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Sr.  applications  developer Resume


Experience Summary

  • Over 12 years of experience in software development and application management. Strong skills in designing and developing complex data centered applications in Oracle, PL/SQL, TSQL, UNIX and Oracle 10g web Forms.
  • experience in Database development, data modeling, Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g, Application Analysis, Design, Development, Testing of various client/server applications using Oracle 9i/10g..
  • Thorough experience in Software Development life cycle (SDLC) including Development, Designing, Analysis, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Support.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in creating source to target mapping, editing rules and validation, transformations, and business rules.
  • Experience in integration of various data sources like Oracle, DB2, SQL server and MS access into staging area.
  • Experience in UNIX scripting for Export/Import for data, automating bank file loads.
  • Experience in parsing, loading and handling XML feeds.
  • Extensive Experience in Performance Tuning and SQL Optimization using (Explain Plan, Auto Trace, TKProf), Restructuring Tables, Redesign Database, De-normalize Tables and Materialized Views.
  • Participated in collecting the requirements system and business from business team for creating data marts & reports.
  • Managed across systems data using SQL*Loader, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and packages.
  • Experience and in-depth working knowledge in various Oracle and SQL server tools to work with databases, Reporting and Business Intelligence based applications like Oracle SQL Developer, SQL station, Toad, Query Analyzer etc..
  • Have experience in working on reengineering Data warehouse projects from ER models and experience in data modeling.
  • Have experience in working with interfacing with Oracle E-business Suite.
  • Experience working on Oracle on UNIX, Linux, Windows.
  • Have also worked in SQLServer-2000, DTS, VB,VB.net 2003,VB.Script ,HTML in my previous companies. Developed Web-based application with Oracle and Sql-Server as back-end for well-known clients.
  • Highly skilled in understanding large-scale project architecture, project execution strategies and converting business requirements into feasible and efficient technical solutions according to best practices technical standards. Versatile, customer-focused and quick learner with excellent analytical, debugging, inter-personal skills. Strong communication skills and desire to learn new technologies. Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet project deadlines in a fast paced environment
Area of Skills:

Operating System
Red Hat Linux, AIX 4.3, MS- DOS 6.2, Windows – 95, Windows NT- 4, WindowsXP, Windows7. UNIX

Programming Languages
PL/SQL, TSQL ,VB.net, C, C++, HTML,XML, VB-script, Shell script

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g,, SQLSever-2005, MS-Access

Office Automation
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Graphical User Interface – GUI
Developer Suite(FORMS 10g, REPORTS 10g), Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET , Discoverer (10g), Business Objects, DataLoader tool

Version Control
PVCS , VSS (Visual Source Safe), Clear case

Pmail, Lotus Notes, Outlook Express.

SQL-Station, TOAD, Erwin, Designer

Six sigma

Change Management Tool
Infra, Test-Directo

Corporation Service
Confidential , Delaware
Sr. Applications Developer
  • Currently involved in Database analysis, database (PL/SQL, SQL) programming, data modeling, performance tuning, schema designing, unix scripting and provide support (24 x7) for critical production, non-production issues or project issues.
  • Responsible for complete SDLC of any interfacing projects that comes in from Business owners starting from requirement phase to implementation.
  • Develop necessary UNIX scripts for the housekeeping and batch processing.
  • Creating and automating any Business Objects reports that is required for Oracle Financial team.
  • Responsible for support and development of different interfaces with Oracle e-Business Suite (12i) mainly Customer module, AP, AR, GL and Service Contracts module.
  • Responsible for day to day tickets and communicate with other teams like ETP for customer master , company records and Data warehouse teams etc.
  • Effectively lead Evoke and SIFY offshore consultants and team members in the development of multiple projects for the company.
  • Coordinate migration of software releases between environments and create appropriate documents to support the development.
Technical Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, KornShell Scripting , SQL Loader, Business Object Reports, Oracle E-Business Suite 12i, DataLoader.

Confidential, PA
Sr. Applications Developer
  • Currently involved in Database analysis, database (PL/SQL, SQL) programming, data modeling, performance tuning, schema designing, provide support (24 x7) for critical production or project issues.
  • Develop necessary UNIX scripts for the housekeeping and batch processing.
  • Responsible for support and development of interfaces with Oracle e-Business Suite (11.5.10) in HR, AP, PO and GL modules. Responsible for support and maintenance of data warehouse environment that was primarily built to extract the information out of Oracle e-Business suite. Responsible for building adhoc and permanent reporting solutions for the user community.
  • Also currently supporting the SharePoint projects to build web services for Oracle connectivity.
  • Involved in full lifecycle development including requirements analysis and definition, designing front end work flow, end to end process flow, functional and performance testing, deployment, schema designing, data modeling, building reports and customizing package solution.
  • Create Data Models using Erwin diagrams and implemented them using designer. Effectively lead ECPI group consultants and team members in the development of multiple projects for the company. Coordinate migration of software releases between environments and create appropriate documents to support the development. Investigate and resolve problems reported by the user community using Help Desk.
  • Worked in the design and development of Invoice Import application which processes the VOLPE invoice electronically and loads them to the AP module. Worked on column mapping, creating interface tables, design and development of the interface form, developed reports and Korn Shell Scripts.
Technical Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, KornShell Scripting (Red Hat Linux), SQL Loader, Forms 10g, Reports 10g, VB.net.

Confidential, USA
Application Development Specialist
  • Worked as a key member of Application Management team at CIEB, specialized in application design, development and support.
  • Worked as application owner of electronic eligibility process and was single point IT contact for all new client eligibility implementations. Supported processing of both medical and dental claims of various customers that are received from Claims Hub in Chattanooga Gateway.
  • Was involved in the production support (24 x 7), performance tuning of queries and reporting views and in the enhancement of the existing project.
  • Worked in Wordlink Application for Cigna-claims Payment to CITIBANK. It involved extracting payment orders, creating fixed length files based on the transaction type and sending them to CITIBANK. Served as the main application owner to provide support and involved in the enhancement of the existing process. In this any member can enroll for the ACH payment through the CIGNA website and if the payment exceeds the payment limit of that country depending upon their payment, it will be handled either as the Rush-check or as a direct deposit. The work involved development of PL/ SQL modules, Unix Scripting and scheduling of the jobs through the Cron-Job Scheduler.
  • Worked on Cigna-Links projects Partnership program of CIGNA with different countries Like Australia, Hong Kong, China etc. I was involved in extractions of the insurance details like eligibility, coverage and benefits of the participants and transfer the data to these partners. These data comes to the application database from various sources in the form of files and are then loaded into the application SQL-server database through the DTS packages. Played a lead developer role in the project. The work involved development of file-framework and T-SQL stored procedures
  • Developed and automated Billing process for CIEB. This involved developing a new pre-processor to load the cash payment data files coming from Bank of America (BOA) into CIEB Database. Played a lead role in the project. Worked as Technical lead in developing the pre-processor module in Oracle Database to process the billing details coming from Bank of America. Also developed the KornShell scripts, which will drive all the pre-processor and the allocation of cash in CIEB Database.
Technical Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, TSQL , SQL Loader, Kornshell scripts(Unix), Cron-Job Scheduler, SQL-Server 2000, DTS , VB.net.
Project: Reinsurance Data Warehouse
The Confidential project is a Data Warehouse project for their Reinsurance Business. The project involved analyzing and converting data from the legacy systems to feed to a new data warehouse system on a monthly basis. The data warehouse consisted of many tables at detailed levels, supported by sophisticated indexing techniques to allow flexible access to the data directly from the reporting system. It allowed a multi-dimensional reporting system to be built that allowed fast, flexible direct access to the database through dynamic query directly from the front end. The reporting need covered the entire Life cycle of a Reinsurance contract in various areas like Accounting and Finance. There was extensive reporting like adhoc-reports, canned reports, financial statement in various areas like premium, claims, re-insuring etc.
  • Deelop data extraction programs (PL/SQL) to populate the data warehouse from FIRST.
  • Develop programs to validate and balance data from feeder systems to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Writing back-end procedures in SQLSERVER-2000 to produce Data for Reports
  • Creating various Reports using Business Intelligence Tool (VB.NET)
  • Develop Interface between the backend procedures and the BI reports.
  • Writing Scripts for creating tables.
  • Unit test all programs developed/modified for the project
  • Systems test the application.
Technical Environment: PL/SQL, Unix scripts, SQL-Server 2000, TSQL, VB.net 2003, DTS.
Support Services Developer
Worked in Shared Services of Deloitte Consulting for a Pennsylvania State Department project called HCSIS. This was a web-based project with Oracle and Mainframe Database. The front end was VB 6. The common services include configuration management, build, database scripting, job-scheduling and generating reports. Was involved in Data-migration and Software-bundle deployment.
  • Perform Operational Support tasks such as batch process monitoring and reporting, communicating issues and associated resolutions to user community and develop and execute ad hoc queries, and coordinate the migration of software releases between environments.
  • Communicate with Help Desk personnel to investigate and resolve problems reported by the user community
  • Develop appropriate documentation to support current CMM certification level
  • Perform design and development tasks using VB, PLSQL.
  • Creating and running Database Scripts.
  • Scheduling jobs in various servers like SAT, Integrating server etc for the projects.
  • Production support and Batch support.
Technical Environment: PL/SQL, VB.net , Cron-Job Scheduler.

Confidential, NJ
Programmer Analyst
  • rked as developer in CABS Automated Front End for Verizon, New York, USA. It is a re-engineered application of the mainframe based SAFE (SOP Automated Front End) system. Access Service-provisioning Requests (ASRs) are received from the long distance customers (AT & T, MCI, Sprint...) in CAFE via batch mode (mechanized file format). Worked in Development, Maintenance and Testing of the application in a team of 40 persons. Activities included Analyzing the requirement changes, Designing the Enhancement Modules, Implementing the enhancements in Pro*C and PL / SQL. Performance Tuning of the Stored Procedure and Testing the new enhancements.
  • Worked in Ecom-Parts project for NSC, Omaha to develop a website for Kitchen Equipment Suppliers for sales of kitchen equipment parts where customer can register themselves, browse and order parts etc. This project had modules to route the orders to the various service providers, shipment details, material return facilities, updates of location stocks. The various task involved the design and requirement analysis of customer module, Accounts Receivable and Payables module interfacing. Preparation of functional and technical specification for the same, offshore support during teleconference, preparation of Unit test-plans and Integrated test-plans and testing.
  • Worked as a project trainee and in the development of CMACC a monitoring project for CAT2 and Diabold ATM machines for CITIBANK. This is a back-end process, which keeps track of the status of various ATM machines located at different hubs. The messages from the machines are kept track, whenever any problem is encountered it is indicated by the audio alarm at the front-end which was in VB. Was involved in the backend development involving Pro*C with Oracle PL/SQL and Socket

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