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Senior Quantitative Analyst Resume Profile


  • Accomplished and high performing professional with 10 years' experience and expertise in application of advanced analytics, business intelligence, data mining and statistics in multiple industries.
  • Creative problem solver with unique mix of technical, business and research proficiency that provide to develop key strategies, and world-class solutions with significant impact on revenue and return on investment.
  • Experienced with Data warehouse, Data Conversion and Data Replication projects.
  • Data mining including supervised and unsupervised machine learning, prediction/classification using parametric and non-parametric methods: neural networks, k-NN, logistic regression, etc. , PC/factor analysis, segmentation, clustering, time series analysis, longitudinal and survival analysis, DOE, representation and visualization of results for marketing/CRM/fraud/reliability problems consumer, credit fraud scoring, segmentation, profiling, cross-sell, up-sell, attrition, retention analysis, trade area analysis .
  • Experienced in website analytics leveraging Google Analytics to examine hit-rate conversion, website frequency and reach analysis, advertising impression studies, and forecasting advertising placement impacts on both registered and non-registered website visitors.
  • Proficient at developing marketing research studies, analyzing data and identifying vital trends and indicators using advanced Univariate Multivariate analytics such as Principal Component Analysis, Regression Analysis, MDS , Factor Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Clustering Analysis, Segmentation, MANOVA, ANOVA, ANCOVA Design of Experiments and CHAID Analysis in SAS,MATLAB SPSS.
  • Competent at solving complex business problems by building Optimization Models in Excel SOLVER, AMPL/CPLEX GAMS SAS. Highly effective at presenting findings and derived insights to varied audiences.
  • Well-versed at Developing Decision Support Systems using Visual Basic for Applications Development VBA .
  • Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal communicator and negotiator. Skilled in creating and delivering easily understood PowerPoint.


Data Scientist, Big Data Analytic's, Credit Risk Modeling, Market Research, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Startegic Planning, Competative Analysis, Team Building, Project Management,Social media analysis, Search engine marketing, SEM, Digital marketing, Search engine optimization, Text mining, Optimization, Simulation, Operations research, Supply chain, Pricing analytics, CRM, E-CRM, Cloud Computing, 1010 data, SAS Platform Administration, SAS Merchandising Suite, SAS Revenue Optimization, Retail Analytic, Consumer Insight, Market Mix Modeling, Network Optimization, Data Modeling, VaR, var, market risk analysis, Demand Forecasting, MINITAB, Base SAS 9.3, SAS Macro, SAS Enterprise Miner 12.1, SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1, SAS/ETS, SAS/OR, SAS/STAT,SAS/Graph, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, HTML, XML , Oracle 11g, Oracle 9i with SQL PLUS, SAS SQL, SAS IML, SAS GLM, R 2.15.0, SPSS, S Plus, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL, C, C , MATLAB, VBA, Oracle, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Mahout, DB2, WFA, OQS, IDIS , MS Office, Excel, Excel Solver, Microsoft Visio, MS outlook, MS Project, MS-Access, AMPL/CPLEX, GAMS, ARENA 12.0, Monte Carlo Simulation, ArcGIS Geographic Information System , Community Viz Planning support system, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-design and spectrum.


Senior Manager- Advanced Analytics

  • Conducted strategic assessment of company competitive position in the marketplace and established strategic priorities while delivering best-in-class analytics projects.
  • Improved the Voice of analytics projects and integrate with all aspects of strategic process improvements.
  • Developed and define data driven analytics strategy to optimize price, supply- chain management and consumer insights decision making strategies and processes.
  • Designed and undertook research studies that analyze strategic issues and business related challenges faced by the company so that decision making is informed by facts and comprehensive analysis.
  • Managed multiple analytical projects at a time in a fast-paced, intense, results-oriented retail environment, projects included PPO Promotional Price Optimization , Regular Price Optimization, Affinity Analysis, MMM Market Mix Modeling, CLV model, segmentation and profile analysis, demand and sales forecasting ARIMA and other time series forecasting , shrinkage analysis etc.
  • Applied analytics and business judgment to identify, prioritize, structure and solve complex business problems.
  • Lead and performed deep-dive analysis using analytical and statistical tools primarily PL/SQL and SAS on very large, complex, multi-dimensional datasets.
  • Collaborate with supply and logistic teams, IT teams, Pricing Team and marketing analytics teams to ensure alignment on the project prioritization action-ability of insights and analysis/technical best practices,
  • Inspire and lead a team of technically sophisticated and analytically advanced people,
  • Used advanced analytic and business judgment skills to identify, prioritize, structure and solve complex business problems. Highly anticipated projects are Promotional Price Optimization, Regular Price Optimization, Labor Scheduling, Marketing Mix, Merchandising Planning, and Shrinkage Analysis.
  • Invent, apply and evangelize best practices regarding measurement of marketing effectiveness, especially in-store marketing effectiveness and media mix optimization.
  • Develop predictive analytic solutions/statistical models for use by cross functional teams Supply and Logistics, Marketing, Pricing, Merchandising, Finance in targeting new customers, and optimizing existing customers.
  • Developed statistical forecasting models and tools, including response modeling, linear/logistic regression modeling, Neural Net, decision trees, customer survival modeling, proportional hazards modeling, time series modeling, uplift modeling, and experimental design to analyze, interpret, and summarize data for use in actionable strategies.
  • Provided leadership and creativity by using advanced quantitative methods to identify opportunities that bring value to the business and influence decision making. This includes creating response models, cross-sell / up-sell analysis, retention models, churn forecasting, offer optimization, customer value analysis.
  • Lead all analytic projects and provide solutions to the business problems facing across the cross functional department.
  • Directed analysis of data and the translation of derived insights into revenue growing strategies and actions.

Senior Associate

  • Performed the role of project manager for analytics projects so that the projects are well managed according to the enterprise analytics project management framework.
  • Utilized complex analytical methods and tools to help leaders make more informed decisions on key business issues.
  • Developed Strategic analytics for different business line related to pricing, consumer analytics and forecasting, market assessment, competitive intelligence, product development and other related areas.
  • Developed and managed the analytical agenda for regular reporting and ad hoc analysis related to the business line's strategic work.
  • Reviewed data for trends, patterns, and causal analysis to assist the client's understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes.
  • Built predictive models for multiple clients for their marketing initiatives to promote the sales for their new products.
  • Lead credit worthiness modeling program to identify risky customers and quantify the extent of risk in a fluctuating economy for multiple clients.
  • Managed the design, development, and operation of forward-looking database market modeling platform to facilitate data mining, predictive analytics, product tracking, and business metrics.
  • Revitalized the use, and promoted the importance, of data derived insights, at different units of analysis, to support strategic planning and tactical decisions. Stressed the need for the creation and use of metrics/KPIs.
  • Designed and implemented Customer Information Management System, a suite of web-based customer management tools to assist the sales force to track customer contacts, monitor sales and quotas, and boost up- and cross-sales potential.
  • Performed website traffic pattern analyses to maximize ROI, multi- variant landing page testing, SEO.

Statistical Analyst

  • Designed statistical models Logistic Regression, GLM, GAM, CART, CHAID, SCORE CARD etc. that predicted customer's behavior and credit worthiness in order to solve the business problem at hand.
  • Performed continual analysis of customer credit patterns to develop underwriting policies and procedures that led to the overall growth of the business.
  • Completed ILP, PDL, Collection, Recovery, web traffic forecast models using different statistical tools.
  • Performed competitive benchmarking market trend research to optimize product portfolio.
  • Researched market of payday lending and installment loan product in Canada and Mexico in order to expand business.
  • Developed all risk management policies for account underwriting, initial credit line assignment, and ongoing risk management activities using Monte Carlo simulation and other applicable stochastic modeling techniques.
  • Developed strategies to access, integrate, and analyze data from disparate sources for transactions involving credit card, debit card, check, cash, and other payment methods.

FWS Student Worker

  • Managed development of world-class, practical business solutions through the use of cutting-edge data mining methods, advanced statistics, custom design models and algorithms, artificial intelligence technologies, online surveys, and state-of-the-art custom software tools and analytic techniques.
  • Managed multiple projects: marketing analytics, business intelligence, statistics, segmentation, forecasting, data mining, predictive modeling, customer relationship management, database marketing, market research, and social network analysis.
  • Advised clients and recommend approaches to maximize incremental lift for customer response behavior
  • Analyzed data using statistical procedures such as: exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis SEM , multiple regression and, cluster analysis, SAS, SPSS, R and reliability analysis
  • Helped Analysts in building optimization models and developing mathematical programs for complex problems as well as in report writing, editing and making presentations.
  • Widely interacting with business leaders to ensure proper understanding of the client needs.
  • Developed processes, systems, contacts and expertise required to support the procurement, export, import and online sales of products
  • Completed search engine optimization to drive website traffic and sales
  • Used shopping cart analytics and customer segmentation to drive marketing campaigns.
  • Built marketing campaigns using print, online, e-newsletters and promotions to grow sales by 60 .
  • Performed competitive benchmarking market trend research to optimize pricing and product portfolio.

Inbound Quality Inspector

  • Built metrics, detailed, and summary reports from the available data on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and ad hoc basis.
  • Assisted in the implementation of short and long term strategies to meet New Breed and ISO needs.
  • Tracked and trend data available from various sources.
  • Performed software validation activities as required to ensure compliance for spreadsheets and databases
  • Developed and implemented automated report generation as needed.
  • Assisted Process and Quality Management in all phases of the department's activities including cost reduction activities and process improvements.

Senior Quantitative Analyst

  • Provided statistical expertise to design clinical trials, define and execute analyses and interpret statistical results.
  • Defined analysis endpoints, statistical methodology and sample size for clinical trials.
  • Efficiently provided accurate, statistically appropriate outputs included in the protocols, statistical analysis plans, study reports and regulatory submission documents.
  • Planed and directed study-level statistics activities including of other statisticians, programmers and contract research organizations CROs .
  • Provided timely, high-quality review of clinical trial documents e.g., protocols, case report forms, study reports and outsourcing documents e.g., proposals, task orders and change orders .
  • Provided statistical input to drug development and submission plans.
  • Contributed to definition of strategies to address statistical questions from regulatory authorities.
  • Contributed to the definition of project level database, analysis and reporting standards.

Quantitative Analyst

  • Created and analyzed moderate to complex financial data to produce scheduled financial reports monthly, quarterly, and annually for field management, senior management and owners of the business units.
  • Delivered meaningful fact-based guidance for database marketing, decision support, market segmentation, customer profiling, customer lifetime value calculation, customer targeting, behavior prediction, application development.
  • Conceived and led, multiple projects involving innovative, enterprise- wide analytics and marketing solutions.
  • Created, managed and tracked key performance indicators KPIs and business metrics for multiple clients.

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