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San Administrator Resume

Boulder, Co


  • Seven+ years of system/storage/IT experience.
  • Experience in EMC SAN environments with VMAX, DMX, CLARiiON, VNX and Vplex local and metro.
  • Proficient in EMC software such as Symcli, Symmetrix Management Console(SMC), Navisphere Manager, Prosphere, EMC Control Center, Performance Manager, EMC Power Path.
  • Hands on experience on Cisco 9513, 9509, 9506 and Brocade 8510, 5100, 5300, 24000, 48000 Directors/switches.
  • Extensive experience on Cisco Device Manager, Fabric Manger, Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager and Brocade web tools.
  • Designed and implemented disaster recovery solutions (DR) like SRDF, MirrorView and Recover Point.
  • Experience in business continuity solutions like Snapview Clones/Snapshot, Sancopy and Time Finder (BCV/Snap).
  • Implemented and managed FAST-VP on both VMAX 20K and VNX arrays for storage tiering
  • Expertise in managing and configuring various file systems through network using NAS, SAN topologies, installed RAID devices, identified, analyzed technical issues and trouble shooting them.
  • Experience with Provisioning in DMX and Auto Provisioning, Virtual Provisioning in EMC VMAX arrays.
  • Experience on administrating file sets on Isilon using One FS.
  • Experience in Backup products like EMC Networker, Data Domain, Avamar and Symantec Net backup.
  • Hands on experience with Vplex Local and Vplex Metro.
  • Experience in migration technologies like OpenReplicator, Sancopy, Open Migrator, PPME, LVM, Robocopy and SnapMirror.
  • Experience in Backup, Disaster Recovery and as a System and Network administrator.
  • Experience in handling incidents and problem tickets and documenting the root cause analysis and reporting. Implemented the changes in production environment
  • Implementing, administering and maintaining of EMC CX4 , DMX2, DMX3, DMX4, VMAX, VPLEX, CX4 series arrays and NetApp FAS filers.
  • Hands on experience in the planning and implementation of various Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions available.
  • Experience with different switch vendor fabrics such as Brocade, Cisco MDS and McData switches.
  • Good system administration skills on Solaris, Linux, AIX and Windows platforms.
  • Good experience working on NAS protocol.
  • Knowledge in planning, designing and implementing SAN with open systems, High availability & Disaster Recovery of SAN/NAS Storage and new hardware and software for future SAN expansion.
  • Hands on Experience in implementing Layered Applications such as Mirror view, Snapview Clone/Snapshot, SAN Copy at Clariion level and Time Finder (BCVs/Snap), SRDF at Symmetrix level. snapmirror, flex Clone on a NetApp filer level.
  • Efficiently worked with team members to maintain the team spirit and believe in knowledge transfer and documentation.
  • Efficiently used EMC Control Center, Replication Manager, Connetrix Manager, Navisphere Manager, Performance Manager, Storage Scope, Recover Point, Solutions Enabler CLI, and NaviCLI.
  • Very keen and enthusiastic, constant desire to learn, Self-starter with drive, initiative and a positive attitude. Able to meet very stringent deadlines and always deliver results, even under pressure.


Storage Enterprise Arrays

EMC Clarion CX, Symmetric DMX series,Vmax, VNX, VplexNetApp, IBM XIV

FAS filers

N series filers, Hitachi AMS 2300, DS3000, DS4000, DS8000

Tape Backup Systems



Cisco MDS 9513, 9509, 9200, Brocade 24000, 3900, 48000, 2800, 3850, 5000, McData 4400, 4500

SAN Management tools

Cisco Fabric Manager, Brocade Fabric Manager, Connetrix Manager, SAN Health, Fabric Watch.

Storage Management & Backup

VERITAS Net Backup, Avamar


EMC Control Centre, EMC Navisphere Manager, EMC UnisphereReplication Manager, Mirror View, Snap View/Clone, SANCopy, Time Finder, SRDF, Data Fabric Manager (DFM), Power Path, RecoverPoint, NaviCLI, SnapMirror, FlexClone, NetApp snapshots, snapdrive, snap manager

Design Tools

Microsoft Visio 2003, PowerPoint.

Operating System

UNIX, Solaris v8, 9, 10, AIX v4.3, v5.3, Windows 2003 Servers, Win XP.

SAN Administrator


  • Managed EMC Clariion, DMX 3/4, Vmax.
  • Allocated storage from Clariion cx3-40, cx3-80, cx4-480, cx4-960 and DMX4, VMAX using Navisphere Manager, ECC, Symcli and SMC
  • Provisioned file n block to vblock environment
  • Implemented DR solutions between VMAX 20K arrays using SRDF and between VNX arrays using Recover Point (using CDP and CRR technologies).
  • Monitoring the physical/VFiler performances using Performance Manager
  • Migrating clariion to VNX using VPlex
  • Engaged in managing SnapMirror performance management, fine-tuning
  • VPlex encapsulation which includes claiming source devices creating extents, devices and virtual volumes e point before Zoning VPlex front end ports to host and backend ports to source and target arrays
  • Created Fastvp policies and binded the policies to the storage group
  • Perform mobility job after devices are in VPlex control and also creating storage views after creating virtual volumes
  • Involved in creation of file systems and allocating shares from celerra
  • Installed NaviCli and Navisphere Agent on all the hosts in Clariion environment.
  • Installed master agents and discovered the servers into ECC
  • Created SRDF sessions to migrate the data from DMX to VMAX
  • Implemented migrations between Clarion and Vmax using openreplicator
  • Involved in documenting the procedure for creation and managing SRDF in the environment
  • Created Snap sessions for rollback during any possible data corruptions.
  • Performed SanCopy incremental to migrate data between Clariion storage systems.
  • Perform Time finder/Mirror operations for Business Continuity by establishing, splitting and restoring BCV pairs.
  • Create RDF groups and device pairs for starting a SRDF/A mode session after configuring the Symmetrix devices as Dynamic RDF devices. Performed SRDF failover and failback operations between the source (R1) devices and the target (R2) devices located at separate Symmetrix sites.
  • Performed firmware upgrade and zoning on Brocade Fiber Channel switches.
  • Administering and supporting Brocade/IBM SAN/Storage infrastructure

Environment: EMC Clariion,EMC VMAX 20K, DMX-4, VNX 5700, VplexCelera NS480, IBM XIV, Unisphere for VMAX/VNX, SMC, Navisphere Manager, NaviCli, ECC, Symcli, Connectrix Manager, Celera Manager, SnapView, MirrorView, SanCopy, TimeFinder, SRDF, Emulex, Qlogic, cisco MDS switches Windows 2000/2003, Linux, Solaris 8/9

Confidential, Boulder, CO

SAN Administrator


  • Storage Operations experience specifically with EMC (VMAX/VNX)
  • Provided proactive recommendations to the customer for improving storage operations and/or effective use of EMC storage solutions to help maximize their satisfaction with EMC.
  • Hands on operations experience such as provisioning, zoning, mapping.
  • Provisioned storage based on standardized procedures as outlined by EMC best practice documentation
  • Participated in the execution of the business continuance and disaster recovery plans.
  • Participated in the design and operational execution of the customer's storage disaster recovery process as required.
  • Performed necessary storage infrastructure maintenance in accordance with EMC and customer change management policies.
  • Create and manage Device groups for perform various operations like Establish, split and setup the BCV's for the backup operations
  • Strong hands-on experience with SAN replication technologies like SRDF and Recover point
  • Experience in Time finder/Clone/Mirror/Snap
  • Represented EMC in a professional manner to customers, other EMC personnel at all times.
  • Participates in the continual review and improvement of existing operational policies and procedures in compliance with EMC's storage management best practices
  • Documented the process for disaster recovery

Environment: EMC Clariion,EMC VMAX 20K, DMX-4, VNX 5700, , Symcli, Connectrix Manager, , SnapView, MirrorView, SanCopy, TimeFinder, SRDF, Emulex, cisco MDS switches Windows 2000/2003, Linux, Solaris 8/9

Confidential , Virginia, VA

SAN Administrator


  • Provision and maintain storage from EMC VMAX 10K/DMX-3/CX4-960 and NetApp FAS 6200/3200 series arrays.
  • Configured and implemented VPLEX in local and metro configurations with VMAX 10K and Clariion CX4-960 as backend storage arrays.
  • Creating devices, extents, virtual volumes, storage views on Vplex. Performance tuning and health check of Vplex.
  • Encapsulating LUN’s and migrating the LUN’s to target arrays.
  • Performed storage migrations from DMX/CX series to VMAX 10K using Sancopy, Open Replicator and implemented DR solution using SRDF, MirrorView.
  • Performed Storage Migrations from Celerra NS 3-40, FAS 3200 series to NetApp FAS 6200 series using Robocopy, FScopy tools.
  • Managing Celerra using Celerra manager and Unispheresoftwares. Created CIFS shares and NFS exports on Celerra.
  • Installed and configured new data movers in Celerra NS series. Created virtual data moves.
  • Integrated LDAP with Celerra and VNX.
  • Host based migration using VmwareVmotion.
  • Implemented in data migrations between NetApp filers using Volume, QtreeSnapMirror.
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees, and Quotas on Filers using DataOntap.
  • Worked with DataOntap 6.5 Filer Administration and upgrades to 7.x.
  • Expertise in creating, deleting Snapshots, FlexClones on FlexVolumes.
  • Obtain performance statistics using Performance Manager (ECC) and NetApp Operations manager.
  • Pulled capacity based reports using ECC storage scope for both EMC and NetApp arrays.
  • Performed storage allocation and reclamation activities in multi vender OS environment like Windows, AIX, Linux and VMware.
  • Administered Brocade switches, using Brocade web tools and Brocade Fabric OS (CLI).
  • Installed Avamar agents on clients (both physical and guest level) and scheduled day to day backup jobs.
  • Integrated Networker backing up to IBM Tape libraries for tape based backups

Environment:VMAX 10K, DMX-3, VPLEX, FAS 6200/3200 Series, Celerra NS 3-40, Clariion CX 4-960, Brocade 5300/48000, ECC 6.1, SRDF, Time Finder, SMC, SPA, Symcli, CelerraReplicaor, Navisphere, NaviCli, Sancopy, NetApp FilerView/System manager/Operations Manager, Brocade Web Tools, Backup modules like Avamar, Networker.

Confidential , CA

SAN/NAS Administrator


  • Managing SRDF setup for production and NetBackup master servers
  • Configure and maintain storage systems and their documentation to accurately reflect current state
  • Develop and maintain reports on storage performance and capacity
  • Involved in installation of new storage arrays in AM environment.
  • Created aggregates and volumes on the NetApp filers and documented the steps
  • Allocated luns from the NetApp filers to the san attached hosts such as AIX, Solaris and windows.
  • Responsible for maintenance of storage on the Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) for EMC storage systems
  • Configured Clariion, RAID Groups, Luns, Integration with Exchange.
  • CISCO 9500 firmware upgrade, Zoning, HBA installation, Snapshot configuration
  • Managing all Netback master servers and media servers in the environment
  • Plans, schedules, initiates, and administers backups and restores, as well as monitor the performance, success, or failure of these tasks
  • Upgraded core NetBackup environment from version 5.1 to 6.5.1
  • Performed Netbackup Catalog Consistency Checks of the master server domains and upgraded the NetBackup infrastructure from previous versions to version 6.5.1
  • Added and configured new media servers to the environment
  • Involved in installation and upgradation of Quantum I2K library
  • Performed DR tests, powerdown and powerup activities in AM environment

Environment:Netapp Filers, CIFS, NFS, SAN Copy, SRDF, CX340, CX380, DMX3, RecoverPoint CDP, ECC, Storage scope Netbackup, Cisco 9500, DMX, ECC, SMC.


VMware/SAN Administrator


  • Installation and management of ESX servers, vCenter Server using HP ILO (Integrated Lights out) and Dell’s DRAC.
  • Setting up vMotion, DRS, HA, Permissions, Patches, Snapshots, Templates.
  • Converted physical machines to virtual machines using vCenter converter P2V and V2V and involved in Data Center Migration.
  • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Windows 2003, 2008 servers using enterprise standards.
  • Installed, configured and managed Windows and Linux servers on the VM’s.
  • Deploying VMware vSphere 4.0 by upgrading VMware infrastructure 3.0/3.5 to vSphere 4.
  • Configured and Allocated storage from the Clariion as per the requirement. Configured and Allocated storage from DMX and VMAX using SMC, Solutions enabler and ECC
  • Recommend best practices for EMC Vmax and Cisco MDS switches
  • Analyze the environment and recommend the best practices
  • Involved in designing and creating disk groups, pools, TDEVS, TDATS, thick devices on a VMAX
  • Managed local copy with Time-finder Snap and Clone on a VMAX
  • Designed and implemented the new VMAX in the environment and migrated the data from DMX to VMAX.
  • Created DG, Pairs, added R1-R2 and establish relationships with SRDF.
  • Configured and managed the SRDF sessions for DR and migration purposes on a VMAX
  • Managed and configured Fiber Channel Switches such as Brocade and McData in the environment
  • Installed and managed Powerpath on different OS platforms for load balancing
  • Created and configured volumes on servers using Veritas volume manager (VxVm) on Solaris servers
  • Worked with the backup admin and installed and managed the VeritasNetbackup environment and Veritas Cluster Server 5.x.
  • Installed NetBackup client on UNIX and Solaris servers.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot Linux OS with server tuning.
  • Created management scenarios for the tasks and issues and generated analysis reports on StroageScope.

Environment: VMAX, EMC CLARiiON CX3/CX4, Symmetrix DMX4000, Celerra NS20, ECC, SymCLI, NaviCLI, Navisphere Manager, Celerra Manager, Fabric Manager, SDRF, SnapView, MirrorView, SAN Copy, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster server, Emulex HBAs, Qlogic HBAs, Brocade and McData switches.

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