen Capacity Manager for near real-time visibility into global resource allocations, rule based automated service tier management, and utilization and chargeback reports, to accelerate application provisioning, manage reservations of different resources, forecast based on future demand and simplify the provisioning process--enabling front-line support engineers to create and use accurate service provisioning action plans.


Storage Manager

  • Installed and Configured NetApp Filers FAS-6070, FAS-6080,Vseries 6040.
  • Connected Filers to fibre Channel Network, Ethernet network.
  • Installed Snap drive for unix on Aix Server, Solaris Server, Windows Server, Linux Server.
  • Manage, design, upgrade and maintain firm wide storage area network, including NetApp and Brocade Fiber infrastructure, provisioning storage, data replication and snapshots in a multiprotocol environment.
  • Enterprise/Architect background in NetApp SAN and storage technologies
  • NetApp SnapManager for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and virtual Infrastructure
  • NetApp OnCommand Management Software
  • Engineering NetApp SAN environments in support of VMWare environments using NFS
  • LuN Export to iscsi and fcp environment.
  • Upgraded DataOntap to 7.3.1 from the Aix client.
  • Data ontap 8.0 upgrade without any down time.
  • Implemented thin provision to reduce overhead.
  • Executed file migration from source network appliance to target VNX arrays using file copy utilities EMCopy/Robocopy/or other file based migration tools .
  • Zoned various hosts using Soft Zoning.
  • Open system Data Migrations Oracle and Sql databases
  • Migration executing incremental filesystem copies during business hours with scheduled downtime for final cutover from source network appliance to target VNX
  • Performed necessary data migration as required and defined by EMC migration policy Configuration and layout of storage as necessary
  • Migrated NFS datastores from VNX to Netapp
  • Migrated Oracle and SQL databases from Netapp to VNX .
  • Created aggregates
  • Created a flash pool
  • Created Virtual server
  • NDU dataontapclustermode software
  • Build a namespace using multiple volumes
  • Configure FlexCache
  • Create an infinite volume
  • Supported cluster interconnect switches
  • Set up and configure SAN and NAS protocols
  • Configure the storage-efficiency features
  • Administer mirroring technology and data protection
  • Add Node to the cluster
  • Manage the physical and virtual resources within a cluster
  • Manage features to ensure nondestructive operations
  • Identify the networking components and features of a cluster
  • Implement supported cluster and management network switches
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of a cluster
  • Scale a cluster horizontally


Storage Architect

  • Promote emerging technologies that address business needsManagement, maintenance and implementation of Hitachi Storage environment VSP USP V USP VM AMS 2000 HNAS HCP
  • Design and implementation of SAN which includes installing and configuring of Hitachi storage boxes and fibre channel switches
  • Manage fiber switches/directors from Cisco, Brocade and Mcdata Zoning / VSANs / FC-IP / ISL setup
  • Storage provisioning,LUNManagement,LUNmasking,zoning,performance management and volume management Planning,allocations and de-allocations .
  • Installation, configuration and operation of Hitachi software products Device Manger,Tuning Manager ,Tiered Storage Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager and Raid Manager
  • Monitoring and managing True Copy, Shadow Image, Copy on write using Storage Navigator and Raid Manger.
  • Solution architecting, Extensive provisioning , new implementations, large upgrades or migration of the Storage Arrays.
  • Disaster recovery infrastructure planning,building,testing and product research/new release evaluation.
  • Monitoring and optimization of the performance,tuning,capacity planning, proactive monitoring and automation of storage Arrays.
  • Storage virtualization and good technical exposure in Virtual Partition Manager in VSP,USP Arrays
  • Manage AMS Arrays using Storage NavigartorMoudlar 2 tool and working knwolege on HNAS.
  • Knowledge on technologies like Dynamic provisioning,replicator and Tiering with Enterprise Array
  • Manage multipathingsoftwares HDLM, VERITAS DMP etc .
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly storage status, Capacity and perfromance reports.
  • Vendor management in fixing the critica/Major issues and upgrades.
  • Liaise and work with hardware/software vendors and project groups as required.
  • Analyze and resolve escalated problems within target. Trouble shooting Storage related problems and alerts monitoring.
  • work with vendor on new trends and measure to cut cost, time and improve productivity.
  • Good knowledge about the Vendor Best practices for Perfromance,Availability and security.
  • Continually align the Engineering Services to current and future needs of Business Units through world class Service Management practices and High-Value Service Improvement actives.
  • Testing and certifying the newer ONTAP versions 8.X and implementing them on Production environments.
  • Install, configure and maintain enterprise class storage array systems
  • Performance tuning tier1 frames with EMC software's like SPA and ECC performance analyzer
  • Architect, plan and implement new storagemigration projects
  • Switch zoning using Data center fabric manager
  • Implement and maintain disaster recovery and high availability projects in storage environment
  • Provide Level 4 production support to all storage systems
  • Upgraded Data ONTAP from DOT 7.3.6p5 to DOT 8.02p6 with minimal disturbance to support ASIS application.
  • Testing, Certifying and upgrading the new versions of RLM 3.1p1 , Shelf Firmware's ESH4 Firmware 14, 20, AT-FCX 37,38 , Disk Firmware's
  • PowerPath installation on Windows and unix box.
  • Day to day Troubleshooting Techniques.
  • Created Devices and Pools
  • Created RDF Groups and Pairs
  • Device Masking with Autoprovisioning groups
  • Performed Virtual lun Migration.
  • Implemented and Managed FASTVP
  • Configured TimeFinder/Clone Operations
  • Vmax virtual provisioning and concepts
  • Implemented Fiber Channel SAN by enabling the Fibre Channel Protocol, Configuring FCP ports, LUN for Vmware, windows and linux
  • Created an iSCSI LUN using SnapDrive for Windows
  • Configured Networks on different filers , VLANS, ifgrp's


Storage Architect

  • Installed and Configured NetApp Filers FAS-6070, FAS-6080,Vseries 6040
  • Connected Filers to fibre Channel Network, Ethernet network.
  • Installed Snap drive for unix on Aix Server, Solaris Server, Windows Server, Linux Server.
  • Installed and Configured Snap Manager for Oracle Sql, Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Installed, configured, and Supported ESX server, Lab Manager, vSphere, vCenter.
  • Scripted and automated configuration Power Shell , Virtual networks fencing, standard/distributed switches, Linked Clones, Thin Provisioning, and Consolidating Linked VMs.
  • Configured Snap drive on Windows and Unix Servers.Storage Management using Command Suite v7.x
  • Configured and managed external storage using Device Manager
  • Performed host and storage provisioning tasks using Device Manager
  • Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot X
  • Hitachi TrueCopy
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager
  • Dynamic Link Manager Advanced Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager
  • VMware Infrastructure design and planning involving large scale clusters.
  • Added storage systems and hosts to Hitachi Device Manager configuration.
  • Configured the administration tasks associated with Hitachi Device Manager.
  • Created and managed logical groups using Device Manager
  • Download and configure Hitachi Device Manager Command Line Interface
  • Installed and configured Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager for path management
  • Used Hitachi Global Link Manager for path management
  • Day to day storage administration and provisioning
  • Storage migration using EMC Open Replicator
  • Replicated VMware VMFS volumes using Replication Manager.
  • SRDF data replication management
  • TimeFinder Snap clone and Mirror application management
  • EMC Clariion and Symmetrix Management
  • Created Qtrees for cifs and nfs
  • SRDF Implementation onVmax.
  • General administration concepts
  • Known problems and resolutions
  • Vmax internals and architecture
  • PowerPath installation on Windows and unix box.
  • Day to day Troubleshooting Techniques.
  • Created Devices and Pools
  • Created RDF Groups and Pairs
  • Device Masking with Autoprovisioning groups
  • Performed Virtual lun Migration.
  • Implemented and Managed FASTVP
  • Configured TimeFinder/Clone Operations
  • Vmax virtual provisioning and concepts
  • Implemented NFS exports
  • Implemented CIFS shares
  • Configured different levels of Quotas
  • Implemented Fiber Channel SAN
  • Enabled the Fibre Channel Protocol
  • Configured FCP ports
  • Created LUN for Vmware, windows and linux
  • Enabled the iSCSI Protocol Connected Windows to a LUN with iSCSI Implement and configured Flex clone Volumes for the Test environment.
  • Implemented deduplication for space management.
  • ESX Command-Line Troubleshooting Methods using SSH access.
  • Porting VM between different VMware Products and Versions.
  • P2V Consolation Both Physical and VM .
  • Installation and Administration of Linux, and windows servers OS.
  • Troubleshooting performance problems.
  • Experience in coordinating with OEM vendors VMware and HP .
  • Experience in coordinating with teams for scheduling periodical maintenance on all hardware.
  • Conduct software product installation, configuration management, maintenance, testing and documentation of VMware and related products.
  • Lead VMware virtualization engineering and support activities.
  • Resolve problems, conduct advanced research, and identify product/service innovations.
  • Conduct VMware assessments Health checks to ensure appropriate resource allocation, system reliability and availability, sufficient capacity and optimal performance.
  • Conduct VMware Virtualization Assessments to recommend consolidation scenarios and project cost savings associated with virtualization.
  • Define and implement comprehensive automation processes for VMware, including creating scripts for recurring system tasks and DR Failover activities.
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation design specs, architecture, configuration diagrams, standard operating procedures, processes, standards, site reference, etc.
  • Promote new ideas, strategies, technologies and concepts which improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Conduct environmental evaluation, coordination activities, scheduling, and execution of migrating hosts to the virtualized environment.
  • Develop and maintain system resiliency, business continuance and disaster recovery strategies, methodologies and procedures.
  • Provide training and ongoing support to other engineers.
  • Continually evaluate better ways to monitor VMware environment and recommend solutions to improve efficiencies. Develop and maintain system resiliency, business continuance and disaster recovery strategies, methodologies and procedures.
  • Hands-on experience with VMware VI3 / sphere installation and configuration of ESX / ESXi 3x, 4x and vCenter3x,4x. back-up virtual machines as well as DR strategies utilizing VMotion, HA, SAN snapshots, LUN replication,etc.
  • Hands-on experience with Virtual Machine distribution.
  • Hands-on experience with physical to virtual conversions using native tools and/or third party products.
  • Proven implementation experience with all high availability features of VI3 / vSphere including VMotion, HA, Virtual SMP, DRS, Vswitch design, advanced performance troubleshooting, command line utilities, working knowledge of the VMFS file system including configuration and management , creating clones, images and templates, resource allocation, resource pools, and system monitoring.
  • Implemented VMware s Virtual Switch technology port aggregation, NIC teaming/bonding, VLAN trunking, and port groups, both logical and physical storage topologies . Solid understanding of storage technology and how VI3 / vSphereis implemented with shared storage eg. fiber channel, iSCSI, NFS or CIFS. RDM vs VMFS strategies for performance and optimization across logical and physical network topologies.

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