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Lead It Developer Resume Profile

Paramus, NJ

Lead IT Developer / Analyst

Problems solver 15 years of experience strong in creating robust and powerful applications to maximize business productivity and enhance revenue and profitability. Very strong analytical and problem resolution skills. Extensive experience in financial software analysis and development. Designed, maintained, and tested financial business front- and back-end systems. Proven track record to lead and successfully complete large and complex projects. Able to meet deadlines and function under pressure. Demonstrated, original, creative and cost effective approach to application design and maintenance. Utilize latest industry knowledge and technology to achieve appropriate solutions. Demonstrated capacity to build, train, and mentor highly productive and motivated teams.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Hardware: IBM PC, IBM Mainframe, UNISYS Mainframe
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, NT, 95, 2000, 7.
  • Software and Languages: Visual Studio, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C , PowerBuilder up to version 10.5, including PowerBuilder Foundation Class libraries , SQL, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, Sybase Anywhere, Oracle, Rapid SQL, COBOL, ROBOHELP, Serena / Dimensions, SVN, MS Office.

Professional Experience


  • Lead developer/analyst for IMEX. Worked on new projects and maintained existing enterprise applications written in ASP.NET and PowerBuilder
  • Lead, managed and coordinated IT projects from planning to deployment stage
  • Determined milestone deliverables, communicated with all parties involved in the projects, analyzed impact of changes on existing business process, coordinated project schedule with dependent groups
  • Analyzed existing enterprise software and proposed technical solutions/modifications for using it in a global market
  • Created Translation module to automate mail processing and translation from Chinese and Japanese to Roman characters which is required by USPS. Project was done in .NET web service and PowerBuilder
  • Did major enhancements to financial module of the system invoicing, credit, rebilling, etc. using PowerBuiulder and Sybase
  • Created a new reports for the managements EGM Reports for business website using Visual Studio 2008 VB.NET and Telerik software
  • Started migration of client-server enterprise system to the Web using Visual Studio VB.NET and Sybase
  • Created database objects like stored procedures, triggers and events to make business logic portable using Sybase
  • Developed a new financial part of the IMEXOps to define and maintain value added tax VAT for other countries using PowerBuilder and Sybase Anywhere
  • Designed a new advanced module to calculate and produce UK financial invoices and Billing Analysis Reports using value added tax VAT for European market. Project was designed in PowerBuilder and Sybase.
  • Created complex reporting tools for top management. Project was designed using PowerBuilder and Sybase stored procedures
  • Merged source code from US and UK versions of IMEXOps using Dimensions Serena software to create one global set of libraries. Implemented all technical application and database changes to accommodate IMEXOps application to international standards
  • Created functional specs based on business requirement
  • Provided every day production maintenance and support for clients in US and UK.

Notable Projects include:

  • Confidential The existing US enterprise business application was adapted to work for new European market.
  • E-Packet project: First in the industry adopted new USPS product. The goal was to bring a new shipping service from USPS to our customers. Project was done in PowerBuilder.
  • USPS Customs Forms project: The goal was to automate all processes to move parcels through US Customs. Project was done using PowerBuilder, .NET web services and Sybase. The project completely eliminate need of manual paperwork.

Sr. Programmer / Analyst

  • Lead developer/analyst Confidential business managing multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. Responsible for strategic front-end development, testing, implementation and production support using PowerBuilder, Visual Studio.NET, DB2, and MS SQL Server. Played key role in every stage of SDLC.
  • Proposed and implemented original architecture, math algorithms, and solutions for high-profile UIT projects like Expenses, Corporate Actions, and QDI, etc. designed in PowerBuilder and DB2.
  • Developed and introduced to life, development and production approaches using PowerBuilder and DB2 that became standard for many years in UIT for Data Warehouse front-end system. Brought Data Warehouse application from pilot project to reliable solid enterprise business system, of which as a result, the number of transactions have increased tenfold.
  • Proposed and developed in PowerBuilder and DB2 UIT reporting tools like NAV Net Asset Value , Evaluation Report and Activity Report that became a framework for all UIT business.
  • Introduced and used simple and reliable approach to create stored procedures using IBM Development Center software. Created database stored procedures to encapsulate business logic and significantly increase performance of business processes.
  • Proposed and developed in PowerBuilder and DB2 automatic utilities to identify potential UIT system and data base problems before business day starts. It helped to reduce significantly interruptions in business.
  • Started and led .NET C development to bring IRIS business application from Chase to UIT.
  • Developed cost effective approaches for application testing and production distribution.
  • Migrated enterprise system to latest version of PowerBuilder.
  • Supervised daily activities in production support for all critical front-end applications and data.
  • Introduced and developed application online help documentation for users built with Robohelp.
  • Managed team of developers. Trained and mentored team members, offshore team, and newly hired analysts.

Notable Projects include:

  • Confidential The application calculates qualified dividends for securities in all portfolios by end-of-year according to latest IRS requirements. As a result, time for manual data processing was reduced from weeks to several hours while accuracy of the data became close to 100 . Designed in PowerBuilder with PFC heavy business processing was done in stored procedures on DB2.
  • Confidential Allows setting up and processing corporate actions for each security on-line or in batch, enables future scheduling and more. The new process completely replaced manual multi-user approach to one user and reduced process time from hours to seconds. Project was designed in PowerBuilder with PFC and DB2.
  • Confidential Allows configuring, calculating and maintaining DSC for all funds on UIT system. This helped completely eliminate tons of paper work and time that users used to spend in DSC calculations. Project was designed in PowerBuilder with PFC and DB2.
  • Confidential Allows entering data from front-end to mainframe FACTS system process up to 20 rates and fees for any fund. Calculates totals on a daily basis during scheduled night batch. Due to its simplicity and neat design the process became the most important in UIT. It saved hours of users' time on a daily basis. Project was designed in PowerBuilder with PFC and MS Access.
  • Confidential Allows processing data from external investment firm according to business rules, updating UIT data and producing new external file on a daily basis. The project automated data mining, validation and population and saved hours of work every day on business site. Project was designed in PowerBuilder with PFC and DB2.
  • Chase UIT conversion project: Converted Chase data to bank UIT database. Migrated and utilized IRIS .NET application from Chase for Bank of New York UIT users. Project was designed in Visual Studio C and DB2.

Programmer / Analyst

  • Served as lead developer of major financial applications of the company.
  • Gathered and analyzed business users' requirements to propose and implement unique technical solutions for business users.
  • Proposed and developed reusable classes and objects using PowerBuilder to significantly reduce development time.
  • Found and implemented effective data presentation solution for critical project using external collection of charts using PowerBuilder and Excel.
  • Analyzed, reviewed, and altered existing programs to increase operating efficiency and adapt to new business requirements.
  • Participated in database design, optimization, and maintenance using Sybase and MS SQL Server.
  • Involved in investigating, reviewing, and troubleshooting key areas of production supportability, including: performance, security, availability, and reliability.
  • Maintained and created on-line system documentation as part of the project process.


  • Performed as member of a client/server development team working with banking applications.
  • Analyzed business requirements and defined system changes.
  • Migrated Tracking and Helpdesk systems to the next version of PowerBuilder, utilizing PFC and Sybase SQL Server 10 on a backend.
  • Maintained Global Financial System GFS on UNISYS, combining GUI interface on PowerBuilder with mainframe power. Designed and developed a series of newly stored procedures and tables on Sybase to improve application performance and fix GPFs errors in production.
  • Participated in bank-wide effort to make production applications Y2K compliant according with FDIC guidelines. Analyzed Y2K issues for these applications and databases. Implemented and took an active role in Y2K testing and deployment process.
  • Provided customer on-call support.

Notable Projects include:

  • Tracking application: Project involved development of a database that collected and maintained all required information about Bank customers.
  • Helpdesk application: Entailed design of a universal system that gathered and maintained all internal problems in the bank and issued tickets for Helpdesk department.

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