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Senior Software Engineer Resume Profile



Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed C /.NET UI to aid in the diagnosis of fuel cell faults and how to deal with power system faults while in the field.
  • Developed Filed Flash Tool based in C /.NET to allow for service technicians to quickly and reliably enter the field update a system and collect log data without issue.
  • Created a C and LINQ:SQL end-of-line test apparatus that would communicate with power supplies, current controllers, A/D modules, and fuel cells to ensure that system shipping could be tracked, monitored, and controlled.
  • o This application would collect data for quality assurance and would store the information in our quality control DB for reference. Schemas developed in SQL Server.
  • Worked with ERP system EPICOR to implement Crystal Reports and develop custom queries for Labor, Material, and Inventory.
  • Updated multiple EPICOR dashboards that would call stored procedures for Accounts Payable and Labor.
  • Created a C battery calculator tool for resellers to have the ability to calibrate AMI fuel cells for their customers and their battery types.
  • Created Android applications that interfaced with various peripherals external USB camera, mounting USB memory sticks, and internal power management controller for an interface solution to our products.
  • Created controls to monitor fuel valve sensor control, anode/cathode air control and fuel cell related performance metrics to monitor the health of the system while deployed.


Systems Engineer/Business Analyst

  • Met with current/potential customers about data acquisition requirements and developed solutions specific to customers in order to create efficient data solutions for analysis.
  • Developed embedded controls for data acquisition systems for compliance with OBD-II specifications.
  • OBD Compliance Testing UI applications developed for J1699-3 and J1939-84 using C /.NET
  • Created Interactive Survey using ASP.NET to develop a smart survey for customers to respond to new product development ideas and services.
  • Developed internal programming standards in order for team related development to become a streamlined efficient process.
  • Implemented solutions for customer specific applications that would enable accurate event tracking for all vehicles in the test fleet.
  • Test plans were developed in specification phase and run as unit, component, and full test to ensure 100 functionality based on customer design
  • Wiring, Harnesses, and customer specific solutions were modified based on the respective vehicle setup
  • Collect and analyze data through primary and secondary sources relevant to existing and potential markets.
  • Identify and monitor competitors and research market conditions and/or changes in the industry that may affect business strategies.
  • Contribute to the development and refinement of CONTROLTEC's vision and strategy.
  • Support the overall business process to ensure CONTROLTEC maximizes its goals and shareholder returns.
  • Develop, review and report on business development strategies ensuring that objectives are understood and executed by the team.
  • Develop and implement inbound marketing programs using the CONTROLTEC website, e-mail campaigns, and SEM/SEO practices.


Project Engineer

  • Data collection and root cause analysis were performed on present clutch control issues in order to develop new algorithm requirements allowing for ideal control of shift events, TCC, and Line Pressure.
  • ETAS INCA 5.x/Vector data collection would be performed and analyzed. Solutions would then be recommended for software implementation.
  • Designs included control algorithms, scheduling structures, and GMLAN/CAN allowing the use of different environments based on developer needs.
  • CMMI processes used in the development of algorithms
  • Calibration designs of new algorithm s , a base calibration would be set allowing calibrators a base starting point to begin optimization.
  • Algorithm testing would include white box and black box testing to ensure the algorithm functioned independently and as part of the whole control system.
  • Created macro/GUI applications in VB/VBA/C /C to allow for efficient data manipulation of shift events.
  • Vector was used for debugging messages and verifying network communication
  • NiMH S.O.C. determined with temperature, current, and voltage sensors all controlled with algorithms specific to customer needs.
  • All designs documented in Software Design Specification which included flow diagrams of intended BCM control.
  • GUI test systems were developed using Borland to perform BCM software flashes, calibration changes, bench testing, integration testing, and end of line testing.
  • Intranet site was developed in order to maintain documents used by workgroup. used HTML/CSS/JS for site design


  • Languages/Protocols
  • o C/C /C , VB/VBA, Python, SCPI, GPIB, Java, CAN, J1979, J1939, KWP, CCP, xCP, XETK, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Environments
  • o NotePad, TextPad , Codewright, Eclipse, Spyder, Borland, Bluefish, MATLAB, Uniphy, Android, UNIX/Linux Cygwin, Ubuntu, BusyBox, Angstrom , .NET, TSQL, MySQL, Subversion, Beyond Compare
  • Controllers
  • o Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Freescale, DrewTech, TI Concerto, Piccolo, Hercules
  • Leadership
  • o Developed into a team leader role at Control-Tec to guide co-workers in implementing solutions for customers with multiple data requirement needs including thermistor data, CAN bus data, GPS data, and manual data collection.
  • o Managed team of Mechanical engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Computer Engineers to develop system specific autonomous robots. Developed positive teamwork ethic, leading to successfully completing requirements in all categories of cohesive design engineering.

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