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Accounting Specialist Resume

Durham, NC



Durham/Raleigh, NC

  • Acquire right of way for highway, secondary road, railroad, and bridge construction in Division 5 area while meeting all deadlines.
  • Conferred with property owners to explain plans and describe the proposed right of way areas to be acquired.
  • Acquired right of way at 90% settlement rate on over 45 improvement projects throughout the Division 5 while meeting deadlines.
  • Perform quality assurance and quality control of contract consultants performing property acquisition and relocation of displaced persons, businesses, and personal property.
  • Evaluate bids and estimates for sign and billboard relocations, light pole re - connections and relocations, irrigation line cap offs, fence replacement, and well/septic relocations.
  • Evaluate and identify 200 series items and review estimates for abatement, demolition, and well/septic removal on residue properties.
  • Facilitate mowing contract bid opening and closing meetings for Division 5.
  • Supervise the mowing contractors for all Division 5 residue properties.
  • Verify title and property information for control of access break requests.
  • Prepare estimates for proposed right of way acquisition areas, improvements, and damages valued at $25,000.00 or less.
  • Collaborate effectively with the Utility Coordination Unit to identify and resolve both private and public utility issues.
  • Facilitate and coordinate meetings with consultants, planners, public officials, resident engineers, project engineers, and roadway design engineers to resolve excavation issues, control of access issues, and construction issues; assisted in developing policies and procedures.
  • Participate in Field Inspection, Pre-Construction, and Pre-Let meetings for all assigned projects.
  • Attend public meetings and provided explanation to the public regarding right of way procedures.
  • Investigated existing right of way and encroachment issues for the general public, private engineering firms, and various government agencies.
  • Conduct research on deeds, wills, and plats, as well as property tax records, tax valuations, and sales data.
  • Discuss and negotiate monetary offers based on appraisal and damages.
  • Utilize Oracle Database and SAP Database to update and maintain project status
  • Provide relocation assistance for highway projects by assisting displaced residential and business property owners according to the Uniform Relocation Act of 1970.
  • Prepare, process, and evaluate preliminary condemnation paperwork.
  • Prepare and notarize legal instruments of conveyance.

Accounting Specialist

  • Reviewed and approved all payments using the SAP system for the Right of Way Central Office, 14 division offices, and 5 appraisal offices throughout the state.
  • Served assistant to the Accounting Manager.
  • Process payments which included acquisition, prorated taxes, relocation, eBilling, appraiser contractors, leases, telephone bills, supplies, and any other miscellaneous payments.
  • Performed audits on program expenditures and interpreted general management policies and procedures.
  • Entered and corrected basic journal entries.
  • Work was generally characterized by application of GAAP standardized rules and regulations and by scope which is usually limited to specific segments of the overall accounting or administration function within the organizational unit.
  • Communicated with the general public, vendors, and other NCDOT personnel to provide assistance, resolve claims, final reports, contract, and invoice issues.
  • Created and maintained all service and lease agreements utilizing the SAP system for the Raleigh Central Office and the 19 field offices throughout the state.
  • Calculated, prepared, and analyzed monthly financial reports using MS Excel.
  • Assisted with creating policies and procedures for the Accounting Section.
  • Trained and supervised processing assistants.

Right of Way Technician

  • Served as assistant to the State Administrative Agent.
  • Prepared and processed requests for additional compensation for settlements, trial judgements, and consent judgements.
  • Processed payments for right of way acquisition and deed recordation using SAP.
  • Processed all stop payments and warrant cancellations.
  • Prepared and updated condemnation and warrant cancellation logs.
  • Placed all helpdesk orders for telephone outages or line repair in different field offices.
  • Monitored the postage reserve account.

Information Processing Technician

Accounting Clerk IV - Reporting, AR

Raleigh, NC

  • Examined clients’ billing information, payments, write-offs, and indigency allowances to support the preparation of annual Medicare bad debit reports.
  • Analyzed DAPG67 reports and utilized the North Carolina Accounting System to reconcile monthly Medicare and Medicaid third-party logs; processed Remittance Advice reports.
  • Checked and calculated adjustments on payments and resolved posting problems; identified and organized cost settlements and interim rate adjustments.
  • Prepared and maintained Medicaid retro-rate reports as well as denial logs; evaluated Medicaid and Medicare credit balances of patient accounts.
  • Drafted and submitted requests for Medicaid, Medicare, and self-payment refunds; provided assistance in planning and formulating quarterly credit balance reports.
  • Collected, reviewed, and processed third-party, commercial insurance, and self payments from psychiatric hospitals and facilities in North Carolina.
  • Arranged and distributed records of daily receipts to regional fiscal offices; processed credit card payments, debt setoff logs, and refund logs.
  • Entered Medicaid and Medicare deposit amounts into the Cash Management Control System; assisted Regional Fiscal Officers during month-end reconciliation.
  • Researched payments using the North Carolina Accounting System; communicated regularly with state medical facilities to inform them of system updates.
  • Assessed accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports for accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.

Account Analyst

Morrisville, NC

  • Utilized Microsoft Excel to prepare weekly and monthly job status and accumulative reports for the Finance Department, Senior Management, and Regional Accounts.
  • Communicated regularly with the Operations Manager and utilized project management databases such as Plexus, INSYNC, JANS, and GIS to monitor job completion status.
  • Estimated monthly and quarterly expenses for wireless, switching, and optical Firm Price Quote projects; distributed purchase order requisitions to the Supply Management.
  • Handled more than 200 purchase orders and worked closely with over 50 third-party suppliers; provided the necessary assistance in process distribution and improvement.
  • Complied and reviewed quotes and other required FPQ documents from Operational Managers, Project Managers, and Account Teams; prepared and processed FPQ invoices.
  • Identified and resolved invoice issues between third-party suppliers, the Accounts Payable Department, and Operational Managers; utilized PSI database to recover spending costs.
  • Assessed and evaluated timesheet discrepancies of third-party suppliers, CLEC download reports, Accounts Payable distribution reports, and Query database.
  • Established and maintained strong working relationships with the management team and staff; handled and resolved issues and conflicts within the team.

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