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Lead Signal Processing Engineer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Master of Science - Biomedical Engineering (Signal and Image Processing)
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering


Confidential, Boston MA Lead Signal Processing Engineer (August 2011-Present)

  • System Design and development formulti-element guided-wave (lamb)ultrasound phased-array, beamforming, signal processing, classification, pattern recognition, and feature extraction for detection. (Goodrich, ATK, General Dynamics, AFRL, Sikorsky, Aurora, Navy, Boeing, DoD)
  • Nonlinear Acoustic signal processing, Acoustic element optimization (simulation)

Confidential Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF) Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM), National Institute of Health(NIH) , U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) Scientist (Image Processing Core, Radiology, NIH, Bethesda Maryland) (September 2010 - August 2011)

  • Programming (Neuroimaging),Signal Processing, Image processing and computer vision application to biomedical (MRI, CT, PET) imaging (using C++, Java, Matlab, DICOM, FSL, FreeSurfer, SPM, AFNI, MRIcro, 3D Slicer, DCMTK, VTK, ITK, dcm4che)
  • Development and application of image analysis algorithms using stochastic and variational models for the quantitative assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Algorithm and Software development for automatic micro bleed (hematoma) detection using computer vision & pattern recognition, SWI phase enhancement, automated disease diagnosis

Confidential, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Research Engineer (Jan 2010 - September 2010)

  • Developing and Designing low cost portable handheld Ultrasound medical diagnostic imaging device. HW (frontend and backend) design & development (Xilinx, Altera, AD, TI; Eagle, SPICE, VHDL). Signal & Image processing algorithm development (MATLAB, C++, DICOM) for Ultrasound Diagnosis.
  • Developing and Designing low cost portable CW, PW Ultrasound Doppler device (HW+SW) for Vascular applications, Signal & Image processing algorithm development (MATLAB, JAVA, C++)
  • Developing elasticity Imaging (Mechanical Imaging, Motion tracking) and Doppler related algorithms for Signal & Image processing (MATLAB, C++).
  • Writing Research papers and Grants applications for funding (R21, R01, SBIR, etc).
  • Transducer-Image simulation (PZT, CMUT using Field II, COMSOL). System designing, Software (GUI), hardware development and debug handling (FDA regulated) and documentations.
  • Software development - object-oriented design and implementation, high performance and quality oriented, passion in designing, writing and maintaining clean, professional, and maintainable code.

Confidential, Mountain View, California, USA Research Engineer (August 2008- August 2009)

  • Specify, model, simulate, test (automate) and optimize beamformation and imageformation techniques with signal and image processing algorithms (MATLAB, C, C++; CPU/GPU)
  • Analyze, design, develop, implement imaging algorithms and control software to drive beamformation, signal and image processing capabilities in ARFI, B-Mode, Color Doppler and Spectral Doppler mode
  • Conducts research, identify, design state-of-the-art algorithms & open-source implementations (IPP, OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA, ITK, VTK, Direct3D, XIP/RAD, etc.) in the field of Computer vision, medical imaging, applied machine learning, 3D/4D segmentation, tracking, fusion (MRI & CT), and pattern recognition to generate libraries (Software development). PACS Application development - "Fusion imaging" to integrate modalities like US/CT/MRI & Ultrasound for rendering, segmentation (6/26 nearest neighbor region growing - volume algorithm for PACS), concurrent analysis (probabilistic boosting tree based classifier/detector, automated volumetric cardiac ultrasound analysis)
  • Volumetric Myocardial Mechanics (VMM) - SVM, Delaunay triangulation - Mesh, Area, Isosurface, K-point, element, based algorithm development for analysis of heart, to map shear stress, strain & tissue velocity on real time 3D volume echocardiogram (DICOM, HL7, HIS, RIS, PACS)
  • Transducer analysis & development, acoustic modeling, acoustic test measurements (HIFU, water tank, hydrophones using Field II, LAVIEW, python, MATLAB)
  • HW/SW architecture (including embedded) understanding of systems and transducers (including ACUNAV 3D Catheter) with real-time 2D/3D mode, M/Color/Doppler/Flow/spectral mode, RX/TX beam/Image forming, coherent/incoherent, retrospective, algorithms, etc.
  • Analyze software, validate, develop and document the algorithm, program flow and functionalities. Image Quality management and Clinical workflow design, implementation, validation for agile software development on Ultrasound volumetric imaging system (SC200 echocardiography), S2000 (General/OB/GYN and Automated Breast Volume Imaging), P10, P50, X300, U-system (ABS), Sequoia.

Research Grant

  • HHS/NIH (R000350 082350-VF Doppler Smart Sensor)
  • HHS/NIH (R000563 082563-Novel Methods for Hemodynamic)
  • SBIR/HHS/NIH (Vascular Access Mechanical Imaging with High Resolution Speckle Tracking)
  • SBIR/ DARPA (Compact, Ruggedized Ultrasound for Rapidly Detecting Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • SBIR/ NASA Quantifying Bone Degradation with High Resolution Ultrasound (N/A)

Course Work

Graduate Digital Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Optics, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, MEMS, Instrumentation, Medical Imaging - Brain Functional Imaging (fMRI), Human Physiology (Anatomy), Advance Neuroscience

Undergraduate Computational Biology, Biological Database & Management, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell biology, Immunology, Chemical Process Calculation, Unit Operation of Chemical Engineering, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Dairy technology, Analytical Technique, Thermodynamics of Biological System, Recombinant DNA Technology, Industrial Microbiology and Enzyme Technology, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Object oriented programming in C++, Genome Analysis, Biostatics, Fermentation Technology and Downstream Processing, Food Biotechnology, Mass Transfer, Bio monitoring, Instrumentation and Process Control, Environmental Biotechnology, Database Management Systems, Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostic Techniques, Transport Phenomena, Marketing Management.

Technical Skills HPLC, GC/MS, GC/HS, DNA Sequencing, Fluorescence Microscopy, extraction of active compounds, Thin Layer Chromatography, Column Chromatography, Spectrophotometer, Gel-Electrophoresis, fMRI C, C++, Visual Basic, ANSYS, Fluent, OpenGL, XIP/RAD, parallel computing, SQL, ORACLE, Solaris, AIX, LINUX, JAVA, MySQL, WordStar, Lotus, FoxPro, HTML, PERL/BioPERL, Bioinformatics Tools, LabView, .NET, Matlab, computational fluid dynamics software, HP-UX, VLSI, BioPac (EMG, EEG, EOG, GSR-Polygraph, ECG), ANSYS, Analyze, SPM, Brain Voyager, VMD, NAMD, Field II - ultrasound transducer simulator, ProE, CAD, Solidworks, SAP, ClearCase, ClearQuest


Confidential at Arlington GTA for Transport Phenomenon (Fluid dynamics, heat, mass & momentum transfer)

  • Delivered lectures on Fluid mechanics (Transport phenomenon) and algorithms development using perl and C++ for Fluid-Structure Interaction, mesh generation, flow visualization, etc. on various transport phenomenon"s.

3D Ultrasound assisted remote robotic neurosurgery (spine) using co-registered multimodality imaging. Medical (DICOM) Signal and Image processing (MATLAB, C++, Intel IPP, OpenCV)

  • Pattern Recognition and machine learning for segmentation using a robust combination of Conditional Random Function and Level set segmentation using JAVA.
  • Detecting shape classes of variable structure in cluttered images using Hidden State Shape models. Design of Feed-forward neural networks via regression, Multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network, functional link nets and higher order neural nets, Training algorithms, Backpropagation, Estimation capabilities of feed-forward neural networks, Performance bounds, Conventional mappings such as Volterra filters, Conventional and neural net classifiers, Bayes and nearest neighbor classifier, RBF, Support vector machines, Statistical learning, Clustering algorithms such as k-means, sequential leader, self-organizing map, Clustering-related neural nets such as Kohonen's LVQ (learning vector quantization), modular nets, radial basis function nets and counter-propagation nets, Neural networks for associative memory including linear associative memories.
  • Projects on (DICOM) Medical Image processing using MATLAB and C/C++ includes Quantization, Lloyd-Max Quantizer for Rayleigh PDF, Moire Effect, Zooming with Interpolation, Color Transformation , 2D-DCT Geometrical Zonal Filters, Performance Comparison of KLT/DCT/DFT, DCT-II B, DFT, Root & Zonal Filters, Inverse Gaussian Filter (IGF), Image Enhancement, Inverse & Wiener Filtering, Constrained Least Squares Restoration, Geometric Mean Filter, 2-D DPCM, Lossless Predictive Coding, Progressive to Interlaced and Interlaced to Progressive conversion, SSIM Structural similarity index using JAVA.
  • Projects on statistical signal processing using Least squares analyses, Shaping filters, Wiener filters, AR modelling, Toeplitz recursion, conjugate gradient technique, singular value decomposition, Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Maximum likelihood and MAP estimation, Cramer-Rao lower bound, Data compression for parameter estimation.
  • Projects on Medical CAD includes Color manipulation and filtering, Canny edge detection, edge-based detection, Probabilistic Image Modeling, Skin/hand/face detection, Hough transforms, contour detection via dynamic programming, pattern recognition based on recognition moments, Euclidean distance, edge; motion tracking & recognition, 3D reconstruction, segmentations using JAVA.

Multi exponential Curve fitting algorithm on optical signal for Diagnosis of cancer

  • Algorithm to fit optical data from fluorescence (auto) in C++ and MATLAB is developed. It is used to standardize data for cancerous diagnosis in terms of lifetime, amplitude Imaging.

Flow sensor in Micro channel pulmonary Membrane Blood Oxygenator

  • The use of Micro channel pulmonary Membrane Blood Oxygenator overcomes the plasma leakage (wet out) and low mass transfer problems of conventional methods. At nano scale various parameter like flow rate, pressure, shear stress play an important role. Sensors, compatible with blood is use to detect various governing parameters during the flow and integrated on Micro channel membrane by surface micro machining.
  • The basic design includes a MEMS thermal sensor used to determine the flow rate of the blood through the channel.

High throughput Nanochannel Array for $1000 genome sequencing Using Single Genomic DNA Molecules

  • It is considered that a single DNA molecule can be better stretched and controlled along a nanofluidic channel, and that it could be detected with higher sensitivity and spatial resolution. The cutting edge nanofluidic technologies do not allow for a high sample throughput due to the lack of the manufacture-oriented protocol for nanochannel preparation and rapid stretching of single DNA molecules. Molecular Dynamics (VMD) simulation is used to study the trapping and stretching of a single stranded (ss) DNA in a nanochannel, the interaction between ssDNA and silicon oxide channel surface, the trapping mechanism, stretching process, and sequencing process, impact of nanochannel width and DNA stretching length for design optimization, and Modeling and Simulation of DNA trapping, stretching, and sequencing in Nanochannel.

Diagnosis of Abnormal Tissue using Auto-Fluorescence

  • The obtained fluorescence-lifetime and intensities of both reflected and fluorescent signal from PicoStar camera system characterizes the specific tissue condition. Lifetime and Intensity analysis helps us to diagnoses the abnormal tissue. Ratio of the fluorescence signal to diffusive reflection signal is proportional to intensity of tissue auto fluorescence. Normal tissue efficiently emits fluorescence than neoplastic lesions. The raw fluorescence image is recorded with time gated PicoStar ICCD camera (LaVision). It can be Diagnosised by analyzing the measurements of the parameters from Fluorescence and Reflectance light.

Mechanical interaction between the cell and the substrate by Uni-axial Stretching and interfaced using LABVIEW for motion control

  • The motorized stage with a PC-controlled (4 Axis Servo Amplifier) and NI PCI-7344
  • Control Board compatible with LABVIEW (Controls the motion) is used to study cell under mechanical stress.

Functional brain imaging data analysis using HomER (Hemodynamic Evoked Response) and MATLAB Image Analysis using AFNI (Analysis of Functional NeuroImages) for visual stimuli (BOLD, fMRI) Biological signal processing of MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database (ECG) using MATLAB

  • The ECG signal is used to determine number of heart beat, duration of time interval, autocorrelation, power density spectrum, and filtering to remove component exceeding desired frequency and filtered signal is also analysis.

Time-gated optical system for depth-resolved functional Brain imaging

  • The Use of a number of fibers of different lengths creates an optical delay, and enabling simultaneous detection in a number of windows by steps of picoseconds for each detector to get depth-resolved Image. Monte Carlo Simulation used.

Research on Micro channel Membrane blood Oxygenator

  • The permeability of oxygen on polymer coated multi membrane, fabricated by Silicon wafer surface micro machining depends on channel dimensions. A multi channel membrane is fabricated.


Confidential, Bangalore, India January 2007 - June 2007

  • Proteomics, Genomics, Homology Modeling, Mutation Studies of disease causing genes present on X chromosome like HEMA, ATP7a, MECP2, and HPRT1 with Drug Designing using C++ (Blast) and Bio perl approach under Dr. Vidya Niranjan, Senior Research Scientist (chief)

Confidential, M. L. Sukhadia University, India July 2006 - August 2006

  • Clinical Trial, Production of Secondary Metabolites in Culture, techniques of plant cell and tissue culture, Fluorescence Microscopy, extraction of active compounds, Thin Layer Chromatography, Column Chromatography, Spectrophotometry, Gel-Electrophoresis, and Microbiology based analysis using perl and C++ under Prof. K. Ramawat, Coordinator (UGC-DRS, DST-FIST).

Confidential, Forensic Science Laboratory (India) April 2005 - May 2005

  • DNA Profiling/Fingerprinting and Forensic Genetics (PCR/ASO DNA amplification for 11 loci in Human by Automated sequencer ABI-PRISM: Applied BioSystems) using C++ & Biotechnology application in Forensic Science (perl) under Dr. A.K. Mehta (Assistant Director DNA Division)

Confidential, India June 2007-July 2007

  • Technical Support for satellite Internet Providers - HughesNet (networking)

Other Activities

  • Scientific Workshop on "Nanotechnology".
  • Biohorizon on Biochemistry Engineering and Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering
  • Designed a webpage based on Biotechnology Tutorial during college competition.

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