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Asoc Noc Support Technician Resume Profile

Charlotte, NC


Experienced professional with strong technical and communication skills in IT Operations supporting a wide range of platforms including applications, servers, networks and mainframe and midrange. Expertise in performance monitoring, hardware diagnostics, incident triage, ticket documentation and change controls.


Authentication/Encryption Global Infrastructure Release Management

Disaster Recovery Incident/Problem Management Vendor Management

Performance Monitoring Metrics Reporting User Management

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, XP, Unix, Novell Netware, Linux Software: AlarmPoint , Avaya One X, Citrix, ESD, Eventrak Remedy , Filezilla , Firefox, IBM Integrated Console System, Internet Explorer, McKesson, MS Communicator, Lync, Office, Outlook, Pac2000, putty, Rumba, Remedy, Qpasa, Remote/VPN access, Reflection FTP Client, ServiceDesk Incident Management , VMWare

Monitoring Tools: BAC, BMC ,BPPM Alert Management, Bladelogic, HP Openview, MS Lync Group Chat, Netcool, Netops, Netuitive, Sitescope, Tivoli, vcon Mainframe: TN3270, RACF, IMS, CICS



ASOC NOC Support Technician

  • Processed incoming requests emails/calls for IT Incident Management from fix agents, managers, service owners and IT HelpDesk.
  • Handled ticket creation, updates and closure via Eventrak Remedy and Incident Management.
  • Facilitated and monitored bridge creation/ management, including involvement of required fix agents, managers/ supervisors and vendors.
  • Processed incident/outage related notifications and communication to customers, fix agents and executives via AlarmPoint.
  • Assisted in escalations to the next tier based on Restoration Escalation Matrix guidelines.
  • Assisted with incident post-mortems by providing initial timelines on Adobe web conference bridge calls.
  • Handled common intermittent issues such as billing inquiries/payments, cancelled jobs, error codes, inbound/outbound call failures busy signals/dead air/disconnects or dropped calls /ghost calls/noise , shared drives space issues, missing channels, firewalls blocking internet sites, vpn and voice connectivity.
  • Handled projects by compiling a list of hardware and application access requests for new hires, creating ASOC contact list and updating the Distribution List of Fix Agent contacts.


Intermediate Computer Operator

  • Processed batch files of Billing Statements for each CHS Facility and recorded it in Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Downloaded Billing Report Files to a server using FTP Client and imported them to Document Imaging.
  • Downloaded report files and executed using automated script batch files to merge the records into the STAR and IDX system.
  • Downloaded Medical Record Unit Number File to the server and ran a process that will update Medical Records Document Imaging.
  • Monitored internal security access of individuals entering the data center equipment area, ensured that they signed in and have approved access.
  • Managed and supported the McKesson Star and Pathway Products and PeopleSoft financial applications from a daily operational perspective.
  • Ran scripts batch files to import and update existing records.
  • Checked midnight processing of Billing Cycle, Patient Accounts, Claims, End of Month Status, Revenue Cycle and General Ledger.
  • Processed FTP HIPAAICD10 Release every morning.


Command Center Operations Technician

Environment: Data Center, Unix, Windows 2008/XP/7, Linux, routers, switches, Tape Storage, Virtual Desktop, ssh, telnet, BMC, BPPM, AlarmPoint, vcon, MS Communicator, MS Lync, MS Outlook, VMWare, EMC, Netapp, Cisco, ATT, IBM, Unisys, Verizon

  • Monitored alerts, incidents, diagnostics and analysis to determine the technology being affected and severity of business impact to the Merck business operations.
  • Provided services including Phone/email/Remedy/BPPM alert management 24x7x365 and monitored the Merck network for performance and stability in order to maintain 24x7 operations and resolved service disruptions as they occur.
  • Served as single point of contact for IT incident management and coordinated the resolution of service disruptions/outages/ major incidents affecting Merck operations.
  • Performed Windows/SQL backups, server reboots, space cleanups, file utilization checks, process/service restarts, and scan, record and loaded the IBM tape library.
  • Performed basic network troubleshooting for problems with routers, switches, vpn and circuits and requested vendor service to address failed products.
  • Physically checked servers for amber lights, bad cables or physical reboots.
  • Provided dedicated support for Hurricane Sandy by being a focal point for incoming calls, chat/email inquiries, tickets, outages, services, support groups, and vendor access until the New Jersey area resumed to normal operations.


Computer Operations Analyst II

Environment: Data Center, BAC, HP Openview, Sitescope, BMC Netcool, Netuitive, Windows XP, Novell, Unix, Qpasa, Remedy, Tivoli, SWIFT, EMC, HP, IBM, Digital Certificate Authentication, Encryption

  • As a Wachovia Telecom Engineer 2, provided business critical application support CIB, Commercial, email MQ, Retail, Shared Services and Wealth from 2002-2008.
  • Provided dedicated support to CIB/Wholesale specific components MQ, SWIFT, FX, etc by being a focal point for high severity issues, engaging support teams/management, assisting in emergency changes and providing turnover reports to incoming shift/management for any unresolved issues from 2008-2009.
  • Provided access and generated tickets to external vendors for investigation of errors and hardware fixes/replacements and participated with them during problem analysis/resolution as required.
  • Determined Impact/Criticality of an issue to determine if escalation was needed.
  • Engaged network, mainframe, midrange, Autosys and management in bridge calls providing 100 response to resolve high complex problems in order to meet business customer expectations and Wells Fargo.
  • Served as focal point for incoming calls, ticket creation, emails, chat requests and vendor dispatches ensured that clients were provided 24x7 support meeting all SLAs while providing full operational access for all customers.
  • Monitored network and system resources to address business needs while maintaining stability and security within Wells Fargo.
  • Maintained support documentation to enhance workflow process and provided cross training for new employees.
  • Assisted users in Digital Certificate Authorization, Encryption and token access issues and updates.

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