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Senior Software Engineer Resume Profile


  • SAP BW Consultant with 9years of Experience in Implementation, Rollout, and Support projects and having good hands on experience with all the versions of SAPBW 3.x, 7.X, 7.3 and 7.4 on HANA. Innovative use of BW technology to drive with new features and able to handle projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Performed ASAP life cycle implementation in SAP BW projects.
  • Experience on SAP BPC10.0 Modelling with EPM Functions.
  • Implemented layer scalable Architecture LSA and familiar with advanced LSA in HANA.
  • Acquired experience on SAP BI tools like WEBI, Dashboard, Explorer and Analysis as a source BEx OLAP Connection.
  • Good understanding on SAP functional flow like SD, MM, FI GL Accounts COPA, CCA, PCA.
  • Robust exposure on HANA technology like SAP BW on HANA, HANA studio, SAP BPC10.1 on HANA and well aware of HANA data replication technologies like SLT, SAP DS and DXC.
  • Excellent diagnostic, problem solving and issue resolution ability Confidence in the accuracy of recommendations and analytical results.


  • Data Modelling: SAP BW/BI 3.5/7.x/7.3: Expertise in Back-end Business Warehouse Components Info Objects, DSO's, Info Cubes, and ETL Tools Info Packages, Transformation, DTP.
  • BEx Tools: Queries, CKF's, RKF's, Structures, Variables, BEx Analyzer, BEx browser and web reports.
  • SAP HANA: HANA Architecture, Good Conceptual knowledge on SAP HANA HANA studio Information Views like Attribute views, Analytical views, Calculation views.
  • SAP Replication Technologies like SAP SLT, SAP DXC, SAP Data Services.
  • SAP Net weaver BW 7.40 Powered by HANA: Good exposure on SAP BW on HANA like SAP HANA optimized DSO's, Info cubes, SPO's etc
  • Acquired a Knowledge on SAP BIBO Tools like IDT, WEBI, Dashboard, Explorer, Analysis.
  • SAP BPC 10.0: Experienced on Models in SAP BPC like Environment, Dimensions, Models, script logic, BADI BPF.
  • EPM Reporting: Generated reports on EPM Interface for HR Planning Apps.
  • SAPBI ABAP: Function modules, Start Routine, End Routine, Field routine, Expert Routine and Customer Exits in BEx, Data Source Enhancements, DTP routines, IP Routines.
  • Communication Having strong ethics, interpersonal skills, communication, and ability to effectively manage stress and engage in continuous learning.


Role: SAP BWBPC Technical Consultant

  • Implemented BPC10.0 Planning Applications for Return Analytics and HR planning Input-forms and Reports.
  • BPC Modelling objects, Copy of Environment, created building blocks dimensions and Created Financial reporting Models primarily for planning.
  • Replicated sales billing data sources from SAP ECC and maintained relevant data in data targets like DSO and Std. Info cube and processed data with different datasets into BPC Model.
  • Loading data in BPC, Created Transformations file and Conversions file for appropriate master data loads and transaction data loads.
  • Designed and managed data upload structure with Transformation file conversion file for Hierarchy data uploads from BW to BPC.
  • Converted from BW key Figure Model into BPC Account based Model using Transformation file.
  • Executed Data management tasks in the data manager involve adding, modifying, moving, copying, and removing packages and package groups.
  • EPM Functions, Implemented HR Planning Applications to build input-forms for Power users on cost center level.
  • Developed static Rolling Forecast reports in EPM Add-in for Resource planning applications.
  • Using EPM Add-in, designed reporting and input layouts for end users and applied EPM functions for better presentation
  • Coding, used script logic for currency translation and Implemented custom BADI Implementations on the backend ABAP system, known as start/End routine.
  • Configured Business Process Flows BPFs interface to understand current status of planning, and to alert BPF owners for review/submit actions and to finalize.


Role: SAP BW Technical Consultant

BW Administration Activities:

  • Responsible to check data inconsistency in RSRV tool for Master data and transaction data.
  • Perform Administration tasks like Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Responsible for Business users raised tickets like Day to Day business activities.
  • Involved in BW Upgrade7.3, executed test cases for all Metadata Repository objects.
  • Implemented data modelling performance to improve data integrity and reporting accuracy.
  • Experience with high-volume SAP BW environments and performance tuning analysis including indexes, aggregates, statistics, compression, code review, query design review, etc
  • Reporting Performance Tuning, identified performance problems for existing modelling and improved performance.
  • Advanced Modelling, Introduced new data modelling features with semantic partitioning, virtual info providers, DSO modelling.
  • Data management, master data design/loading/maintenance and transaction data maintenance like info Provider maintenance partitioning, aggregates and BW Accelerator.
  • Re-designed existing Info providers to SPO's for large data providers to improve performance.
  • Reported on purchase order items delivered complete in terms of plant, vendor material.
  • Created queries to analyze the purchasing activities on material by plant, sales area and vendor level.
  • Configured procurement extractor 2LIS 02 ITM to report on purchasing documents on item level.
  • Extracted data that based on costing-based Account based CO-PA to analyze market segments by customer, cost center, company code, billing documents, sales order on item level.
  • Project is to production support on-going issues, analyze the business processes in-order to offer suitable solutions.
  • Serving as SAP consultant for SAP BW, BPS, IP BPC10.0 Applications .
  • Evaluated statistical performance using BW Statistics and suggested recommendations for performance optimization. Improved data load and query performance by redesign the legacy models.
  • Reporting, Worked on the reporting environment using BEx Analyzer to build queries, and queries with worksheets to access data from BW data targets.
  • Used webi for better representation for users on developing reports in BEx Analyzer, BEx Web and MS Analysis.

Functional Migration

  • Migrated 3.x data flow objects update rules, transfer rules, info source, data sources and Info packages to 7.x objects transformations and DTP's with RSMIGRATE Tool in BW7.3.
  • Migrated BEx Queries from 3.x to 7.x objects.
  • Migrated 3.x Workbooks using BW7.3 Analyzer.
  • WAD Templates Migration Re build for incompatible WAD Templates.

Environment: SAP BW/BI, SAP ECC 6.0 Production Support


SAP BW Technical Consultant


  • Configuring BW System environment
  • Served as SAP BI developer Experienced on BW Roll out projects.
  • Build the components for the data transformations and mappings to move and transform content from the data supply layer into the information delivery layer. Used tools like BEx Designer Xcelsius to present data in visually rich intuitive format.
  • SAP BW Configuration like Global settings and exchange rates in implementation phase.
  • Installation and activation of business content objects.

Modelling Architecture

  • Involved in the design, development, and implementation of BW using Extended Star schema.
  • Performed initial configuration of new BI 7.01 landscape including defining source systems for SAP ECC 6.0.
  • Analyzed and activated relevant Business Content and set SAP R/3, flat files, and BW as source systems
  • Worked on standard and custom-defined LO Extractions, and used LO structure for extracting sales order, delivery, and billing information
  • Configured procedures for extracting data from the SAP R/3 source system using generic extractions and customizing LO Cockpit.
  • Used virtualization layer to insulate them from changes to the underlying data models like DSO, InfoCubes.
  • Utilizing SAP BW Business Explorer and/or SAP BW Web Application Designer or other BI tools to develop reports for deployment to the business
  • Configured MM data sources 2LIS 03 BX, 2LIS 03 BF for goods movement from inventory management.
  • Involved in creating custom KPI reports like Material consumption and Material forecast using generic data sources.
  • Worked extensively on reports like Goods Movement, Stock Analysis COPA.
  • Worked Extensively on Material Requirement Planning MRP Reports.
  • Used ABAP for Transformation routines, DTP routines and user exits.
  • Worked on Remodeling to modify an Info cube adding new characteristic.
  • Worked on RRI Report to report interface to call other reports from one single report .
  • Designed varies BEx WAD Templates as per user requested for different Reports.
  • Created process chains RSPC for master data loads and transaction data that was scheduled for periodic loads using events.
  • Responsible for Transport Management for all objects till Production.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.6C, ECC 6.0, and BEx Designer.


Senior Software Engineer


Data Modelling Extraction

  • Worked on performance tuning issues by creating aggregates, MultiProviders, partitioning, and compression of relevant InfoCubes.
  • Collected and transported Objects to QA and after testing, and moved them to production.
  • Included Data propagation layer to stage data before transferring DSO contents to the Info Cube.
  • Consolidated data in harmonization layer to reuse the data for multiple data marts in standard DSO.
  • Analyzed Business Contents and activated Business Contents components.
  • Extracted SD, MM, HR, FI/CO, CO-PA, and PP data into the BI system.
  • Served as SAP BW/BI developer Support after go-live.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented Business Warehouse using Multi-dimensional Extended Star schema.
  • Extracted and transported data from the R/3 to BW using LIS/LO data extraction, and used generic extraction for the legacy system.
  • Designed automated loads for Global Settings Transfer Exchange Rates.
  • Configured SD Application 2LIS 11 12 13 extractor's to extract data, Using LO's cockpit.
  • Developed delivery reports to display data such as number of items/quantity delivered.
  • Created MultiProvider for transaction data from sales order, deliveries and billing documents.
  • Created queries to compare order, delivery and billing quantities per month.
  • Extracted data that was costing-based CO-PA to analyze on different profitability segments such as customer group, cost center, company code, sale area and region.
  • Configured FI General ledger extractor to extract line item transactions from ECC by using data sources like 0FI GL 4, 0FI AR 4, 0FI AP 4.
  • Developed a custom Info Cube as per design specifications in order to meet the business user requirements.
  • Analyzed info Cube dimensions and converted to line item dimension if required.

Query Generation

  • Worked on the reporting environment using BEx Analyzer/Web Analyzer and built queries to access data from BW data targets.
  • Involved in creation of reports by using free characteristics, restricted key figures, calculated key figures, Variables.
  • Created new web templates in WAD for specific requirement by customers.

Data Load Automation

  • Scheduled and monitored data loads to BW from SAP R/3 with various frequency's and conditions.
  • Designed and developed process chains RSPC for master data loads and Transaction data Loads.
  • Performed extraction, transformation, and loading of data ETL by preparing SAP R/3 for SAP BW and defining the loading strategies, initial and delta data loads using IDocs and PSA TRFCs , loading data via flat files and scheduling and monitoring data loads.
  • Monitoring of loads and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Process Chains.

Environment: SAP BI7.0, SAP R/3 4.6C.


Software Engineer SAP BI Support Role


Administration Testing role in BW system

  • Primarily worked on Support Project for front end/back end and Report Designer
  • Monitored and supported SAP Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse data processes to ensure a stable environment, and integrated non-SAP data within the Data Warehouse
  • Tested and supported complex data extraction, transformation, and load processes to support reporting needs.
  • Data load monitoring from the chains related to master data, stock flows, sales invoices, operations logistics, SRM, Financial management controlling, Inventory audit and exchange management.
  • Developed various info-objects, DSO, Cubes, Multi Providers, Virtual providers Transformations etc .
  • Design and development of new process chains as per the need from client.
  • Scheduled and monitored data loads as part of production support and handled enhancements as part of go-live support.
  • Tested and analyzed data using SAP BW Business Explorer, defined queries, and delivered data from various sources in an organized fashion using BEx Query Designer.
  • Tested, loaded master data and transaction data into the warehouse via the DW workbench.
  • Created process chains RSPC for master data loads and transaction data that was scheduled for periodic loads using events
  • Tested Multi-provider and Info Sets and performed reporting on them and maintained BEx Queries in BEx Analyzer and BEx WAD for analysis and web reporting respectively published in Enterprise Portal.

Environment: SAP BI7.0, SAP R/3 4.6C ECC.

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