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Lead Gis Analyst Resume Profile


Opportunity to apply the knowledge that I have accumulated from my experience working and leading at several GIS departments. Desire to achieve advanced skills regarding new technologies applied in the GIS and pipeline industry, and to apply the knowledge and skills in new opportunities.

Functional Expertise

Expertise in delivery of alignment sheets preconstruction and construction deadlines. Ensure quality data delivery through analysis and researching data quality standards. Meet with internal and external clients to streamline data transfer and storage. Set up templates for maps, alignment sheets, and GIS Viewer. Organize training for other Analysts and Technicians in order to cross train and improve the skills of the group.



Lead GIS Analyst

  • Led and managed the collection and management of Property Parcel data for Enbridge Flanagan South Project. Organized training and prepared other GIS personnel that would work in the Property Parcel daily.
  • Worked with the Database Administrator in order to set up the appropriate environment Versioning for editing and maintaining data in SDE.
  • Created template and process for ROW Property Sketches using Data Driven Pages for quick and accurate delivery. Led and organized training for other Analysts in Property Sketch generation and delivery.
  • Created Alignment sheet template for IFB and IFC Alignment sheet delivery using BlueSky Lightning as well as New Century Sheetcutter. Organized New Century Sheetcutter and BlueSky Lightning training of GIS Analysts for Alignment sheet generation.
  • Worked closely with BlueSky Lightning Developer in order to add and test new features requested by client as well as for broader use in the project.
  • Produced documentation for GIS deliverables such as: Line Crossing, Property Sketch, and Alignment sheet processes for GIS project team.
  • Led GIS team for Enbridge Flanagan South Project and currently leading GIS team for the Spectra Sabal Trail project.
  • Maintain and write Python scripts for Daily data export, Version Reconcile and Post and continue to write more scripts as needed as well as Python add-ins. Also working in ArcObjects C MS Visual Studio 2010 to create stand alone applications for use in the GIS department. Review new GIS tools and help with testing of new programs for future GIS department use.


GIS Specialist

  • Worked and consulted with Team Leads on streamlining workflows for ILI integration to PODS data as well as other GIS tasks.
  • Assisted GIS team members to better understand the use of Mapbooks and other ESRI tools.
  • Created map sets with DS Mapbooks displaying ILI/PIG data against PODS data for Centerline correction and Pipe Facility data maintenance.
  • Worked on updating PODS data for DOT compliance using Legacy alignment sheets, Field Notes, Replacement data and Construction Materials Lists.


GIS Product Release Coordinator

  • Coordinated with Environmental, Land and Survey groups in order to receive scheduled updates of spatial data in the required data formats. Created workflows for data receipt, management and delivery to internal and external clients. Reprojected, cleaned and loaded data to ArcSDE Spatial Database Engine to view on ArcIMS site.
  • Responsible for GIS deliverables for 2 major projects Keystone Mainline and Florida Gas Phase 8 . Fielded requests for GIS data alignment sheets, change requests, as-built delivery, etc. from Engineers, Clients and Project Managers as well as estimated time needed for proper delivery. Completed requests when possible, but also would assign requests to other GIS personnel.
  • Created Alignment Sheets for Pipeline Planning and Construction using New Century Sheetcutter software. Managed and trained AutoCad technicians in ArcMap in order to prepare alignment sheets in ArcMap for delivery. Worked in XML code and ArcGIS desktop in order to prepare the template and run alignment sheets in Eagle Mapping TurboRoute. Made any corrections or added reroutes requested by the client and reproduced the alignment sheets.
  • Worked with As-Built data in order to import to client database. Examine the data, find any discrepancies, and notify Survey of the discrepancies. Final product was an MDB file containing As-Built data in the table schema that is required. Created As-Built data delivery workflow that ensured proper As-Built data QA/QC. Handled any questions and updates that were requested by the client.
  • Worked with Development team to create documentation and process workflows for customized GIS tools as well as organize training for Analyst and Techs in the Production group.
  • Created, backed up, and restored databases created roles, added users and granted permissions in SQL Server 2008 R2. Managed ESRI licenses with ArcGIS License Server 10.

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