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Independent Gis Consultant Resume Profile


Work Summary:

  • I have twenty-seven years of progressive professional responsibility for developing, managing, and analyzing spatial data geographic information systems GIS , digital mapping, 3-dimensional modeling, visualization, and imaging for numerous practice areas including but not limited to:
  • Public safety and emergency operations, fire and police services precinct demography and redistricting intergovernmental data development and sharing cooperatives and other governmental applications.
  • Socio-economic and urban studies and development community health services and hospital market analysis and historic preservation.
  • Military lands and training management public building surveys and facilities management.
  • Demographic/market profiling and site selection.
  • Environmental studies, investigations, engineering, and permitting geology and mining forestry and agriculture oceanography wetland delineation and permitting air quality climatology land use, land cover mapping.
  • Transportation planning and analysis.
  • Community development, zoning, planning, and construction.
  • Utilities, public, and customer services.
  • Street address and street centerline development, error detection, correction, and standards

Administrative Skills Experience:

  • Project and contract management including client relations, marketing, budgeting, scheduling, sub-contractor and deliverable supervision.
  • User Needs, Requirements, and Workflow analysis.
  • Working within and managing self-directed functional teams and inter-agency workgroups. Familiarity with Agile Project Management techniques with Scrum.
  • Meeting organization and facilitation.
  • Data requirement analysis data source discovery and research data mining data documentation and metadata development development and negotiation of memorandums of understand and data sharing agreements.
  • Quality control and quality assurance.
  • Policy and Standards development and authoring.
  • Computer software/hardware/data procurement and maintenance.
  • User training and instruction curriculum design and training center administration.
  • Customer service.
  • Graphics, forms, and surveys design.
  • Technical writing.
  • Public speaking, presentation and publication for technical and non-technical audiences .

Technical Geospatial Skills Experience:

  • GIS theory, operations, and applications.
  • User Interface Design Functional and End User Acceptance Testing and test script authoring.
  • Database design, construction, and population including data conversion and data extract, transform, and load ETL operations some database and systems administration experience.
  • Cartography, including development of cartographic templates and standards cartographic projections and transformations cartographic design and construction symbology design and construction image processing integration of discrete and continuous datasets, and imagery considerations for map users with special needs including night-vision and hostile environment usage or considerations for color blindness.
  • Experience with the generation of 2 and 3 dimensional representations choropleth, thematic, graduate symbol, topographic, multivariate and spider-diagram/desire line maps in hard copy, digital image, broadcast television, video animation, map book, and gazetteer formats.
  • Geoprocessing and geospatial analysis geocoding and georeferencing development of interfaces and data exchange with external data models for the visualization of model results in GIS.
  • Extensive experience working with geospatial topology and datasets based on points, lines, linear referencing systems, networks, and polygons discrete and continuous data raster and vector data time series data and analysis network analysis.
  • Global Positioning System GPS mission planning, operations, data capture, and processing.
  • Experience and training in the importation, processing, classification and analysis of remotely sensed data.
  • Experience working with and integrating: planning, survey and COGO data meets and bounds surveys, and legal descriptions site and construction plans CAD file integration orthophotographic surveys and imagery aerial photography interpretation and integration and remote sensing, airborne and satellite data and imagery.
  • Web page and User Interface Design and testing including considerations for Americans with Disabilities Act and user color blindness. Web site and page construction Web 2.0.
  • Familiarity with Web based GIS tools and Services Oriented Architecture.

Computer Software Hardware:

Software Databases: ArcGIS, ArcObjects, ArcPad, ARC/INFO, ArcView, Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, familiarity with ArcSDE GeoMedia Pro MapInfo GRASS Dynamic Graphics 3-D EarthVision Geologic Modeling Package IDRISI Microsoft MS Access Oracle, Sybase, PC-Ingres, SAS Crystal Reports MS Excel MS Project, MS Visio MS Word, WordPerfect, MS Powerpoint CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator various other office productivity tools.

Computer Languages: AML Arc Macro Language , SQL, MapCode MapInfo , HTML/XHTML, some Visual Basic VBA, Javascript, UML some familiarity with Javascript, Java, and Python.

Operating Systems: MS Windows Various UNIX including IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, SUNOS/Solaris VMS MacOS.

Hardware Systems: personal computer PC Workstations, Unix Workstations, and Server/X-Windows configurations electrostatic and inkjet plotters handheld and pen computing devices GPS receivers digitizers optical scanners.

Professional Experience:

Independent GIS Consultant


  • Advised clients on the implementation, application, and operation of GIS to collect, manage, and map spatial data for transportation, socio-economic, demographic, emergency management, environmental, and facilities management applications.
  • GIS software and data image testing for Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA .


GIS Manager

  • Responsible for the development of spatial data management and mapping systems primarily for environmental investigations and remedial projects in support of Federal clients. This work included task management, supervision of GIS staff, vendors, contracts and subcontractors GIS methodology design and analysis, cartographic design and production marketing and proposal support.
  • Lead GIS Analyst for numerous on-going investigations for the Canal Creek Study Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Performed operations of GIS including integration of legacy spatial data sources, geospatial data analysis, technical management and standards authoring, quality assurance, cartographic design, and map production.

Independent GIS Consultant


  • Communications and Geospatial Services Manager for the Chartwell Group, LLC. I advised Chartwell and develop materials and graphics for corporate marketing, branding, and trademark. Represent Chartwell in development, negotiation, and submissions with potential partners and clients for the delivery of Geospatial Services.
  • Geospatial Technology Consultant to Perceptive Software, Inc. Worked with the Sales Marketing Division managers to develop a joint orientation presentation for sales force on What are Geospatial Technologies And How Perceptive Software's Clients Apply Geospatial Technologies encompassing the Global Positioning System GPS , Geographic Information Systems GIS , Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography then gave this presentation to approximately 400 sales staff at Perceptive Software's Quarterly Sales Meeting.
  • Graphics and Web Page Consultant for SMUZ.com. Designed and constructed SMUZ.com logo and trademark advised SMUZ.com management on web site design and construction.


Application Systems Programmer/Analyst

  • Working on-site at U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters: Performed large area nationwide analysis to determine and select test sites for the 2008 Census Dress Rehearsal, the 2006 Test Census, and the 2004 Test Census. These efforts involved the definition of test requirements with Census Bureau management and staff the collection and integration of numerous socio-economic, racial, physical, and administrative datasets analysis, development, and mapping of various site alternatives and site profiles and presentation of various plans and revisions to various management teams.
  • Advised the Decennial Management Division DMD and Geographic Programs Branch of the U.S. Census Bureau on geospatial data collection and management, applications, analysis, and operation of geographic information systems GIS theory and operation of the global positioning system GPS performed cartographic design and map production supported DMD in use of computer based office productivity tools, and the Decennial LANStaff in the installation of GIS software.
  • Authored test scripts and performed User Acceptance Testing and Functional Performance Testing in support of hand-held data collection computing device development.
  • Advised and facilitated in CMMI and ISO9000 processes for Census-DMD.
  • Participated and was support staff for the 2004 Test Census, Master Address File MAF Probabilistic Matching/Record Linkage Evaluation which reviewed and tested methodologies for detecting street address errors in field collected datasets.
  • Taught a seminar on the operation and application of Microsoft Visio software.


System Analyst GIS

  • Performed operations of GIS including spatial data acquisition, management, quality assurance, cartographic design and map production participated in interagency workgroups advised City Planning Department in Census geography, programs, and data sets.
  • Participated in City/County Intergovernmental Addressing Standards creation and coordination to develop methodologies to detect prevent, and correct errors in street addresses entered into city and county records and databases.
  • Participated in City/County Intergovernmental Street Name and Address Correction Workgroup to review existing addressing errors in city and county databases.
  • GIS Lead in Water Utility Supply Flushing Project which included developing a methodology to monitor and map the progress of water utility maintenance programs and to create map products to display geographically referenced information on the City's cable access television channel for the general public.

Independent GIS Consultant


  • Advised clients on the implementation, application, and operation of GIS to collect, manage, and map spatial data for transportation, socio-economic, demographic, emergency management, environmental, and facilities management applications.
  • Countywide GIS Coordination Support for Palm Beach County, FL, Information Technology Services Division. This effort included implementation, application, and operation of GIS to produce spatial datasets and maps technical document review and supervision of GIS vendors, policy and orthophotography contractors the organization and support of the annual GIS Expo including graphics design and mapping.
  • Census 2000 Program for Palm Beach County, FL, Planning Department. This effort involved the review of existing and projected countywide development patterns to delineate, map, and submit proposed Census Tract boundaries, splits, and consolidations for use in the 2000 Decennial Census and all subsequent land use and transportation planning activities which would incorporate Census 2000 data.
  • Records Management Systems Development and Auditing for Palm Beach County, FL, Office of Economic Development. This effort involved conducting a User Needs and Workflow Analysis of the Office's spatial and tabular data and making recommendations for streamlining their workflow process and data processing needs.
  • Worked with Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue, Engineering, and Planning Departments to audit, develop methodologies, and resolve issues with addressing errors in county GIS databases and records.
  • Worked with Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's Office to develop data sharing between countywide GIS and Office's legacy cadastral mapping system also worked with office to explore migration of cadastral mapping to COTs based GIS.
  • Cable Television Physical Plant Mapping and Inventory in Prince George's County, MD. This effort involved the field surveying and mapping of cable facilities and customers.


Geographic Information Systems - Transportation GIS-T Manager

  • Responsible for the development of spatial data management and mapping systems primarily for transportation, and environmental project support.
  • This work included project management, supervision of subcontractors, project methodology design, organize and manage meetings and training sessions.
  • Project Manager for the Florida Department of Transportation FDoT , Offices of the State Transportation Planner, GIS and Office Productivity Software Training Project contract which involved defining training requirements with the client, obtaining training appropriate training facilities, software licenses, and instructors and managing the registration, attendance, and certification of FDoT personnel.
  • Project Manager and Project Geographer for the FDoT, Statewide Geographic Information Systems, Planning, Analysis, and Implementation Project SGPAI .
  • Technical Task Lead for the FDoT SGPAI cartographic standards, data collection standards, and cartographic pilot projects. These tasks required the development of standardized methodologies and examples for the collection, symbolization, and map presentation of various physical, socio-economic, and demographic data.


Geographic Information Systems GIS Manager

  • Responsible for the development of spatial data management and mapping systems for transportation, planning, and environmental studies.
  • This work included: GIS Department budgeting and management project management, technical task lead, analysis technical document review supervision of GIS vendors, policy and orthophotography subcontractors training and development of staff.
  • Technical Lead in the development of GIS application programs including interfaces to the Florida Standardized Urban Transportation Model System FSUTMS/TranPlan .
  • Perform User Needs Analysis specified, operated, and maintained GIS hardware and software.
  • GIS Coordinator for Florida's Turnpike Planning Department. This work involved the collection, analysis, and mapping of physical, socio-economic, and transportation data in support of the Florida Turnpike's operations and long-range planning and presentation of such work at public and professional forums.
  • Senior GIS Analyst and Lead Contract Negotiator with GIS data vendors for the Database Management Group of the Joint Management Team for the Master Planning efforts of Florida Department of Transportation Districts 4 including Broward County , 6 Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties , and 8 Turnpike . This effort resulted in the establishment of blanket data access and publication contract with a leading private spatial data provider for the entire FDoT.
  • Senior GIS Analyst for support of the Southeast Regional Florida Planning Model.
  • Senior GIS Analyst for support of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Model.
  • Senior GIS Analyst for support of the Tri-Rail commuter Ridership Study.


Geographic Information Services and Computer Aided Design CAD Department s Manager

  • Responsible for concurrent operation, administration, budgeting client relations and marketing recruiting, training, and staff development of two independent departments operating units working in spatial data analysis, management, mapping, and engineering design.
  • Project Manager, Task Manager, and Technical Lead on numerous projects for government, military, and private clients. This work included the budgeting, managing, data collection including GPS surveying , analysis, mapping, report authoring, and presentations for diverse application areas including: the analysis of contaminated soils, groundwater, marine sediments, and subsurface structures geologic mapping transportation analysis land use and land cover mapping demographic analysis forest management plans vegetation and wetland mapping wildlife monitoring and protection and military training area and facilities management plans.
  • Preparation and presentation of reports, maps, and animated video mapping time series analysis to clients and public forums.
  • Technical Lead and Senior Programmer for the development of a personal computer based data management and mapping system for petroleum contaminated soils disposal sites created in partnership with AT T, Inc.
  • Evaluated, specified, and procured GIS and CAD hardware, software, supplies, and maintenance.
  • Participated as an officer and/or member of numerous mapping and GIS related professional organizations and meetings.


Planner III

  • Designed, developed, and managed applications of GIS and digital mapping in support of the DRSS' missions of political redistricting and precinct demography cooperative health statistics and hospital services market analysis geologic and geodetic surveying and mapping.
  • Developed plans for reapportionment and redistricting of local and state government elected representation including the U.S. Congressional Districts, State House and Senate, county councils, and school boards. This work involved consulting with elected officials and public interest groups performing demographic analysis and the preparation of maps, tables, and legal descriptions for presentations at public meetings and for submission to the U.S. Justice Department.
  • Technical Lead and GIS Analyst for the statewide SC Hospital Services Analysis Project.
  • Supervised and directed staff in various data collection and field data capture efforts including a statewide survey of public buildings to construct a database of potential polling locations and statewide geologic mapping.
  • Provided instruction in GIS theory and operations to agency staff.
  • Provided GIS consulting services in the areas of local government application, historic preservation, law enforcement, and emergency/disaster preparedness.
  • Assistant to South Carolina State Cartographer in preparation of materials and testimony for U.S. Supreme Court case on state boundary dispute between the States of South Carolina and Georgia.
  • Evaluated, specified, and procured GIS hardware, software, supplies, and maintenance.
  • Support staff for State Mapping Advisory Committee SMAC and Chairman of SMAC Committee on Digital Cartographic Data Standards.
  • Special Assignment: Support Staff and Radio Communications Operator, S.C. State Emergency Operations Center, Hurricane Hugo, Columbia, SC.
  • Special Assignment: Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA , Flood Rate Map Interpreter, post Hurricane Hugo, Charleston, SC.
  • Special Assignment: State Manager, FEMA Disaster Application Center DAC , Pee Dee River Flood, Florence, SC. Responsible for setting up and managing DAC in coordination and cooperation with Federal agency personnel supervisor of all state personnel on-site point of contact for public information conducted interviews and press conferences with print and television media.


Research Assistant

  • Principal researcher for a Pilot Study of South Carolina Natural Resources Information System: reviewed systems and research of other statewide systems in the U.S., prepared preliminary logical design and resource list.
  • Digital Cartographer in support of State Climatologist and senior staff: designed and constructed computer generated maps of climatology and water usage data for publication.


Computer Mapping Assistant

  • Teaching assistant for graduate level Computer Mapping course taught under the University's Geography department.
  • Utilized digital databases and digital mapping software to produce cartographic products maps from U.S. Census data for state agencies, academic departments, and for publication.
  • Mapping Analyst that advised faculty, students and government personnel in the application and operation of computer mapping and spatial data management.

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