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Sr. Cloud Management Architect Resume Profile



Confidential has more than 25 years of industry experience in technology and systems integration with the focus on enterprise management systems. He has functional experience with most of the COTS management products available today as well as Operating Systems, Databases and networking technologies. Over this span of time, Confidential has supported commercial and government accounts to include the Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency, USAF, Census, Customs and Border Patrol, Health and Human Services and Department of Homeland Security among others. Confidential has provided both technical direction and consulting services for enterprise management initiatives across these agencies.



Sr. Cloud Management Architect

Confidential supported an internal Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI initiative for CSC. The underlying hardware that hosted the solution was built on the VCE Vblock with VMware and VMView as the desktop delivery engine. Confidential delivered a Concept Of Operations document that leveraged existing CSC Lines of Service LOS as the support group.


Sr. Cloud Management Architect

Confidential is a member of the Cloud Compute for Government CCFG initiative within CSC to offer public cloud services to Federal customers with a FISMA moderate posture. The solution is based upon the VCE infrastructure. His role in the project is that of Integration into Operations lead. In this capacity he interfaced with all technology verticals to include the development team's Virtualization, Compute, Storage and Security leads. He also provided direction to the managed network services Line of Service LOS utilizing Ionix Smarts/ESM and CA eHealth. In addition, he directed resources to enable for security services to be able to ingest log file data and push out AV and Host Intrusion Detection agents. In addition, Confidential was active in defining and executing the PO M's required to attain FISMA Moderate posture for the VCE component of the initiative.

Sr. Solution Architect

Confidential led a team that delivered a Project and Change Management System PCMS for a division of DISA Defense Information Systems Agency . The solution was a work flow built upon the BMC Remedy product. In the course of the project Confidential coordinated technical resources in a diverse environment to deliver the solution while advising the customer on the best way to align the development of the tool with their change management process.


Senior Product Specialist

In his role with FCP, Confidential deployed and configured network management solutions for the DHS Stennis Data Center. In addition to working with the onsite personnel on SNMPv3 discovery he also provides level 3 support to the CSC Stennis Team.

Confidential also provided support for a CSC funded Cyber Lab to highlight the Intrinsically Secure Architecture ISA . He led the team installing and configuring an Out of Band OOB management network. The entire suite of tools was hosted in a Virtual environment and managed by VCenter. One of his roles is to bridge between vendors and project management to ensure that delivered services aligned with the overall project plan. Among the suite of tools deployed were BMC ITSM 7.5, BMC ADDM, BMC BPPM, BMC BEM/SIM, EMC-Smarts, VisualAnalytics and LGB IA. The host operating systems fielded were a mix of Solaris, Linux and Windows.


Technical Consultant

  • As a pre-sales technical consultant for the EMC/Smarts product line, Confidential provided customers with solution sets that would address their enterprise management concerns. Mr. Boyden interacted with the various components that made up the operations center, bridging the gaps between the individual silos Security, Engineering and Operations to provide an end to end solution. In many cases, previously acquired point tools satisfied components of the customers' requirements and were integrated into the solution.
  • As the lead engineer for the Air Force CITS sales effort, MConfidential presented the EMC/Smarts solution in such a way that it was selected as the Fault Management system for the Air Force.
  • Confidential also designed and implemented the network management architecture for a managed service provider that supported Census, HHS and TSA. The architecture was designed to be scalable and support many more customers. It was predicated on a tiered approach whereby the service providers' security posture was in full alignment with the end customers requirements.
  • Confidential has demonstrated a broad understanding of the multiple components that comprise an operations center and successfully worked to align these efforts. These included demonstrating the Smarts solution sets as they pertained to SAN management through integration w/ECC , WAN protocol management as well as the core WAN/LAN capabilities.


Principal Systems Engineer

  • Confidential acted in the role of a Principal Systems Engineer in support of the DISA INMS program. As additional management systems were integrated into the solution, Mr. Boyden was delegated to understand the new technologies and create the road map for integration of these tools.
  • In addition to supporting the program, Confidential was also dispatched to various Conus and OConus sites for support and planning purposes. Supported DISA INMS Program


Senior Network Management Engineer

As a Senior Network Management Engineer, Confidential was part of an advance team that assisted Cable Wireless Global Markets deliver a B2B solution for Standard Charter Bank. Although Confidential focus was on the management of the network, he demonstrated his breadth of experience by becoming a member of a team that performed an intensive security assessment of the proposed B2B effort.


Senior Network Systems Consultant

As a Senior Network Systems Consultant, Confidential had multiple customer engagements architecting, deploying and maintaining network management systems to include LAN/WAN and SAN's HDS . In addition, Mr. Boyden also performed assessments that allowed the client to understand gaps in their current solution set and take steps to remediate these.

The solution sets were vendor agnostic and chosen not because of vendor affiliation but because the offerings best fit the customers' requirements. Customers included Cable Wireless Global Markets, Primus, Sprint and Wallmart among others. In some of the engagements, the network elements were not SNMP compliant and Confidentialworked with the customer to create a solution to instrument the elements for status.

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