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Independent Developer/dba Resume Profile


  • Information Technology Professional with over 11 years of proven experience in programming and development environments.
  • Worked on several different roles including-Developer, Data Analyst and supported the business applications of an entire department.
  • Worked in Development, UAT and Production Environments.
  • Experience working within Government, Business, and Research Institutions.
  • Able to support multiple applications in production environment.
  • An individual performer and team player with solid written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical, troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills with keen attention to detail.


Source Control

TFS,Visual Sourcesafe

Client-Server Technologies/Languages

C,C , VB, VBA, VB.net, VC , HTML5, JSP,ASP,ASP.net, CFML, Java, TSql, Pl/Sql, XML, XSLT, XPath, CSS3


JavaScript, VBScript, Unix Shell Script, JQuery, BootStrap,Angular.js


MS Access, MS SQLServer 6.5,7.0,2000,2005,2008 Express Oracle8,10g,11i , IBM DB2.


MS VisualStudio6.0,MS Visual Studio 2003,MS Visual Studio 2005Express,MS Visual Studio 2008,MS VSTeamSystem2008, MS Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate ,NetBeans 6.1,6.5,Eclipse

Web Servers/AppServer

VisualWebDeveloper2005, JRun, ColdFusion 4.5, 5.0, 6.1MX and 8, Apache, IIS, IBM Web Sphere, GlassFish, iPlanet,JBoss

Analysis/Reporting Tools

UML/Crystal Reports


IBMPc, Dell serves, IBM MainFrame


MSOffice 95, 97.OfficeSystem2003, 2007,2010,MSVisio, GIS, Misys vision,SharePoint.

Business Service Management

Control-M /EM Scheduler,BJS Scheduler, CONNX tools

ETL Server

Windows Server 2003 64 bit

BI Tools


FILE Utilities

File Query, Notepad

Operating Systems

WindowsXp,WindowsNT,Windows2000,Windows2003 Standard ,Windows2008R2,Windows7

Ultimate ,Windows 8


Independent developer/DBA

  • Developed a Dot net application that enables performing numerical calculations. The application was developed with Dotnet frame work 3.5 and was coded in C . The GUI is a Windows Form.
  • Worked on Tutorials on building ASP.net web Applications using C for code behind files. Specifically features like view state,Session State, Application State, Lifecycle of web application. Using ADO.net, Entity Framework for data access. Using Common controls like drop down, data grid, buttons, check boxes, Radio controls. Other features include Authentication mechanisms, configuration files, Debugging Asp.net web application, Exception handling, Sending Emails.
  • Worked on Tutorials for building MVC framework 1.0, 2, 3, 4 based web application using C and Dotnet framework 4 4.5. Specifically features like generating hyperlink using actionlink html helper, Working with multiple tables, using business objects as models, creating a view to insert data, Forms Collection, Razor views, client side validation, obstusive and Unobstrusive validation using jquery etc.,
  • Worked on tutorials for building interoperable and distributed applications using Web services and WCF using Visual Studio.
  • Worked on tutorials on Object Oriented programming incorporating concepts like encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorhism.
  • Worked on tutorials for building web sites using HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript,Jquery.
  • Installed MySql Server version 5.6 on Windows 8 platform. Created Admin and User accounts Configured a named instance.Created a schema and tables to track customers and other relevant information of a cable network. Developed DML scripts to extract information for the cable network company.
  • Developed DDL/DML scripts pertaining to a database with students and Classes on Oracle 11g environment.
  • Worked on creating a database for a music store in SqlServer 2008.The database named MUSIC was created in Sqlserver 2008 and has tables ALBUM and ARTIST.

Interactive Developer/DBA-Epsilon

  • Confidential Responsible for Managed and Production support including on call support during off duty hours of existing batch jobs that are run for data processing needs of MetLife's six lines of business in Auto, Home and Life Insurance. These batch jobs are created using Proprietary Java Packages and are scheduled to run in ETL servers. An Oracle 11 g database server is used as the back end database. The goal of the jobs is to Insert/update database tables with lead, Policy and Underwriting etc., information that we receive on a daily, weekly and monthly basis from call centers, agents who sell the Metlife Products. Campaigns for Promoting the sale of the products is carried out using UNICA Tool using the data in the database tables. In addition canned report generation using Hyperion is carried out. I have also been involved in supporting the configuration and property files that we use in DEV, UAT and PRODUCTION environment of the ETL servers. I also worked on creating DDL Scripts, DML Scripts required as a part of complete job creation. Since our systems also interact with systems of SALESFORCE, we create extracts and push and pull data with their systems. I also tracked failures of jobs in Production environment which were made available in a sharepoint site.In addition, I was performing DBA tasks like running scripts in production environment, performance tuning of queries etc.,
  • I have also worked on enhancements to an application framework developed to handle real time processing of feeds that we
  • receive by making web service calls. This framework was built using VB.net using object oriented methodologies. This Platform will enable the client to process data in real time and interacts with customers immediately rather than wait for jobs to be batch processed
  • at scheduled times during the day.

Environment: Oracle 11g, MS SQLServer 2008, File query, BJS Scheduler, NotePad , SQL Developer,SQLServer Management Studio, ETL Servers,SSIS,UNIX,Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate , TFS, VSS, MSMQ, Hyperion


Consultant for South Shore Hospital

  • Worked on converting HR related MS ACCESS applications developed in 2000 format to 2007 format. The Applications were split as front and backend applications and the backend Access tables were replaced by MS SQLServer 2005 database tables. Modified some of the existing reports.

Environment:MS Office 2007,MS SQLServer 2005,MS SQLServer Management studio.


Senior Develop/DBA for Philips LifeLine

  • Worked on company wide upgrade of MS Office 2007 application project. Converting MS Access 2003 databases to 2007 format.
  • Adding new functionality and improved the performance of some of the existing databases. Dubugging client server
  • Applications and writing proposal for new development. Designed and developed a multi user MS ACCESS application that tracks workflow involved in enrolling patients in health care/medical device business Organization.
  • Upgraded Account receivable applications to use data from a dedicated reporting server environment that has databases in Microsoft SQLServer 2005.
  • Worked on several Account Receivable MS Access applications that track denial, aging and payment information updated from financial applications like Allscripts Misys. These updates are carried out on a weekly basis by scheduling macros to run using Windows task scheduler service. Also,worked on in house developed Management tools that enable Insurance team leads to follow-up on claims with healthcare insurance companies.These tools also enable adding new users and allocating insurance companies to different accounts managed by an user.The tools give the claims outstanding against different accounts and also shows the current status each claim.
  • Also, worked on Pivot table/chart reports of Aging information by product line by insurance companies etc. These reports show data for five weeks at a time and get refreshed as weekly reports are run and updated. Created an MS Access application that enables
  • PayerOverview and focus reports for various procedure codes and populates the data on excel as pivot charts.
  • Worked with ARMonitor a web based application which exists as a billing validation tool between two service line application systems CEDS360 and REMS and Misys Software.
  • Worked on companywide upgrade of Allscripts Misys software to conform to HIPAA- 5010 guidelines.Was involved in preparation of technical documents, Scope and testing of applications.

Environment:MS Office 2010,MS SQLServer 2005,SQLServer Management studio,Visual Studio 2005,Control-M/EM Scheduler



  • Got Trained in the areas of Enterprise Solutions Development. Courses taught incude Design Patterns, OOAD using C Java.Web Services, SOA, XML, XSLT,ASP.net, Windows Forms, n-tier application development, SQL Server 2005 , 2008 Oracle 10g,
  • Java/J2ee. Project Work on Adventure Works Cycle solution implementation using n-tier architecture.


Application Developer for Intrinsic Therapeutics

  • Developed applications in areas of MS Office Products 2003, ASP.Net, VB.Net, VS 2008, MS SQLServer 2005 Express , etc.
  • Supported 12 different applications written in managed and unmanaged code.
  • Created Access Reports application to show additional clinical data. Report later able to be exported to Word and Excel.
  • on Word templates using XML Schema definition.
  • Created Access application to calculate average, standard deviation, median, and mode of patient data, which could be populated
  • Merged clinical data related to Barricaidmesh Medical Device studies existing in multiple Access databases
  • Worked on supporting and enhancement of four different ASP.Net Web Applications running on IIS 5.1 Webserver on a Windows 2000 Server.These applications were used for collecting clinical trial data of enrolled patients.
  • Developed a clinical front end forms application In MS Access 2003 for the clinical database.
  • Developed multi-user Access application for limited release of a medical device. Application includes 15 forms and enables tracking changes to patient records for audit purposes, as well as sends email notifications regarding changes.
  • Designed and developed Patient Accountability Report, an FDA standard report using MS Office, to track patient follow ups at
  • various intervals. Report accounts for failures and deaths to assist in managerial decision making. Populated in Word using XSD.
  • Designed and developed Contact Information System using MS Access.
  • Exposed to VMWare's ESXi to run applications on virtual servers in consolidation efforts.

Environment: MS Office 2003,Visual Studio 2003,SQLServer Management studio.



  • Performed Point of Sale operations using the SMART System.
  • Installed MS Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition and MS SQLServer 2005 Express Edition.
  • Executed sql scripts to attach sample databases: AdventureWorks, AdventureWorksDW, and Pubs in SQL Server 2005 Express.
  • Developed applications of increasing complexity using VB2005 and VC 2005 Express.
  • Developed application FirstDatabase that uses Visual Basic 2005 tools to create basic data-oriented user interface.
  • Created complete VB.net application Persons based on principles of object-oriented design, including Inheritance, Overriding.
  • Developed websites using ASP.net 2.0 using MS Visual Web Developer 2005.
  • Developed ColdFusion components and familiarized with Internationalization issues
  • Developed RSSReader Application using VC 2005, MS SQLServer 2005, XML, that reads an RSS feed and displays channels/
  • relevant news items. Application has capacity to save channels and news items.



  • Developed Windows forms application that enables sending email with attachments using the MS VB.net and .Net Framework1.0.
  • Developed Windows forms multiple choice question/answer application using VB.Net and Access.
  • Developed ASP.net multiple choice application using Web Forms and Access as the back end.
  • Installed and configured JRun, Coldfusion 6.1Mx and IBM WebSphere server.
  • Created physical database models, database objects, populated tables with sample data, wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers in MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Developed Cold Fusion web application for adding, editing, and deleting departments and courses offered using CFMx and Access.
  • Worked on Cold fusion application using MVC architecture for adding, editing and deleting companies and the employees associated with them.
  • Created simple ColdFusion component and exposed its functionality through web service.
  • Developed web applications using ASP.net, JSP, JavaBeans, servlet, XML, XSL, Access, and JRun.
  • Development Experience in java including Multi-Threaded servers.
  • Familiarized System Analysis using UML.
  • Performed POS transactions, queried database for Inventory lookup, opened Customer Accounts and dealt with Credit Center.


Programmer/Analyst for Getronics

  • Performed Enhancements on existing ColdFusion Application.
  • Performed minor enhancements, validation testing, Functionality testing, Concurrency testing of an ASP web application.
  • Migrated the ASP web application from UAT to Production with team members.
  • Designed and developed new reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Part of team responsible for setting up servers and was in charge of a server in production environment.



  • Worked in areas of new business development offering expertise in manpower selection, setting up infrastructure facilities, etc.



  • Developed site for marketing variable annuity product introduced by JNLI, Lansing using ColdFusion and Db2.
  • Involved in browser compatibility, Functionality and Performance testing of Web Applications.
  • Helped develop system for receiving and forwarding E911 calls built as ActiveX controls using VC , MS SQLServer, MSMQ.
  • Involved in setting up LAN facilities.
  • Implemented functionalities for creating, editing, and saving image files as well as providing thumbnail view of images in a VB
  • application.
  • Developed prototype VB/Access Application for HealthCare industry.
  • Developed VB application that enables inter-process communication using named pipes.
  • Developed application that reads scan line of Utility Real Estate invoices through serial port and enables creating lockbox file attaching a header file.

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