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Information Technology Assistant Resume

Frederick, MD


  • Master of Science, Telecommunication Management Completed
  • Related Coursework Advanced Wireless Networks PCS/AWS System Implementation Cellular Network Infrastructure - Cell Site Design Fundamentals of Wireless LANs Communication Protocols Short Range Wireless System

  • Bachelor of Science, Electronics and Communication Completed


RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i,Oracle 10g Database tools: SQL*PLUS, SQL*Loader, TOAD, SQL Navigator Wireless: UMTS, CDMA, LTE, GSM, GPRS, EVDO, WiMAX, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE-A Cell Site Components: BTS/ Node B/ eNode B, MCPA, Diplexer, RxAIT, TMA, Anritsu Protocols: IPv4, IPv6, OSPF, 802.11, 802.16 Programming Languages: C, PL/SQL, Dreamweaver, Linux Software tools and packages: VMWare, MaXPlan, Poseidon, Visiwave Platforms: Linux OS, Windows OS, Apple Macintosh OS


Confidential November 2011-February 2012 Life Technologies Frederick, MD

  • Installed, configured and supported HP and Dell Blade servers
  • Installed, upgraded and maintained server hardware components as per required
  • Installed complex hardware and software and upgrades to ensure work is performed as per the company policy
  • Performed responsibilities of reporting outages and documented events in accordance with established procedures

Information Technology Assistant May 2011-October 2011 Confidential, Baltimore, MD

  • Performed major network management like security monitoring, network performance tuning, file server backup and email server administration
  • Provided remote and on-site support for the users' hardware and agency software including: desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets, and setup of AV and/or technology equipment
  • Assisted brokers with Southwest Security and WMX trading software's
  • Advised management on technical matters with respect to new software, vendor agreements and new equipments


MaxPlan Project September 2010-December 2010 Confidential, MD

  • Designed a MaxPlan model with best coverage and least number of NodeBs for Washington D.C. and neighboring area
  • Executed interference analysis using Poseidon and reduced microwave interference by determining and relocating interfering microwave stations
  • Integrated Link budget analysis with the planning data to check cell site performance
  • Performed frequency allocation using frequency reuse concept and minimized co-channel and adjacent channel interference

Cellular Network Infrastructure: Cell Site Design & Components January 2012-May 2012 Confindetial, MD

  • Studied base station components: TMA, Jumper, Feeder, RxAit, Bias Tee, Diplexer, Duplexer, PDU, Actuator
  • Designed plumbing diagrams of cell-sites and performed AT&T cell-site analysis
  • Performed system sweep for Return loss/Insertion Loss/Gain measurements using Anritsu Site Master
  • Studied the network architecture for E-911 location based service
  • Spectrum Analysis with WiSpy & Channelyzer Pro September 2011- December 2011 Confidential, MD

    • Analyzed the wireless spectrum, record Wi-Fi & spectrum data & build powerful Wi-Fi Reports.
    • Identified source of interferences & their effects on data streaming & downloading rates while surfing the Internet.
    • Imported floor plan image of survey area & use VisiWave to map recorded data by integrating with Google Earth to assess overall Wi- Fi coverage and to drill on specific areas of interest

    Inssider Wi-Fi Analyzer September 2011-December 2011 Confidential, MD

    • Hands on experience with Inssider Wi-Fi Inspector, tool for monitoring Wi-Fi network and managing Wi-Fi operation on a laptop.
    • Analyzed real-time speed tests of the connected WLAN networks.
    • Monitored quality test and connection test for a particular WLAN network.


    Business Manager July 2009-August 2010 Confidential, Bhopal, INDIA

    • Provide leadership and management to the team of Financial Consultants
    • Provided training and monitored development needs of Financial Consultants in the team and provided feedback on Financial Consultant's performance

    Capstone Business Simulation Project January 2011-May 2011 Confidential, MD

    • Acted as a member of the top management team of one of the companies in the sensor industry in a virtual environment.
    • Formulated and implemented effective strategies to gain competitive advantage over competitors.
    • Integrated different functional perspectives into a perspective which was best for the organization as a whole.

      • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE): Committee member
      • Commonwealth Youth Games: Won the award for best volunteer

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