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Data Analyst Resume

Stillwater, UsA


  • 2 Years of experience in the field of data mining, analytic and statistical programming.
  • Conversant with Customer Segmentation, Market Basket Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, RFM Analysis and Cluster Analysis.
  • Expertise in analyzing data, generating reports, tables, listings and graphs using Base SAS.
  • Experience in Data Manipulation procedures such as SAS Formats/Informats, Data Merge, Proc Append, Proc Datasets, Proc Sort and Proc Transpose.
  • Expertise in producing reports using various SAS procedures like Proc Print, Proc Report, Proc Means, Proc Freq.
  • Conversant and worked on ANOVA, goodness of fit and experimental design concepts.
  • Proficient in at Model Building techniques such as Regression models, Decision Tree, Artificial Neural Network.
  • Excellent knowledge of the statistical analysis tools like Hypothesis testing, T-tests, Chi-square tests, and correlation.
  • Comfortable working in a wide variety of environments with strong analytical ability, also can work well independently and as a team player.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Master of Science, Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (HONS)


  • SAS Certified Predictive Modeler for SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1, May'11
  • SAS OSU Data Mining Certification, May'11
  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9, Mar'11
  • SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9, Oct'10
  • Lean 101 Certified, Mar'10


Statistical Tools: SAS Enterprise Miner6.1, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2, JMP 9.0, MS Excel, SAS/STAT, SAS/BASE, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROS, SAS/GRAPH, SPSS Databases: MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle9i Procs: Proc Sql, Proc Means, Proc Freq, Proc Tabulate, Proc Report, Proc Datasets Programming Language: Base SAS, Advanced SAS, SQL, C, HTML, VBA Packages: SAP, Microsoft Office Designing Packages: Pro/Engineer 3.0, Auto CAD Simulation Software: Simio Financial Forecasting and Optimization Tool: Oracle Crystal Ball


Data Analyst Jan'11- May'11

  • Followed Cross Reference Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) to identify customers of a wireless service provider who were more likely to upgrade to new handset.
  • Business Understanding: Focused on understanding the business objectives, requirements from business perspective, terms used by the cellular company and then converting that knowledge into a data mining problem definition.
  • Data Exploration: Used Graph Explore node to explore one way frequency and histograms through the data set and bring important aspects of data for further analysis.
  • Data preparation: Imputation of missing values, data transformation, rejecting the insignificant variables from a large dataset containing 90 variables and cleaning of data for modeling tools.
  • Modeling: Built decision tree, logistic regression, and neural network models and selected the best among them based on training and validation data outputs.
  • Model Comparison: Compared and selected the best model based on the decision rules.
  • Model Scoring and Analysis: Analyzed data to build statistical models to predict customers who were going to upgrade their handsets.

Confidential- Datamining Shootout 2011 May'11-July'11

  • Identified the type of storms impacting Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) by merging Admits, Storms and Population tables using SQL inner join in Base SAS programming.
  • Discovered the relationship between storms and DRGs using liner regression.
  • Built a predictive model to predict number of admits based on DRGs, age-group, area code and week.

Information Technology Lab Assistant Feb'10- May'11 Confidential, Stillwater, USA

  • Assisted the user with Hardware and Software problems.
  • Conducted training session to teach and assist students in setting up campus wide ID and email address.
  • Developed a database to keep track of inventory transaction for all 5 labs on campus.
  • Assisted supervisor in purchasing Lab Equipment and Computer Peripherals.

Research Assistant Jan'10 - Mar'10 Information and Nano Technology Based Manufacturing Lab Confidential, Stillwater, USA

  • Designed Micro Assembly Work Cell Components using Pro-E Wildfire 3.0.
  • Performed simulations using programming in Visual C++ with Coin 3D library for virtual reality.

    Database Marketing - Customer Segmentation Nov'10

    • Built a model in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 to evaluate the effect of credit card denial on the customer defection.
    • Performed two samplet-test to find the customers who are good to begin with.
    • Multiple Regression was used to analyze the various factors affecting profit andLogistic Regression was used to analyze various factors affecting customer defection.
    • Best model was used to predict the defection rate of customers for the period of 8 months into the future.

    Base SAS Aug'10 - Dec'10

    • Imported 85 variable dataset from excel file into the SAS environment and reduced the number of variables to 13 by variable selection.
    • Proc Freq was used to find the correlation between the target and independent variables using the chi-square values.
    • Data imputation was done on the variable with less than 20% of missing data.
    • Proc Univariate was used to eliminate the extreme observations from the data set.
    • Data classification was done using the if-then-else statements and used SCAN and UPCASE function for data cleaning.
    • Created graphs and reports using Proc Gchart, Proc Gplot and Proc Report.

    Data Process and Object Modeling Jan'10-Apr'10

    • Created an Information System for Earth Element Market and Bakery, Oklahoma using Microsoft Access and System Architect«.
    • Captured detailed requirement of EEIS (Earth Element Information System) using Use Case diagram, UML class diagram and Domain Model.
    • Generated Entity Relationship Diagram using System Architect« and worked on Microsoft Visio to make various UML Class Diagrams.
    • Developed a design blue print for the EEIS software using system sequence diagram, operation contract and interaction diagram.
    • Used queries, functions developed in SQL with relational database knowledge to perform data validation and supportive functions.


    • Interned at Porwal Auto Components Ltd as a Production Engineer Intern, worked on Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Injection Molding lines.
    • Interned at Supreme Engineering Works Ltd as a Quality Control Intern, worked on Statistical process Control and Six Sigma using Quality Control Charts.
    • Interned at Tata International Ltd as an Engineering Trainee, simulated the steam and water pipelines throughout the plant using Pro/E.
    • Developed IDEF-0 AS-IS and TO-BE Model for SWENT (Manufacturing Carbon Nano Tubes), Norman using AI0 WIN Software and proposed Deign of Experiments (DOE) approach for product quality improvement and to identify faults.
    • Attended SAS Analytics Conference held at Tulsa, April2011.

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