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Storage Administrator Resume Profile

Fort Collins, CO


  • Over 7 years of experience as SAN and Storage Administrator in Information Technology IT including EMC Storage, SAN Administration and System Administration.
  • Configuring, Administration and Troubleshooting of VMAX systems which includes but not limited to Thin-Provisioning, Auto provisioning and FAST.
  • Experience in administrating, maintaining and troubleshooting EMC Symmetrix V-Max, DMX4, DMX3 and VNX, Clariion CX-3/CX-4 series.
  • Experience with management tools includes SymCLI, UNISPHERE, Performance Manager, Clariion Navisphere Manager and Event Manager
  • Experience in SAN data migration solutions that include EMC Open Replicator,VLUN Migration and Clariion SANcopy
  • Experience in backup management and disaster recovery administration using SNAPVIEW and MIRROEVIEW for EMC Clariion and Time Finder family Snaps, Clones and BCVs , Remote replication techniques SRDF for EMC Symmetrix
  • Hands on experience with various Brocade enterprise directors 12k and 48k and departmental switches 3900, 4100 and 4900 with both GUI and CLI Tools.
  • Experience with Cisco enterprise directors like Cisco MDS 9513/9509/9506 and 9120/9140 departmental switches with both GUI and CLI Tools.
  • Hands on experience on the data migration tools, both array based SRDF and OpenReplicator and host based/non-array based PPME
  • Experienced SAN Management for Sun Solaris/HPUX/AIX/Windows operating systems.
  • Knowledgeable in troubleshooting day to day SAN/Storage and host related issues.


EMC Storage

VNX, VMAX, DMX 3-4/3000/2000/1000, Clariion CX4-240/480/960 and Clariion CX3-40/80 CX 700/600/500

Storage Management Software

EMC Solutions Enabler SymCLI, EMC Navisphere Manager EMC Symmetrix Management Console and UNISPHERE

Element Manager

MDS Fabric/Device Manager, Brocade Web Tools, Emulex HBA

EMC Replication

Symmetrix SRDF S/A , EMC Time Finder Clones, Snapshot, BCV, snapview, Mirror View, Clariion SANCopy, Open Replicator and VMware

SAN Fiber Connectivity

Cisco MDS 9509/ 9506/ 9216, Brocade 12000/ 4800/4100/ DS 16B2, FC HBA Emulex/QLogic

SAN Monitoring/Reporting

Performance Manager, Event Monitor

Path Management Software

EMC PowerPath

Operating Systems

Windows 2000/2003, Linux Red Hat , UNIX Sun Solaris and Cisco IOS



Role: Storage Administrator


  • SAN Administration of a complex multi peta byte storage environment consists of EMC Symmetrix VMAX/DMX4, Clariion arrays and IBM XIV storage arrays including file system configuration in AIX, Solaris and Linux servers/clusters
  • Storage allocation to new build and existing UNIX, Windows servers/clusters and VMWare ESX environment using auto provisioning on V-max using SYMCLI/SMC. Tasks include creation of tdevs, binding tdevs to thin pools, creation of initiator/storage/port groups and creating masking view and enabling bit settings to initiators.
  • Provisioning storage to UNIX, Windows and ESX servers from DMX4/DMX3 arrays using Symcli/Unisphere
  • Configuration and management of Brocade Fabric environment. Tasks include creation of device alias, zones, adding zones to zoneset and activating zoneset.
  • Implemented thin provisioning from VMAX to UNIX AIX, Solaris and Linux and Windows2003/2008 clusters servers, and VMware ESX Servers.
  • Created data devs, thin pools, tdevs, Meta volumes using unisphere and Symcli
  • Configuration and management of VNX arrays using Unisphere Manager. Assigned storage to UNIX and windows servers.
  • Implemented SRDF/A on V-Max/DMX for disaster recovery setup between local and remote datacenters
  • Troubleshooting common issues including threshold optimization, server throughput, ports availability, meeting zoning requirements, one-path down, enabling the path on source or destination arrays, data not migrated, host not seeing storage and storage management problems.
  • Migrated Unix and windows servers using Open replicator and SRDF array based and PPME host based to migrate the data from DMX-3/DMX-4 to V-Max storage systems
  • Migrated data successfully from CX600/CX700 to CX4-240 using Mirror View/S and SAN Copy and CX600/CX700 to DMX-3 to DMX-4 using Open Replicator /Open Migrator.
  • Installed and configured Power Path for AIX / Solaris /HP and Windows Operating Systems to support the load balancing and failover features among the HBAs on the system and also installed Symcli software

Environment: EMC V-MAX, DMX-4/DMX-3, DS8300, IBM XIV, VNX, CX3-80, CX500/700,VNX,Brocade silk worm directors, Cisco MDS 9513 and McData 6400 Enterprise Director,SYMCLI, ECC6.1, SMC, Unisphere Manager, Navisphere Manager/CLI, SRDF, TimeFinder, Snap View, MirrorView, SANCopy, Open Replicator, Cisco CLI/Fabric Manager and EMC PowerPath, Celerra Manager and DATA Ontap,AIX, Solaris, Windows 2008/2003/2000 and Linux


Role: Storage Administrator


  • Configured, Administered and Managed a SAN storage environment of 800 TB, consisting of EMC VMAX, DMX3-4/3000/1000 and Clariion CX 4-240/480/960 Storage arrays, Brocade 3900, 4100 and 4900 switches using Symcli, Navisphere Manager, and Fabric/Device Manager.
  • Storage provisioning and administration of EMC VMAX, Symmetrix and Clariion arrays using Symcli, Unisphere and Navisphere.
  • Implementation of FAST, Virtual and Thin Provisioning on VMAX storage array
  • Designed and implemented SAN disaster recovery solutions for Tier-1 storage using SRDF/A.
  • Extensive use of Open Replicator to migrate storage from EMC DMX 1000 to DMX 4. Configured/Created push/pull sessions to migrate data.
  • Worked on Symmetrix Timefinder BCV/Clone/Snap, Clariion SnapView snapshot/Clone for multiple point-in-time copies of file systems/databases for backup/test purposes.
  • Provisioned and Decommissioned SAN storagefrom DMX 3 4, DMX 3000/1000 and Clariion CX4-240/480/960 for Windows/UNIX hosts using Symcli and Navisphere Manager.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting SAN backup networks, using EMC TimeFinder by configuring disk based backup using CX series storage.
  • Responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving routine issues like one-path-down, hosts not seeing storage, HBA failures, and zoning/masking/storage allocation and performance issues.
  • Encouraged proper communication between support and test group in order to reduce confusion over defects.

Environment: EMC DMX3-4/3000/1000 and Clariion CX4-240/480/960 storage arrays, Brocade 3900, 4100 and 4900 switches, SymCLI, EMC Control Centre 5.2/6.0, Navisphere Manager V3.28, Connectrix Manager, Fabric/Device Manager, Storage Scope, Performance Manager, Navisphere Analyzer, Windows and SUN Solaris.


Role: SAN Administrator


  • Performed masking using EMC Symcli and zoning on Cisco MDS 9509 for DMX3000.
  • Managed and monitored SAN environment with EMC Clariion storage array CX3-40/80 with Brocade 4100, DS-16B2 switch with provisioning and zoning to hosts.
  • Created meta devices on Symmetrix DMX -3
  • Worked on EMC DMX-3 models with SRDF/S -based data migration project in SAN environment for UNIX and Win2003.
  • Configured different RAID groups and allocated LUNs to storage groups using Navisphere Manager
  • Depending upon the host's request created Meta LUNs or allocated additional LUNs for additional storage and also decommissioned the unused storage to improve resources availability, based onThin Provisioning.
  • Non-disruptively Migrated LUNs from one RAID group to another to overcome the performance issues with I/Os in SAN environment.
  • Registered new HBAs whenever there is a failure in the HBA of particular host using EMC Navisphere manager.
  • Dealt with the situations like one-path-failure, trespassed LUNs, and also upgraded the FLARE code version.

Environment: EMC CLARiiON CX3-40/80 Storage array, EMC DMX 3000/2000 Storage array, EMC Symmetrix Storage array 8830, MDS 9509, Brocade DS-16B2/4100, Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows for SAN environment.


Role: SAN Administrator


  • Managing storage including storage provisioning, performance tuning, adding volumes, assigning ports, data movement, maintenance of severs troubleshooting problems in environment.
  • Implemented, administered and maintained EMC Clariion CX 700/500 systems.
  • Workedwith EMC software tools like symCLI, TimeFinder, SRDF, PowerPath and Navisphere Manager.
  • Create RAID Groups, Bind LUNs, and Create Storage Groups using Navisphere Manager.
  • Allocation and De-allocation of storage to Linux and Windows hosts from EMC Clariion CX 700/500 and DMX-3 arrays.
  • Took the snapshots using the SnapView functionality of EMC Clariion.
  • Played an active role in carrying out various data migrations involving EMC Clariion and DMX arrays using SANCopy and SRDF.
  • Configuration and administration of EMC PowerPath software for redundant path failover and recovery.
  • Configured TIMEFINDER on EMC DMX-3 disk groups for BCV operations.
  • Configured and administered Fibre Channel BROCADE Switch and performed zoning using GUI.

Environment: EMC DMX-3, EMC CLARiiON CX 700/500, VERITAS NetBackup 6.5, SymCLI, EMC Control Centre ECC , TimeFinder, SRDF, SAN Copy, SnapView, Mirror View, Navisphere Manager, Brocade and McData switches, Connectrix Manager.


Role: Junior System Admin


  • Installations of new PC hardware consisting of network printers and scanners, also installation and configuration of software.
  • Installation of drivers from the network or the web
  • Troubleshoot and repair Desktop PC, network printers, hardware and software.
  • Installation and Administration of Windows XP and 2000 servers
  • Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.
  • Apply desktop/server operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes and setup and configure new server hardware/software as needed for services/support

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