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Lawson Senior Consultant Resume Profile

Atlanta, Ga

Profile Overview

Over 20 years of experience in systems analysis, software development, project leadership and technical project management with 15 years of expertise in Lawson system development and management focused on HRIS and Financial modules with experience in Self-Service and Portal apps. I have completed professional training courses focusing on Lawson Case Tools, Lawson Database Administration, Crystal Reports and Project Management along with 4 years of college coursework.

Technical and Functional Skills

  • Project Management Lawson Programming
  • Lawson Interface Development Data Conversion Scripting
  • Lawson HRMS and Financials Lawson Self-Service and Portal
  • COBOL and 4GL Development Unix Shell scripting
  • Process Flow MS-Addins





Unix, Windows Mainframe

Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DMSII

Lawson 5x - 9x, Lawson HR/Payroll, Lawson Benefits, Lawson Financials, Lawson Procurement, Lawson Employee Self-Service,

Lawson Portal,

Lawson Design Studio,

Lawson Case and developer Tools,

BSI TaxFactory,

MS Office Suite,

MS Project,

VI Editor

Lawson 4GL/Case 20 yrs ,

Micro-Focus COBOL II 20 yrs ,

Oracle PL/SQL-Plus 6 yrs ,

Unix Shell Scripting 5 yrs ,

HTML and JavaScript 1 year


Crystal Reports

Design Studio Crystal Reports

Employment History


Lawson Senior Consultant

I am developing a new Appraiser Bonus System using Lawson 4gl tools, Design Studio and Process Flow in 9.1 environments. Contract expected to be completed by end of December, 2013. I developed 8 on-line forms and coded the navigation required to use push buttons to traverse the forms to view, adjust and approve bonuses for the appraisers by two layers of upper management. I wrote the Java Script to call Process flow work units that track the progress of the approval process. I am finishing up some reports and finalizing testing for the project.


Part time contract - Working remotely

  • Lawson Senior Consultant
  • I am Supporting Grocers Supply's Lawson system as they begin the transition to another ERP system.


Lawson Senior Consultant/Lead Analyst

I Provided on-going support for Lawson payroll and financial systems including HR, PR, BN, PA, AP, AR, GL. Work with users to identify, troubleshoot, test and resolve production problems while supporting Lawson version 9.0.1. I developed several Process Flows, one of which sent out a birthday and anniversary greeting to employees via E-mail. Developed and Maintained Crystal Reports as requested. I modified the payroll process to pass checks to a desktop system for printing. I designed and developed, using Design Studio, a HR11 EZ screen. I completed the analysis and development of several vendor interface programs. Used MS Add-ins to extract and load data. Automated recurring multi step jobs and wrote shell scripts to do PGP, FTP to vendors and created forms to call scripts from Lawson Job Scheduler. Modified screen images using Lawson Design Studio and HTML. I have participated as a key member of an upgrade from Lawson 8.1 to 9.0. and now to 9.0.1


Lawson Senior Consultant

Working on implementation of Lawson HR version 9.0 at Wal-Mart. I mapped data elements from current PeopleSoft system to Lawson. Used MS Add-ins to load setup data and Lawson supplied programs to load Employee data to DB2 database. I created new programs to support interfaces with Wal-Mart in house applications. I worked on several SQL programs to interface Lawson data for in house applications. Modified Lawson provided programs to meet in-house users needs.


Lawson Senior Consultant

Maintain Lawson HR/PR applications at MasterCard Global Services, an international company. Wrote interface programs for conversion to new benefit provider CitiStreet . I upgraded Lawson Environment to ESP10 and Applications to MSP9. I applied Lawson CTPs. Modified HTML and JS code for the Self-Service and Open Enrolment modules. Applied Lawson application patches in 8.0.3 environment.


Lawson Senior Consultant

I worked on site and remote for an international corporation in Dallas, Texas supporting/developing ACH interface and Reconciliation for Lawson AP System for banks in USA and Australia. Wrote Unix shell scripts to archive ACH data files and called them from the Lawson programs. Lawson 8.0.2 environment.On site at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury Md. I was brought in to assist in the final stages of a Lawson upgrade from 8.0.1 to 8.0.3. I developed screens and reports in the AP, MA, and PO areas using Lawson tools. Implementation of Lawson 8.0.3 Financial and Payroll Systems. Trained users to setup parameters and execute job definitions.


Lawson Project Manager

  • SCI Management is comprised of 30,000 active employees nationwide with over 100,000 total.
  • Led a team of 4 staff and 4 contract professionals through the upgrade from Lawson 7.0.9 to 7.2.4 and implemented the Lawson Employee Self Service module and open enrollment.
  • Directed the migration of a time tracking system from the AS/400 to the Lawson Time and Attendance module and maintained the time tracking interfaces from a Unix system and a PC-based Windows system.
  • Supervised staff of 4 in maintaining/improving the Lawson 7x environment, completed an upgrade to Lawson 7.2.5 and re-implemented Lawson Employee Self Service and open enrollment.
  • Led a team through the conversion to Ceridian HR/Payroll System and migrated database platforms from Sybase 11.9.2 to Oracle.



Lawson Development Consultant

Developed Lawson 4GL-COBOL programs and Unix scripts to convert Supply Chain/Procurement data from multiple legacy systems to Lawson 8x on Unix. Combined providers, from multiple business divisions, into one system with combined ordering, billing and payment transactions. Used Lawson to IBM's MQSI integration for data transfer.


Lawson Development Consultant

Developed Lawson 4GL-COBOL and Unix scripts to convert HR/PR data from MSA and PBIS legacy systems and import the data into the Lawson system.Implemented the Lawson Time and Attendance and Self Evident Application module for 5 warehouses and wrote custom programs to interface to an existing PC-based Windows time tracking system.


COBOL Development Consultant

Worked as consultant developing and maintaining COBOL programs in an IBM AIX Unix environment and modified/created Unix shell scripts as required.


Unisys Project Lead

  • Directed the activities for up to 8 consultants during Y2K program modifications successfully finishing ahead of schedule.
  • Received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretary of the State of Michigan for work completed on the Y2K project.

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