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Student Developer Resume Profile

Job History:

Student Developer

Charged with maintenance and alteration of many websites across the country as well as trusted to build sites for new clients from scratch. Tasked with creating unique solutions to client requests quickly and creatively. Gained in-depth knowledge of the web development process and industry standard tools. Created source maps for all of our CSS code and helped minimize image size and http requests across all of our assets.


Service Center Representative

Responsible for delivering a high quality of customer service to residents each day. Tasked with answering guests questions, processing mail and packages, and acting as an ambassador for Residence Education Housing Services. Trusted with keys and access cards to any part of the building, and confidential, personal information of students and employees.


Tasked with minor code maintenance and modification over the course of the project. Created GUIs at the request of the engineers to be included in the steering console of the robot itself. Successfully piloted the robot through a task in competition. Helped code a touch sensor for use in competition under supervision of the team lead. Had a reputation as a well liked and efficient employee.


Responsible for baking and selling cookies as well as store upkeep and to maintain a positive image with the customers. Trusted to work weekends when customer traffic is highest and still maintain product quality and speed of service. Selected to represent Insomnia cookies at the midnight release of Gears of War 3 due to good people skills and an excellent service record.


Helped international students move in and complete all required paperwork needed to establish themselves at Michigan State. Welcomed parents and students at the initial student check-in, helped students fill out paperwork needed to register for classes and employment with the University, and assisted students with the move in process. Excellent communication skills and problem solving as well as knowledge of the registration process were required to assist students, many of whom spoke limited English, with these complicated procedures.Worked in several capacities for the company including but not limited to construction work under the supervision of a lead carpenter, passing out company advertising door to door unsupervised, and dumping garbage accumulated at various projects in the Lansing area. Demonstrated trustworthiness and the ability to work unsupervised. Showed an excellent work ethic and ability to take orders when asked to work on and off site.


Refereed youth soccer matches for u8 leagues up to u14. Established a reputation as a reliable, punctual, knowledgable official. Gained experience in dealing with angry or even antagonistic players, coaches and parents, and developed the ability to make the right decision quickly under pressure.


  • Very experienced with Git
  • Proficient in C , Python, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, and VHDL programming languages
  • - Competed in the 2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge with a team to create an adwords campaign for a client
  • - High aptitude with all of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Adobe Creative Suite
  • - Excellent general computer skills, complete understanding of Email and all standard office and communications technology including Atlassian software
  • - High people skills, lots of experience working with customers and the public. All my jobs have required me to have a good relationship with my fellow employees
  • Experience in app development with Heroku and Drupal
  • - Logical, detail oriented thinker
  • - Excellent mathematician, completed all calculus and math classes through linear algebra
  • - Comfortable in Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac environments
  • - Experience creating GUIs using QT software

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