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Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader Resume

Career Objective

Senior software engineer/developer with extensive hands-on experience in software design, architecture, implementation and integration, seeking a challenging position.

Professional Skills

  • Programming Languages:ANSI/ISO C/C++.
  • Operating Systems:MS-DOS, MS Windows (all), Linux (Mandrake, Redhat, MontaVista), SunOS, Free BSD, pSOS, VxWorks.
  • IDE, Tools, Libraries:MS Visual C++, Borland C++, KDevelop, Visual SlickEdit, NetBeans, Eclipse, MS VSS, CVS, GNU tools, QT, JNI, ATL, COM, MFC, WIN32 API, STL, Boost, etc.
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, RPC, SNMP, HTTP, SOAP, RADIUS, DNS, SSL, etc.


  • Over 10 year's extensive experience in software design and development, emphasizing C/C++.
  • Object orientated analysis and design, Design patterns.
  • Network / System / Embedded / Firmware programming.
  • System / Network administration, Wireless networking, Shell programming.
  • Security Engineering, Internet security.
  • Powerful project planning and implementation skills.
  • Proficient in full Software Development Life Cycle.


Department of Cybernetics Bachelor of Engineering in Control and Informatics of Technical Systems

Professional Experience

2004 - 2010 Confidential, LLC Senior Software engineer / Team leader Design and development of networking and information security projects. Used: C/C++, STL, Boost, GNU tools, CMake, Shell scripts, Cygwin, HTML, XML. Development platform: MS Windows (all), Linux, Gumstix, Intel X-Scale.

2003 - 2004 Confidential, JSC Software engineer Development of networking and information security projects. Used: C/C++, Visual C++, MFC, GNU tools, XML. Development platform: pSOS, VxWorks, MS Windows, IAS.

2001 - 2003 Confidential, LLC Software engineer Development of networking and information security projects. Used: C/C++, STL, Visual C++, MFC, GNU tools, Shell scripts, RPM, XML. Development platform: SunOS, RedHat Linux, MS Windows, Apache Web server, Tomcat, IIS.

2000 - 2001 Confidential Software engineer Development of Linux Desktop Publisher. Used: C++, QT, STL, KDevelop. Development platform: Mandrake Linux.

1997 - 2000 Confidential Part time Software engineer Development of communication facilities. Used: Borland C/C++, MS Visual C++, MFC. Development platform: MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98.


Confidential, Validity, Inc.

  • Design and implementation of Windows Service and IE/FF plug-in providing secure means of performing online financial transactions using OTP devices (particularly Validity fingerprint sensors).


  • Design and implementation of Windows Service and Credential Provider for Windows Vista, providing laptop users convenient yet secure Bluetooth proximity system for remote control locking and unlocking data access.


  • Designing of Security Specification documents.
  • Design and implementation of Security Protocol based on SSLv3 providing host-sensor secure communication.
  • Design and implementation of firmware security and communication modules, firmware patches.
  • Porting of implementation of the BCH error correction algorithm.
  • Design and implementation of USDK (Unified SDK) - multiplatform software stack for Validity fingerprint sensors. Design and implementation of Event Logging and Event Tracing for Windows modules for USDK.


  • Implementation of Configuration and Status Data Manager Server running on MontaVista Linux, which provides repository for the current configuration and status information of the system. It is intended for centralized management of system configuration, including: bridge, VAP, VLAN, RIP, DHCP, DNS forwarding, Bridge filtering, firewall, network diagnostic information.
  • Design and implementation of Hotlink Discovery Protocol, a proprietary data link layer network protocol used to discover and get information on neighboring Hotlink devices.
  • Design and implementation of Hotlink Command Line Unit Interface used to locally/remotely configure, control and monitor Hotlink units.
  • Design and construction of Linux Root File System with restricted functionality for SpeedLan/Hotlink units.
  • Implementation of Web based configurator for SpeedLan/Hotlink units using CGI.
  • Implementation of various Linux drivers.


  • Implementation of IAS Radius proxy server running on MS Windows.
  • Implementation of XML configuration for software operating on VxWorks, providing repository for the unit configuration.
  • Implementation of manufacturing test procedures running on pSOS, developed ASPECT scripts for ProComm Plus.


  • Implementation of RPC Services running on Solaris.
  • Implementation of PCPN Customer Content Server running on Apache 1.3 HTTP Server on Solaris and Microsoft IIS HTTP Server on Windows.
  • Implementation of PCPN Protection Server running on Apache 1.3 HTTP Server on Solaris.
  • Implementation of PCPN operating on Redhat Linux. Developed RPM packages for PCPN software releases.
  • Implementation of CD-Protect product operating on MS Windows.


  • Implementation of Desktop Publishing program for Mandrake Linux - first real Linux desktop publishing program.

Languages English (fluent), Armenian (native), Russian(fluent)

Additional Information

  • Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)
  • LinkedIn Profile

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