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Database Consultant   Resume

Herndon, VA


  • Senior Database and application development Specialist bringing 18 years of experience from corporate and individual clients, with Sybase, SQL Server, Unix, Perl and Oracle.
  • 18 years experience in database design, development in Finance, Health, Warehouse Management and Telecom Sectors
  • Experienced in requirement analysis, coding and testing various modules in complete software Development Life Cycle.
  • Built scripts in UNIX and PERL and wrote JIL scripts to schedule jobs in AutoSys.
  • Modified Perl script to higher versions and using objects.
  • Extensive experience and strong knowledge of UNIX and Perl and built several scripts in both in all environments.
  • Experience with job Schedulers like AutoSys, CTRL/M and used crontab in UNIX to schedule jobs
  • Familiar with Relational as well as dimensional data model and used Erwin data modeling tools.
  • Worked on Microsoft SQL Server in several projects.
  • Wide experience with SQL Server from versions 6, 7 sql server 2000, Yukon Server( Sql server 2005) , Sql Server 2008
  • Worked independently as well as in small and large teams with complete focus on the business and a passion to understand the big picture and resolve issues with out of the box solution.
  • Resolved problems in Critical stages by coming up with solution and can work under pressure.
  • Extensive and detailed in-depth Knowledge in Sybase, Oracle and SQL Server
  • Several years experience in writing stored procedures in Oracle PL/SQL as well as SYBASE and SQL Server T-SQL.
  • Used the most recent versions of Oracle and SYBASE .
  • Substantial development experience in creating stored procedures, PL/SQL Packages, Triggers and Functions. Strong knowledge in Oracle ref cursors and OLAP functions like CUBE and ROLLUP.
  • Extensive experience in Database query tuning, Performance tuning of Reports and troubleshooting Oracle Application issues on OLTP and DSS systems.
  • Used SQL* Loader and SQL* Plus editor -- Toad as well as Quest and PowerBuilder to connect to Oracle
  • Built several applications in PowerBuilder for Cash reconciliation and General Ledger.
Operating Systems
Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX


T-SQL, PL/SQL, PERL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Powerscript, JavaScript, XML, C++, HTML,Jscript, Jscript, JASON

Sybase ASE (12, 15), Sybase IQ (12, 15), Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g), SQL Server (2005, 2008)

Reporting Tools
Crystal Reports (Versions 6-10), Business Objects 11.5, Hyperion, SSRS,

Other Software:
AUTOSYS, CTRL M, Visual Source Safe (Source Control), CVS, SVN, Rapid SQL, DB Artisan, SQL Programmer, Toad 9.5, Aqua Data Studio,TOAD, SQl Developer,
Database Consultant
Confidential, Herndon, VA
  • Writing PERL scripts for the migration from Sybase 15.0 to Oracle 11g for three applications. Asset Liability extractor and CRASS
  • Level 3 support person for the ALEX RBC application
  • Change the code in PERL Scripts to access Oracle database instead of SYBASE 15.0
  • Working on the testing of all the applications --.
  • Lot of Changes to Unix Scripts to include Oracle SQL (PL/SQL ) instead of TSQL
  • Lot of changes in PERL modules to access Oracle ( like sqlloader instead of bcp )
Database Consultant
Confidential, Pasadena, CA
  • Short term project on Migration work. worked on Migration to ASE15.7 SYBASE from ASE12.5 as the team lead and coordinating with the team in India
  • Modified stored procedures to include the changes in ASE15.7 by the vendor. tuned several queries to fit the needs of the new optimizer introduced in 15.0
  • complete testing of all the applications after moving to ASE 15.7
  • Wrote several scripts in UNIX and SQL for functional testing.
  • Performed the complete functional testing of Benchmark system, hierarchy.
  • Performance and tuning of several procedures in the system
Database Consultant
Confidential, Sayreville, Nj
  • Short term project to build the catalog for their manufacturing
  • The entire project was carried out by me. Starting from the design, coding and implementation.
  • Used SQL anywhere 15.0 database (SYBASE mobile platform product) and POWERBUILDER application
  • Built standard queries for use.
  • Built the entire catalog application and archived their products by project, sale and alphabetically
Sybase Consultant
Confidential, Newport, NJ
  • Worked on optima feeds to General Ledger and worked on the issues to combine feeds from different sources to either ASE or IQ server by designing the scripts in UNIX
  • Production support -- coordination with the team in India after hours and communicating the changes in the team.
  • Worked on Migration of several servers to ASE 15.
  • Level 3 Support person for Global Accounting Group.
  • Worked on AUTOSYS new version and made changes to JIL scripts.
  • Created several test environments for the group by querying system tables.
  • Built several scripts in UNIX and PERL to support database development in SYBASE ASE and IQ servers.
  • Performance and tuning of several old procedures in the system.
Lead Database Developer
Confidential, NY
  • Built several UNIX scripts to copy data from Production databases and execute the stored procedures.
  • Worked on Primary and secondary allocation of assets, income and expenses at several levels
  • Built several stored procedures in Oracle 11g and Sybase IQ for summary reports
  • Extensively used OLAP functions like ROLLUP and CUBE
  • Wrote very complex queries in PL/SQL and sybase IQ15 in their warehouse Management system
  • Worked with TOAD interface for Oracle and sql*plus editor and aqua data studio.
  • Worked on SQL Server Reporting Services and Data warehousing.
  • Built several scripts in UNIX to build LOAD TABLE syntax on the fly to tables using the syscolumn tables
  • Worked on building databases and populating them from production to do unit testing.
  • Performance tested several stored procedures and introduced efficiency by using newer
  • features available in SYBASE 15 and did migration testing by understanding Sybase 15 optimize
Lead Database Developer
Confidential, NJ
  • erformed transfer of data for huge tables (route hub system) with 4 billion records
  • Migrated data from Sybase to Oracle for data warehousing purposes and reporting.
  • Developed Perl scripts to migrate data from Oracle to Sybase
  • Converted SQL Server procedures written in SQL SERVER 2008 to Oracle 11g Database
  • Developed processes to move data from Sybase ASE to Sybase IQ and SQL Server to Oracle
  • PL/SQL back-end programming - Database Triggers, Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Management of Schema Objects.
  • Worked on porting Stored Procedures from Sybase ASE to Sybase IQ
  • Developed applications utilizing Oracle tools including Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SQL Loader
  • Wrote Shell scripts to check the counts on ASE and IQ tables and to compare day by day counts
  • Possesses thorough understanding of relational database architecture, data warehousing, from logical and physical design, with proficiency in data definition and data manipulation languages.
Lead Database Developer
Confidential, Washington DC
  • A short term project to write stored procedures for Currency Swap and Interest Rate swaps
  • Developed new Stored Procedure for a project involving Currency Swap and Interest Rate swap netting and Fair Value Adjustments.
  • Computed the Assets and Liabilities for Currency Swaps and Interest rate Swaps
  • Built interfaces for summit trading systems.
  • Wrote PERL and UNIX scripts to execute the procedures
  • Developed Shell scripts to execute isql and send messages from UNIX Scripts
  • Detailed Isql to send messages to different paths, error messages to log files and isql output to report
Lead Database Consultant
Confidential, Stamford, CT
  • Developed several ETL processes, worked with Business analysts to create testing environment and redesigning the process with the feedback
  • Worked on Financial instruments -- Fixed income and equities . Worked very closely with Business analysts to build product trends and manage and track new product initiatives
  • Designed and implemented new processes for three major systems to include new financial instrument data from API's instead of flat file for the Legal and compliance IT
  • Migrated data from Oracle 11g to Sybase ASE 15.0 and Sybase ASE 15.0 to Oracle 11g
  • Wrote PERL and UNIX scripts to move data faster
  • Worked on performance improvement for several Sybase Stored Procedures
  • Developed several PERL scripts for ESM adoption project for Legal and IT compliance group
  • Wrote several procedures and triggers for the Legal and Compliance project -- Oracle 10g
  • Developed process for upgrading three applications and designing new schema for the database and writing new Stored Procedures
Sybase Consultant
Confidential, Norfolk, VA
  • Transferred data from foundation tier (Sybase 12.5) to several mid tier servers (Sybase 15.0).
  • Handled issues involving transfer from Sybase versions 12.5 and Sybase 15.0
  • Wrote UNIX scripts to load and unload data on Oracle boxes.
  • Wrote PERL scripts to improve performance
  • Worked as a Sybase consultant for data loading to several sybase servers
  • Created Stored Procedures for item transfer to NAVAIR projects
  • Performance improvement of the delete item Stored Procedures
  • Studied the Stored Procedures carefully to improve the performance by introducing non-logged operations wherever possible
  • Created several reports using Crystal Reports
  • Created new applications and maintained several existing applications in powerbuilder
Confidential, New York, NY
  • Created Stored Procedures involving huge tables
  • Optimization using show plan, statistics io.
  • Created non-logged operations to improve the performance
  • Familiar with jil scripts and setting up batch jobs in Autosys
  • Created the design of tables and views, wrote triggers and Stored Procedures for the Strategic Client Review Project .
  • Performance tested queries and Stored Procedures using show plan and statistics io
  • Made changes to include non-logged operations in the procedure like select into tables etc.
  • Wrote several scripts in PERL and UNIX and designed and developed stored procedures to be accessed by Crystal Reports
  • worked on Fixed income and strategic planning project
Database and Application Architect
Confidential, Jersey city, NJ
  • Worked independently on a project to provide a single repository of all segregation instructions and segregation adjustments based on an intra-day customer account activity with information from ADP BPSA and Equity Finance Technology (MAGICS).
  • Used Sybase IQ Server briefly for the BPSA and Magics applications
  • Worked on Computing ADP’s Cage 3 Control Adjustments details that are needed to factor in non-standard segregation that cannot be controlled by Margin or Cage 3 system
  • Wrote Perl scripts as needed for the project. Also wrote Perl scripts to convert the file that is sent to OCC (Options Clearing Corporation) to XML format from flat file output.
  • Maintained the scripts involving Neuberger Berman files that are sent to sequent for processing
  • Improved the efficiency of the existing Perl scripts by using newer modules and increasing the efficiency of the process.
  • Wrote several Stored Procedures to execute the business logic in Sybase ASE server and created Perl scripts to execute them in Autosys
  • Brief exposure to Sybase IQ servers and also some exposure to writing C++ code
  • Created several scripts that include bcp format files for updating tables from ADP using autosys
Project Manager and Senior Design Consultant
Confidential, New York, NY
  • Involved in all stages of development of the sales project.
  • Started from getting the requirements for 45 sales reports from Accounting and Finance group. BCP is used in the extract procedures to staging database. Consolidated views bringing in information from several databases into a single database and created procedures to bring several types of data into a single report.
  • Created multi-dimensional SQL Server 2000 database model for congas plan model and worked on pipelining data using DTS Tools
  • Moved sales data from several relational databases like SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle
  • Developed ETL Requirements for the complete project and passed it on to the group in charge of the ETL.
  • Created data models, database objects; coded and optimized triggers, Stored Procedures, created several views to simplify the queries and triggers to maintain the updates consistent across the database for several tables.
Database Developer
Confidential, NJ
  • Several Reports using Crystal Reports 10 were created for the management reporting system. Used very complex report structures including drill down functionality and crosstab reports.
  • Responsible for analyzing the performance issues and create Stored Procedures to handle them. Used case statements efficiently and created indexes to build store procedures in Oracle 9i
  • Managed the entire project of Management reporting – both backend and crystal report designs. Used Charts extensively.
  • Established the Sybase Environment for Crystal Report by setting up all the protocols to move data from the application (Remedy). Used the open client software and accessed Sybase Server.
  • Created autosys scripts for all the KPI jobs that needed to be performed.
  • Converted the KPI application form VB to PowerBuilder 6
Database Consultant
Confidential, NJ
  • Worked independently on a project to provide single repository of all segregation instructions and segregation adjustments based on an intra-day customer account activity with information from ADP BPSA and Equity Finance Technology (MAGICS).
  • Worked on Computing ADP’s Cage 3 Control Adjustments details that are needed to factor in non-standard segregation that cannot be controlled by Margin or Cage 3 system
  • Wrote several Perl scripts as needed for the project.
  • Also written Perl scripts to convert the file that is sent to OCC (Options Clearing Corporation) to XML format from flat file output.
  • Built several Crystal Reports and published them in Crystal Enterprise for the users to have an interactive report with drill down capabilities.
  • Maintained the scripts involving Neuberger Berman files that are sent to sequent for processing
  • Improved the efficiency of the existing Perl scripts by using newer modules and increasing the efficiency of the process.
  • Wrote several stored procedures to execute the business logic in Sybase ASE server and created Perl scripts to execute them in Autosys
  • Created several scripts that include bcp format files for updating tables from ADP using Autosys
Software Developer
Confidential, New York
  • BCP with a specified file format to bring huge quantity of records and bringing out the erroneous records by limiting the batches strategically.
  • Disabling triggers before BCP and allowing the fast mode to proceed and allowing the triggers to fire manually after the BCP
  • Extensive experience in BCP including the handling of tables with identity fields Developed several UNIX scripts needed for autosys. Also built bat files for NT autosys agent.
  • Used Jil script in autosys. Migration from PowerBuilder versions 4.0 – 8.0, Sybase versions 11.0, 11.5, 12.0 and 12.5. Several tests were performed to check the integrity of applications after migrations.
  • Involved in complete life cycle of the collateral system conversion from legacy systems to client server environments, starting from analyzing the datamodel in Sybase 11.5 to creating several Stored Procedures, performance and tuning of several pieces of the queries used in transactions to User Acceptance testing.
  • The lead developer for the Mortgage Partnership Finance program, creating several procedures for storing historical data weekly and monthly.
  • Built several complex data windows and composite reports. Participated in the full (SDLC) life cycle of several projects.
  • Most of them involve writing UNIX shell scripts, Sybase Stored Procedures, building PowerBuilder applications, using Erwin.
  • Improved the performance on several queries by monitoring using DB Artisan and Platinum Desktop DBA. Coordinated the implementation of Crystal Reports 8.0/8.5/9.0 to archive all the reports for the bank, maintaining the accounts of all the users and the reports.
  • Built VB scripts and archived them in bat files for easy scheduling of reports. Played a significant role in generating reports for several systems in the bank.
  • Used cross-tab objects, advanced drilldown functionalities, complex formulae, special field objects, complex groupings and text objects in many of these reports.
  • Reports were created in Crystal Reports version 9.0, 8.5 and 8.0
  • Responsible for the change from PowerBuilder environment to Crystal Reports 9.0.
  • Removed the logic from PowerBuilder and moved them to Stored Procedures in SYBASE and generated the reports using Crystal Reports 9.0.
  • Used several data sources to build reports like Log files generated from Internet Information Server, Stored Procedures from Sybase, views from Sybase, text based reports.
  • Played a major role in the maintenance of the collateral system of the bank and a key player in the writing of Stored Procedures.
  • Designed user-friendly applications to be used by non-technical personnel of the bank.
  • Built security applications providing application level security, window level security and menu level security using PowerBuilder.
  • Employed dynamic data windows to make it easier for the security officer to issue permissions.
Sybase Developer and Data Modeler
Confidential, NJ
  • Responsible for developing financial reports for AT&T WorldNet service using PowerBuilder 5.0 and Sybase 11.
  • Experience with the proprietary database developed by Keenan Systems.
  • Built user-friendly applications to be used by billing strategists.
  • Developed reports for a few billing processes like verification and testing.
  • Created several Stored Procedures for billing activities.
  • Acted as a coordinator between billing strategists and financial analysis groups.
  • Mainly responsible for improving the Stored Procedures and queries needed to build reports and optimizing them for the best performance
Programmer Analyst
Confidential, NJ
  • Worked on the software development of inventory management and warehouse management applications.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting, customer support and building small enhancements.
  • Maintained backups using tar and cpio. Used file transfer protocols like ftp and kermit.
  • Built several modules using C and C++ for the warehouse application.
  • Worked extensively on C++ building several string functions needed to write robust code.

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